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Short Notices of the Towns, Villages, &c.


Intended principally for the Information of Strangers.

Miratur, facilisque oculos fert omnia circum
Æneas, capiturque locis; et singula lætus
Exquiritque auditque virûm monumenta priorum.


Warwick :

And Sold by Messrs. Rivington, St. Pauls-Charet-Yard, London,

and all other Booksellers.

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THOUGH the principal object of the following Work, as expressed in the Title Page, is, the information of Strangers, especially those resorting to the celebrated Spa of Leamington : yet the Writer had another object in viewto which, he acknowledges, his hopes and his wishes were, with equal or greater ardour,

directed. During his residence in Warwick, òr its immediate vicinity, he has often had occasion to witness the regret, which, he believes, has long been felt, that no work of the nature of the present has yet appeared, of easy access, and comprising, within a moderate compass, the information, that might be collected concerning a town of such remote antiquity, and so much early and present celebrity. The hope, he ventured to entertain, of supplying that deficiency, and of offering to the Inhabitants of Warwick an acceptable present, the Writer is proud to own, has contributed more than any


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consideration to animate his exertions, in the collection of his materials and the choice of his topics. Having resided amongst them, nearly the fourth part of a century, differing from many in certain political, and from more in certain religious opinions, which he conceives to be of no small importancehe would hold it most unjust and most ungrateful not to acknowledge the numerous instances of real candour and kindness, which he has very generally received from them, during the whole course of that time. He has only to lament ONE striking exception, which occurred long ago ; and which if still remembered with feelings of regret-it is regret, he is sure, unaccompanied with the slightest resentment. Should the present attempt to lay before the Inhabitants of Warwick an Historical and Descriptive Account, tolerably complete, and in the main correct, of their ancient and interesting Town, and of other neighbouring places, be accepted by them, as some return for the great obligations, which their favorable opinion and their kind and friendly civilities have conferred upon him ; the dearest wish of the Writer will be accomplished, and his labours will obtain their best and most valued reward.

W. F. LEAM, Sept. 1, 1815.

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