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1 1 That man hath perfect blessedness 5 Then shall he speak to them in who walketh not astray

in rage he vex them shall. [wrath, In counsel of ungodly men,

6 Yet, notwithstanding, I have him nor stands in sinners' way,

to be my King appointed; Nor sitteth in the scorner's chair:

And over Sion, my holy hill, 2 But placeth his delight

I have him King anointed. Upon God's law, and meditates on his law day and night.

7 The sure decree I will declare;

the Lord hath said to me, 3 He shall be like a tree that grows Thou art mine only Son; this day near planted by a river,

I have begotten thee. Which in his season yields his fruit, 8 Ask of me, and for heritage and his leaf fadeth never:

the heathen I'll make thine; And all he doth shall prosper well. And, for possession, I to thee The wicked are not so;

will give earth's utmost line. But like they are unto the chaff, which wind drives to and fro.

9 Thou shalt, as with a weighty rod

of iron, break them all; 5 In judgment therefore shall not stand And, as a potter's sherd, thou shalt such as ungodly are;

them dash in pieces small. Nor in th' assembly of the just 10 Now therefore, kings, be wise; be shall wicked men appear.

ye judges of the earth: (taught, 6 For why? the way of godly men 11 Serve God in fear, and see that ye unto the Lord is known:

join trembling with your mirth. Whereas the way of wicked men shall quite be overthrown.

12 Kiss ye the Son, lest in his ire

ye perish from the way, If once his wrath begin to burn:

bless'd all that on him stay. 1 WHY rage the heathen? and vain

why do the people mind? [things 3 2 Kings of the earth do set themselves, and princes are combin'd,

1 0 LORD, how are my foes increas'd ? To plot against the Lord, and his

against me many rise. Anointed, saying thus,

2 Many say of my soul, For him

in God no succour lies. 3 Let us asunder break their bands, and cast their cords from us.

3 Yet thou my shield and glory art,

th' uplifter of mine head. 4 He that in heaven sits shall laugh; 4 I cry'd, and, from his holy hill, the Lord shall scorn them all.

the Lord me answer made.

5 I laid me down and slept, I wak’d; 4 For thou art not a God that doth for God sustained me.

in wickedness delight; 6 I will not fear though thousands ten Neither shall evil dwell with thee, set round against me be.

5 Nor fools stand in thy sight. 7 Arise, O Lord; save me, my God; All that ill-doers are thou hat'st; for thou my foes hast stroke

6 Cutt'st off that liars be: All on the cheek-bone, and the teeth The bloody and deceitful man of wicked men hast broke.

abhorred is by thee. 8 Salvation doth appertain

7 But I into thy house will come unto the Lord alone:

in thine abundant grace; Thy blessing, Lord, for evermore And I will worship in thy fear thy people is upon.

toward thy holy place.

8 Because of those mine enemies, 4

Lord, in thy righteousness 1 Give ear unto me when I call,

Do thou me lead; do thou thy way God of my righteousness;

make straight before my face. Have mercy, hear my pray'r; thou 9 For in their mouth there is no truth,

enlarg'd me in distress. [hast their inward part is ill; 2 0 ye the sons of men! how long

Their throat's an open sepulchre, will ye love vanities?

their tongue doth flatter still. How long my glory turn to shame, 10 O God, destroy them; let them be and will ye follow lies?

by their own counsel quell’d: 3 But know, that for himself the Lord

Them for their many sins cast out, the godly man doth chuse:

for they 'gainst thee rebell’d. The Lord, when I on him do call, 11 But let all joy that trust in thee, to hear will not refuse.

and still make shouting noise; 4 Fear, and sin not; talk with your heart For them thou sav'st: let all that love on bed, and silent be.

thy name in thee rejoice. 5 Off'rings present of righteousness, 12 For, Lord, unto the righteous man and in the Lord trust ye.

thou wilt thy blessing yield :

With favour thou wilt compass him 6 ) who will shew us any good? is that which many say:

about, as with a shield. But of thy countenance the light, 6 Lord, lift on us alway.

1 LORD, in thy wrath rebuke me not; 7 Upon my heart, bestow'd by thee,

Nor in thy hot rage chasten me. more gladness I have found

2 Lord, pity me, for I am weak: Than they, ev'n then, when corn and did most with them abound. [wine

Heal me, for my bones vexed be.

3 My soul is also vexed sore; (make? 8 I will both lay me down in peace, But, Lord, how long stay wilt thou and quiet sleep will take;

4 Return, O Lord, my soul set free; Because thou only me to dwell

O save me, for thy mercies' sake. in safety, Lord, dost make.

5 Because those that deceased are 5

Of thee shall no remembrance bave;

And who is he that will to thee 1 Give ear unto my words, O Lord, my meditation weigh.

Give praises lying in the grave?

6 I with my groaning weary am, 2 Hear my loud cry, my King, my God;

I also all the night my bed for I to thee will pray.

Have caused for to swim; and I 3 Lord, thou shalt early hear my voice:

With tears my couch have watered. I early will direct My pray’r to thee; and, looking up, 7 Mine eye, consum'd with grief, grows an answer will expect.

Because of all mine enemies. (old,

8 Hence from me, wicked workers all; In pieces rending it, while there

For God hath heard my weeping cries. is no deliverer. 9 God hath my supplication heard,

3 O Lord my God, if it be so My pray'r received graciously.

that I committed this; 10 Sham'd and sore vex'd be all my foes, Sham'd and back turned suddenly.

If it be so that in my hands

iniquity there is : Another of the same.

4 If I rewarded ill to him

that was at peace with me; 1 In thy great indignation, O Lord, rebuke me not;

(Yea, ev’n the man that without cause Nor on me lay thy chast’ning hand,

my foe was I did free ;) in thy displeasure hot.

5 Then let the foe pursue and take 2 Lord, I am weak, therefore on me

my soul, and my life thrust
have mercy,
and me spare:

Down to the earth, and let him lay Healme, O Lord, because thou know'st mine honour in the dust. my bones much vexed are.

6 Rise in thy wrath, Lord, raise thyself,

for my foes raging be; 3 My soul is vexed sore: but, Lord, how long stay wilt thou make?

And, to the judgment which thou

commanded, wake for me. [hast 4 Return, Lord, free my soul; and save me, for thy mercies' sake.

7 So shall th' assembly of thy folk 5 Because of thee in death there shall about encompass thee: no more remembrance be:

Thou, therefore, for their sakes, Of those that in the grave do lie,

return who shall give thanks to thee?

unto thy place on high. 6 I with my groaning weary am,

8 The Lord he shall the people judge: and all the night my bed

my judge, JEHOVAH, be, I caused for to swim; with tears

After my righteousness, and mine my couch I watered.

integrity in me. 7 By reason of my vexing grief

9 O let the wicked's malice end; mine eye consumed is;

but stablish stedfastly It waxeth old, because of all

The righteous : for the righteous God that be mine enemies.

the hearts and reins doth try.

10 In God, who saves th' upright in 8 But now, depart from me all ye that work iniquity :

is my defence and stay. (heart,

11 God just men judgeth, God is wroth For why? the Lord hath heard my when I did mourn and cry. (voice,

with ill men ev'ry day. 9 Unto my supplication

12 If he do not return again, the Lord did hearing give:

then he his sword will whet; When I to him my prayer make, His bow he hath already bent, the Lord will it receive.

and hath it ready set: 10 Let all be sham'd and troubled sore

13 He also hath for him prepard that en'mies are to me;

the instruments of death; Let them turn back, and suddenly

Against the persecutors he ashamed let them be.

his shafts ordained hath.

14 Behold, he with iniquity my

doth travail, as in birth; 1 0 LORD my God, in thee do I

A mischief he conceived hath, my confidence repose :

and falsehood shall bring forth. Save and deliver me from all

15 He made a pit, and digg'd it deep, my persecuting foes;

another there to take; 2 Lest that the enemy my soul

But he is fall'n into the ditch should, like a lion, tear,

which he himself did make.

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