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No-I must maintain my hold,
'Tis thy goodness makes me bold;
I can no denial take,
When I plead for Jesu's fake.

LVII. The broken Heart. S. M.


ESCEND) my gracious God,

me That precious blessing, bought with blood, A new, and broken heart.



From Thee I wander, Lord, Which causes me much smart; Reclaim me by thy pow'rful word,

And give a broken heart.


To mourn my follies done,

And better act my part;
Bestow upon me, through thy Son,

A new, a broken heart.


O keep me near thy side,

(I'm prone from Thee to start,) And let thy Spirit, Lord, abide Within

broken heart.

O come unto niy soul,

And never more depart:
Lord, condescend to make me whole,

And heal my broken heart.

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Fain would I view thy bright abode,

And love, and wonder, and adore.


Spirit of peace, immortal dove,

Here let thy gentle influence reign; Come fill my soul with heav'nly love,

And all the graces of thy train.


Descend with all thy sacred light,

Thine active zeal, thy joy sincere, And hope, in radiant glories bright, Descend, and make thy dwelling here.

Not all the sweets beneath the sky;

Not corn, nor oil, nor richest wine ;
Could raise my tuneful songs so high,

Or yield me pleasures fo divine.

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Bleft with thy presence I could meet

Death, though in all its terrors drelt; Nor while I taste a joy so sweet,

One fear disturb my peaceful breast.


Come then--or bid my longing soul

To those celestial manfions foar, Where endless years of pleasure roll,

Nor fall I mourn thine absence more.

LIX. Waiting upon God. L. M.



HOU loving Jesus, dearest Lord,
Ador’d by all the hosts above;

Whose favours endless joys afford,

And fill the mind with peace and love,


In pity to my soul descend

And chase these heavy glooms away:
O let thy glories, heav'nly friend,
Pour on my soul a brighter day.

So shall I better see the way

Which leads to happiness and Thee;
And walk enlight'ned by Thy ray,

Till I attain felicity.


There, where the blest, unnumber'd throng,

Froin earth redeem'd by precious blood, Proclaim thy love in sweetest song, And praise Thee as their Şov'reign Good,

V. I'd spend a long eternity,

From sin and melancholy free; And with increasing plealure fing,

Th’unbounded glories of

my King

LX, For a renewed Heart. P. M.



my , How very apt from Thee to flray! Just like a broken bow I start,

And nature strives to bear the sway:
Was ever one so vile, yet bless'd;
So foul, yet by the Lord caress'd!


Forbid, my Lord, each vain desire,

And bind my passions to thy cross;
Quench all the sparks of nature's fire,

And bid me count my gain but lofs :
Lord Jesus, tear each idol down,
And Itablish in my heart thy throne,


Grace, grace shall wipe away my tears,

And speak the tempest to a calm;
Shall warm my heart, and charm my fears,

And prove a never-failing balm:
The maladies of fin reinove,
And fill my soul with holy love.


Henceforth I'd serve Thee, if Thou'lt please

To gird me with a heav'nly pow'r; I'd ling the glories of thy grace,

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