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sations of feeling; or, if the principles of justice, mercy, and tenderness, be admitted, such principles are merely theoretical, aod influence not their conduct. There are persons who abstain from eating the bodies of their fellow animals for a time, but the pow. er of habit recurs, meets with a feeble resistance, and becomes inveterate; while perverted understandings readily assist in recalling them to their wonted state, But the truly independent and sympathizing mind *will ever derive satisfaction from the prospect of : wellbeing, and will not incline to stifle convictions arising from the genuine evidences of truth. With. out fear or hesitation, he will become proof against the sneers of unfeeling men, exhibit an uniform example of humanity, and impress on others additional arguments and motives. He will never hesitate in « opening his mouth for the dumb," and, if a Chris. tian in deed and in truth, he will never forget that, not even a sparrow is an inconsiderable object in the sight of God; a reflection, which ought effectually to check, both by example or influence, the shocking barbarities, which unfeeling wantonness or studied cruelty are daily exercising towards many unhappy creatures. . In the present diseased state of society, the prospect is far distant when the System of Benevolence is likely to be generally adopted. The hope of reformation then arises from the intelligent, less corrupt. ed, and younger part of mankind.




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