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refuse to believe our God, because his mercies transcend our capacities. None but infinite wisdom could ever have invented so strange and high, and prodigious a mystery. None but an inconceivable infinite goodness would

have imparted so dear, and tender, and rich a blessing

3. When the impiety of men was at the height, and their treacherous heads plotting to betraythee; then did thy wisdom mercifully consult to overcome our malice with thy bounty. Immediately thou contrivedst an admirable way to invite all the world to a feast of wonders: a feast! where thy facred body fhould be our food, and thy precious blood our drink. A feast! in which are continually wrought new miracles of love for us. Thus, as if it had not been love enough to have gi** Wen thyself on the cross for us; thou haft

found out a way to give tlıyfelf to us in the holy-facrament: to unite us with thyself by the most intimate union that is possible for us to conceive, and which we can better feel than express: to become the life, the strength, the support and comfort of our beings: nay, to become even one with me, and be unto me the very soul of my soul. O Lord my God! this is so inconceivable a blessing, this is so divine a union, that the very angels, with awful admiration, contemplate thy wonderful condescension in it.

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4. Lord, who are we, unworthy finnersg. that thou thus regardeft our wretched dust? what is all the world compared to thee, that thus thou seemelt to disregard thyself? it was for our fakes, and to draw us up to thy love, that thou hast commanded us to commemorate and represent thy passion; and present the merits of it before thy father, on earth, as thou dost present them to him in heaven. It was for our fakes, and to help the infirmities of our nature, that thou didit appointa commemorative sacrifice, of that one oblation of thyself once offered upon the cross; and bread and wine so offered and blessed as symbols of thiy body and blood: What great blessingsare these, O 'Yesu! that demand my praises! 5.

Yet more blessed is the heart that desires thy coming, and longs to see thee in thy glorious self. O my adored redeemer! when will that happy day appear, when mine eyes may behold thee without a veil? when will the clouds and Madows passaway, thatthy beams may Nhine on me in their full brightness ?-ob


ject not against me, dearest Lord, that none can fee thy face and live. Those fears thy love has changed, and my fixed hope is now to live by seeing thee. Say not, Othou mild and gracious

majesty, if I approach thy presence I must die. Rather instruct me fo to die, that I may live forever in thy presence.

Here, if thou defirefl to know the reason why Chrift ordained this Sacrament, consult the New WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 6. Section 1.

The Prayer on Monday Morning, to implore God's afstance in the course of this week's preparation for

receiving the boly facrament. I acknowledge my faults, and my fin is ever before me. P/.li. 3O

Most glorious and ever-blessed God in

whose presence is fulness of joy, and at whose right-hand thereare pleasures for evermore; vouchsafe, I beseech thee, to discharge my mind of all superfluous cares, and immoderate desires of the things of this world, and enable me fo to employ my time this week, as may effectually prevent or resist all temptations. Let thy grace, O Lord, so powerfully strengthen myintentions, that I may do such

, and direct my will, a things as are agreeable to thee, and suitable to the dignity of a christian: and that I may fill


up all the spaces of this week with meditations upon the most holy facrament, with acts of religion, and fervent charity, so that when the devila Taults me, he may not find me idle, and that my dearest Lord, at his sudden coming, may find me improving the talent committed to my care, that I may enter into the joy of my Lord; to which, Ibeseech thee bring me, thio' the merits and intercession of thy dear fon, Jesus Christ, our Lordand Saviour. Amen.

distrib: Directions. Trois Nozu repair to the publick fervice at the church ; or if you have not that opportunity, /pend your leifure time in a devout perufal of that pious treatisė, necesary for all families, as well as every private christian: lately published, by the KING's Authority, viz, THE Rew WHOLE DÚTY OF MAN, &c.*

And I heartily wish that every Poor (as well as Rich) Family in the Kingdom was furnished with one of these Books : it's great Pity they should be any where wanting. Great Charity thertfore it would be for rich Landlord's and others of easy Fortunes, to bestow this pious and useful Book upon their poor and uninftrueled Neighbours, Tenants, and Servants, that the Know ledge of God and Religion may be promoted aniongst them; which would make greatly for the Good and Welfare both of Church and State: For tho' brain-sick Opinions and falfe Principles may make Men proud and headstrong, and troublesome to their Governors and Superiors; yet solid Knowledge and sincere Godliness, will make Men humble and meek, quiet and peaceable, obecand ready to do every good Work,

to their Superiors and Minifters, full of Charity to their 'Be sure to retire foon this evening to examine thy conscience. :13:7 Ekimon) Matematik

This Nezu Whole Duty of Man is printed in Octavo, price 5. in large Twelves at 3 $0.16 d. ant in formall Trstues at a s. 6 d. and is föld with the fame allowance as tbe Ou Whole buty of Man, lorbole are difpoled to give them away. The Miety aljo be bad wirba Set of a

Curs, at 7s.


The Meditation for Monday Evening, Upon the vanities of the world and, the goodness of

Gods in order to a worthy receiving of the most holy facrament. He that loveth his life shall lose it and he that hateth his life

in this world, fhall keep it unto life eternal. John xi. 2;. I. A Wake thou, O my soul, from the sleep

of fin; for, behold, life and death are fet before thee; chuse while thy gracious Lord allows thee time and day, left the night and darkness overtake thy neglect: chuse, but remember thy eternity is concerned, and deli'berate e'er thou makest thy choice!

man 2. Survey all the pleafures of the world befóre thee, and ask if any of them be worth fuch pains: ask if the vain forbidden things thou lovest, deserve thy affection better than thy maker. Are they more worthy in themselves, or beneficial to thee, that thou mayest justly prefer them before thy redeemer? dost thou expect to be at rest, and satisfied by enjoying them, or everlastingly happy by their procurement? can they protect thee at the hour of death, or plead thy cause at the day of judgment?-Oh! no. They only deceive me with a smiling look, which I too often have proved by dear experience,

3. It

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