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enjoying a large share of the comforts of life ;—but what to our minds is still more deli^ilful, because it is as it were the seed-bed of fur wider and more numcous blessings to future geneialions, is the growth or that religious unci zeal, of tliat spirit of disinterested philanthropy, of thai desire for universal peace and happiness, and of that disposition to conciliation and concord, which are now evidently in powerful operation, both in our own island and iu many other pails of the world. Seldom, we are happy to stale, has a year gone by within the period of our labour* lets ma ked by acrimonious religious controversies among good men than the |>r<">enl; and wc would sincerely hope that this abatement of hostility (would that tinie had not been some exceptions!) does not arise from mere accident, but that it is a consequence of the growing prevalence of tciipiioal principles of love, piely, and candour. It is refreshing to behold Christians musteting with united strength "to the battle of the Loid ogaiiist the illicitly;" and that not onlv in Great Biitniu, or, amour; those who speak a common language with us on the western side of the Atlantic, (towa ils wiiom a valued correspondent in our pa,;es has endeavoured, in an interesting set ies of pane is, to awaken just feelings of regard and co-ope i at ;on,) but that, even in less fiee and less religious countries, Christian principles are widely extending; that eveu South Ameiica is spinning ignorance and slavery from her soil ; that Afiica is opening her bosom to civilisation and the Gospel of Peace; that Asia is rising n> new life, under lite beams of the Sun of Righteousness; and above till, thai EtiiOpe is almost every where enlisting Christians of every name under ihe common banner of their Lord and Saviour for the distribution of his divine word, and the extension, of his peaceful triumphs, vibe>Cut man and misery ate to be found.

What may be the results of these opening scenes of universal peace and holiness, or when we may witness their development, we dare not trust ourselves to predict; nor will we at piesent check the glow of feeling which must aiise, in every Christian mind, at the anticipation of these blessings, by «u enumeiaiion of Hie many formidable obstacles which still lie iodic way of their attainment, and which require the conslant prayers and exeilions of the Christian woild to remove. We will rather conclude our remarks with at once congratulating and exhorting the younger pa.t of our leaders, who are, we trust, destined not only to behold but largely to share iu these triumphs of mercy and religion. Many to whom our earlier volumes were introduced in childhood and youth, perhaps by pious and affectionate parents who have since " ceased from their labouis," and "whose works follow them," are now among the active members of another generation, and .are witnessing a new succession giowing up mound them to supply the places which they also must soon icliiifjuish. On litis interesting class of persons much depends. What their fathers laboured, through good report and evil report, to begin, it is their happier lot to follow up with brighlerand more animating prospects. These sons and daughters "of saiuied sires" constitute a latge and important body of pci-ons whose conduct will be measured, not by the world ntetely, but by the Seatclter of hearts, according to the instructions they have teceived, and the privileges they have enjoyed; aud double will be their guilt and shame, if they recede from the Scriptin al ptiuciples in which they were edncaled, or neglect the duties to which they were so anxiously trained. Let them then resolve first "to give themselves to the Lord;" and then let them come forward prepared totiead in the steps of those who taught them how to walk aud to please God, and resolved to carry towards perfection what the brevity of human life, and the feebleness of individual effoit enabled those who have goue before only to plan and to commence.





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