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A prayer when labouring under any grievous pains. O

Lord our refuge and strength, who art a

prefent help in time of trouble; look down from heaven; behold, visit and relieve me thy servant; and send me that ease and comfort in this time of my distress, as shall feem to thee most expedient for me. O let me never murmur or repine under any affliction thou feest fit to lay upon me; for thy tender mercy is over all thy works; and my fins deserve much greater pains than I now feel. Grant therefore, o gracious Lord, that I may meekly and quietly fubmit to thy will, and never be rafhly or unbecomingly tranfported into any indecent expressions, or caused to entertain a hard thought of thy providence, under the extremity of my pains; but whatever evils or sorrows I may feel, let me still love thee, and believe thee to be a kind and merciful father; ftrengthen and support me with the confolations of thy holy spirit

, and fanctify this affliction to me, that it may produce in me the fruits of a true and sincere repentance, who feek for relief, mercy, and forgiveness, only through the merits, and in the name of Jesus Christour Lord and Saviour. Amen.

A prayer to be used for a sick child.

Father of mercies, and God of all comO

fort, to whom alone belong the issues of life and death, we flee unto thee for succour in behalf of this child here lying under thy hand in a weak and fickly state. Visit him, O: Lord, with thy salvation : deliver him, in thy! good time, from his bodily pain; comfort him in bis greatest extremity, and save his soul, for thy mercies sake.

We know, O Lord, that if thou wilt, thou canst raise him up, and prolong his days here! on earth: wherefore we humbly beseech thee if it be thy pleasure, to raise him up again, that be may, together with his years and stature, grow in wisdom and in thy fear, and thereby to comfort his parents; and to glorify thee, by doing good in ħis generation.

But whether be live or die, let him be thine; and either preserve him to be thy true

and faithful servant here on earth, or else receive him into those heavenly mansions, where the souls of them that seep in the Lord Jesus, enjoy perpetual rest and felicity. Grant this, O Lord, for thy mercies fake in the same thy fon, our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the holy ghost, one God, world withoutend. Amen.


A prayer to be used by a woman during her being

with child. Most merciful God, the supreme dispo

ser of all events, the author of our being the fountain of life, and the refuge of all that trust in thee; I, thy unworthy servant, adore thy glorious majesty, which has begun an excellent work in me, which no eye but thine fees, and no hand but thy almighty power can finish; and I do most humbly implore thy gracious aid and protection. Be thou to me, o Lord, in this time of danger and peril, a fure guardian and rock of defence; and be pleased not only to perfect and complete that which thou hast now begun in me, with its due fhapes, and full growth; but preserve me from all frights, or evil accidents, which may cause me to miscarry.

Let thy almighty hand form it with an understanding mind and heart, and with all those holy and good difpofitions, that may make it always know, love and fear thee, and be amiable in thy sight. I therefore most humbly beseech thee to fanctify it from the womb, and to receive and reckon it for thy child, as soon as it is mine; lent to me for my comfort, but created and reserved by thee for

thy 148 A Prayer to be used under Affliction. thy service in this world, and to reign with thee in glory in the world to come.

I acknowledge the justice of thy sentence, whenthou saidítunto the woman, I will greatly multiply thy forrow in conception, in forrow shalt thou bring forth children; strengthen me therefore, and enable me to go thro' all the pains and uneasiness of child-bearing with patience and submission to thy will; confidering that they are the just punishment of fin: give me an humble trustand dependence on thy fatherly care and good providence; and make me, in thy good time, a joyful mother of a hopeful child, which may live to be an instrument of thy glory, and by serving thee faithfully, and doing good in its generation, may be received into the mansions of eternal bliss, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A prayer to be used by a perfon under a Miction. O

fort, support me under the troubles thou haft moft righteously laid upon me. I confess that mine iniquities are many, and that my fins have deserved more grievous punishments than I now fuffer under thy justice, which leaves none of the events of this life to chance or uncertainty, but dispofes of all things, bythy


good providence, for the benefit of thy creatures. Therefore extend thy mercy, and have pity upon me; and considering the informities of my nature, deal with me, not according to my fins; but after thine own great mercy, pardon all my sins, and after thou haft brought me to a true sense of my own unworthiness, and to a fincere repentance, restore me to thy love, peace and favour. But if for reasons, best known to thy infinite wisdom, thou shalt see fit to continue my present troubles, thy blefied will bedone, beseeching theeonly toenable me patiently to bear, and contentedly to submit to the dispensations of thy good providence, how contrary soever to flesh and blood, and to direct me to use all proper and honest means to bring them to an end, without murmuring and repining; all which I most humbly request, through the merits, and in the name of Jesus Christ, my dear redeemer, who in his own flesh, bore my infirmities, and all my forrows. Amen. A prayer to be used by a person troubled in mind. Blesled Lord, the father of mercies, and

the God of all comfort, look down, I humbly beseech thee, with pity and compassion upon a miserable creature, under great


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