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Haft thou performed he condition thou wasto: bliged to, when thou tookest then into thy service?

Hast thou taken care of their bodies, by providing what food was fitting for them?

Art thou reasonable and moderate in the commands which thou layeft upon them?.

Dost thou admonish and correct them with calm- } ness and gravity, when they transgress their duty?

Has not thy severity put them upon cheating and lying? for that will make thee a partaker with them in their fin.

Hast thou been remiss in suffering them to nego; lect their duty to God?

Haft thou afforded them time and opportunities for the service of God in publick and private?

Dost thou set them an example of sobriety and godliness in thy own life and conversation and dost thou encourage their living soberly and religiously, by proper marks of thy kindness and favour?

Hast thou been constant in thy daily devotions with thy family?

The duty of a magistrate. +
AST thou nade it thy endeavour to be ter-


ror to evil-doers, and a praise to them that do well?

Haft thou not been more intent upon thy own private interest, than in advancing the common good?


+ This duty may be found farther explained in the neto WHOLE DUTY of Man, Sunday 8. Section III.

Haft thou endeavoured to inform thyself of thy duty, in order to the doing of it, when thou hast been called to the office of constable, church-warden, or any other public office?:3},

To these duties in general, we might add the particular duties of the people to their prince, and the laity to their minifters; but to prevent tediousness, which often cools devotion, I thall refer those that desure Information upon these heads, to the Pct WHOLE DUTY OF Man, Sunday 8. Sections I. II.and IV.

Directions. When you have once thoroughly examind

yourself, and made a particular confeffion of the fans of your whole life, and begged pardon ; tbere is not the same ałsolut necefity of such a laborious examination,

your next communication ; specially if you examine yourself carefully every night, and daily repent of the evil of the day past, and are not conjčicus to yourjelf of any great and notorious fins, fince your las confection for if you are not, the examination, and confeffion, only of what faft fonce your last communicating, together with a general confellion of your former fins, and a solemn renewing of your former atis of repentance, may serve the turn. But if your conscience

accuses you of any culpable negle£t in your lofl examination, or of any great relates, or of any wilfid violations of your last vows and resolutions ; in these, and the like cases, it is the jurest way to begin all your repen. tance again.

I am fenfible it is not eals to enumerate all the instances of duty reducible to the three kreds, concerning GOD, one's neighbour, and one's self; nor to set acrin the several brarches and violations of them: but the method kere proposed, will, I am perfuaded, (ir carefully attended to) ast any one in getting a competent knowledge of his own.fate and condition. And as the foregoing examination of our lives, is in order to the confeffion of our sins, and that such a dijiinet fight and confideration of them may tried in' us humble and contrite bearts; so when we are come to a sufficient knowledge of our sins, by the foregoing method of examination, our next step is to repent of them; and the firf part of our repentarce is to make an humble.confefwr of our vileness and unworthiness in committing them.

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18, 19.

A proféffron of godly forrow for our fins, and a refo

lution of new obedience towards God, to be made on Monday evening

father, and will say unto him, "father I have sinned against heaven, and before thee, and an no more worthy to be called thy fon. Luke xv.

Lord! I call my ways to remembrance

with a troubled heart; myevildoingsare before mine eyes; they are a burthen upon my spirits, a foreburthen too heavy for meto bear. But now, O my God, with a heart truly for: rowfuland penitent, Iturn from myevilways, resolving by thy grace to become a new creature; from this day forward I am fully determined to betake myself to a religious course of life; O let not iniquity be my ruin.

O Lord, I am not worthy so much as to lift up mine eyes unto thee; but whether should a wretchinguiltand mifery look, butuntothee, the fountain of all mercy? whither, but to a God, whose mercy is greater than my wickedness? to a God, whose property it is to be kind to his enemies; and whose patience to bear with myfins, is as great as his power topunish them; and who had much rather be reconciled to me, than takevengeance upon me? whither indeed, but to thee, O God of all

grace and comfort! who Thewest mercy to the un


worthy, and invitest me with all the tenderness and bowels of a compassionate father to turn from my evil ways, that my soul may live, and be for ever happyinthy eternal kingdom.

Therefore, encouraged by thy goodness, O Lord, I address myself unto thee, who am ready to sink under the heavy load of guilt and misery: and yet I make no plea, but for thy mercy; nor haveanypretencetoclaim it, (for, alas! I must with fháme acknowledge, I have very muchabused it;) but thro’thyinexpressible love. I know I have a most merciful Saviour, who died to purchase salvation for me; and who now powerfullyintercedes with thee for the pardon of true penitents. O! for the fake of his blessed name, receiveme graciously to thy mercy, and be not angry with me for ever!

Forgive me, O merciful Father, for I am heartily sorry for all the evils which I have done: Í have finned, O Lord God, I have sinned against thee, ---by [Here recollect and confess those fins

have committed against God, with their aggravations that accompany them, as fet down in the preceding heads for the examination of conscience contained betwixt Pages 15 and 18, both inclufave. For Inflance, Lord, I have committed this fin, or these fins frequently, against checks of conscience, &c. and then add | Fa. ther I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy



fon ;

son: Opity, andcleanse, and forgive, and save me, forthy merciessake. I havefinned, ОLord God, I have sinned against thee, and against my neighbour by---{Here confess thcle

fias you bave ccmbit. ted against your NeighBOUR, with their aggravations, &c. as contained betwixt jages 19 and 22, and betwixt 25 and 31, and then add] Father, I have finned against heaven and in thy sight, andam no more worthy to be called thyfon:Opity, and cleanse, and forgive, and save me for thy mercies sake. I have finned against thee, and againll my orton self by --[Here confefs iloje fins you have committed against YOURSELF, with their aggravations, &c. as contained betwixt pages 22 and 25, and then add] Father, I havefinned againstheaven, and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son: O pity, and cleanse, and forgive, and save me, for thy mercies sake. Forgive all my sins, for I am fully resolved by thy gracetoloveand servethee:forgiveme, Omoit gracious God, for I forgive all that have offended me, and dointreat theetoforgivethem likewife. O Lord God, my wickednessisgreat, and my iniquities are infinite; they are more in number than the hairs of my head; and my heartwould fail me, but that I well know thy mercies are more numberless than my sins. O do not exact punishment of me for my fins; but extend thy mercy and pardon to my soul,

for my dear redeemer's sake, Jesus Christour : Lord, Amen.


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