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Blessed be thy unspeakable goodness, that has advanced me to fuch a degree of being, that I am in some measure capable to know thee, to love thee, to ferve thee, and obey thee. And for ever blessed be thy name, O Lord, that I was born of christian parents, and early dedicated to thee by baptisin; and that by thy grace and goodness I have been preserved to this moment, and have, in any degree, efcaped the pollutions of this wicked world.

Blessed be thou, O God, who by thy grace, and by the voice of thy church, haft call'd me to repentance: discover to me, Othousearcher of hearts, the vast charge that is against me, that I may know and confess, and forsake the many

fins I have fallen into. Give me that true repentance to which

thou hast promised mercy and pardon, that I may, amend what I have done amiss, and that iniquity may not be my ruin. And, O blessed advocate, who ever livest to make intercession for me, I put my caufe into rly hands; let thy blood and merits plead for me, and by thy mighty interceffion procure for me the pardon of my past offen

That thou mayst say unto me, as thou didit unto the penitent in the gospel---Thy fins are forgiven---so that I may go with a quiet conscience to thy holy table, and at last be re




ceived into thy glorious presence for evermore." Amen. WANT

See the concluding prayer and blesing on page 36 and 37

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*The Meditation: Thursday Morning! Upon our fanctification whereby we are nicdé worthy

to come to the holy facrament. Except a man be born of water, and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Thac ivhich is born of the fleh, is heth, and that which is born of the fpirit, is fpirit. John isi.5.6.

TOnfider, O my foul, the mercies of thy

God; consider the wonder's he has wrought for the children of men. The eternal father created us out of nothing, and fer us in the way to everlasting happiness. The eternal fon came down from heaven to seek us when we had lost ourselves. The eternal spirit brings his grace to fanctify us, and give us strength to walk in that holy way. Thus every person of the sacred trinity has freely contributed his peculiar blessing; and all together as one co-infinite goodness, have graciously agreed to complete our happiness.


2. Come

Here you may observe the directions given on page 3.

2. Come then let us humbly implore the divine grace to make us worthy to address our fanctifier; who from the father and the son eternally proceeds, and with the father and the fon must be equally worshipped and glorified. He infuses into man the breath of life, and brings him forth in the second birth; a birth that makes men heirs of heaven; and gives us a title to everlasting happiness.

3. Arise, therefore, Oiny foul, and intercede for pity upon the unhappy state of fallen mankind, which neither nature nor law could bring to perfection. For tho' they under the law were trained up in a set form of discipline, which grew

and spread into a publick religion, and was uniformly professed by a whole nation; yet they had but weak conceits of the kingdom of heaven, and imperfect means to bring them thither: and as to those high and fupernatural mysteries, that fo gloriously exalt the christian faith; they all were blind or in the dark, and dangerously exposed to the effects of their own ignorance, wanting those clear and powerful motives to love their God. God having provided fome better thing for us, that they without us fbould not be made perfeet, Heb. xi. 40. Neverthelefs, this prepared them 5


forthe times of grace; so that if any riper souls came forward to the birth, therewanted spirit to bring them forth; but fend out thy spirit, O Lord, and they shall be created; and from the death of fin, be raised to the life of holiness; send out thy spirit, and renew the face of the earth, and our weeds and thorns shall be turned into a paradise, thro' Jesus Christ.

4. Let us adore that blessed spirit, who beftoweth his favours as he pleaseth; and the more he hath given, still the more he giveth! O holy ghost, fit and dispose me thy fcrvant, first to entertain thee, and then graciously vouchsafe to descendinto my heart; and make me, the more I receive of thee, still desire to receive thee more; till I shall afcend to those fatisfying joys above, where all my faculties fhall be enlarged, where they shall be filled with fulness itself, and overflow with a torrent of pleasure for evermore; wheke they sball

be satisfied with the plenteousness of thy houjë; and ile thou shalt give them drink of thy pleasures, as out of the river ; for with thee is the well of life

, and Ca in thy light sall we see light. Pfal. xxxvi. 8, &c.

5. But, О ungrateful man! was it not enough to receive of our God all we have and are? was it not enough that the son of God

D 2


should come down, and live to teach thee and die to redeem thee? was not all this e nough to make thee love him? and love is al he aimed at, and was all that man needed. muit confess to thee, O merciful Lord: I wil confess to thee our deplorable condition. Such was, alas! the corruption of human nature, and so many and strong the temptations round about us, that without this thy last miraculous favour of sending the holy ghost to guide and quicken us, we should have still remained in our old dull state; flow to understand, and flower to obey.

A prayer on Thursday morning, for our fanctifica

tion, preparatory to a worthy receiving of the boly facrament. Whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he vftified, them he also glorified. Rom. viii. 30. E

Ternally blessed, and infinitely glorious

Lord God and Saviour, who keepest mercy for thousands, and forgivest the iniquities of all truly penitent and returning sinners; I prefent myself this morning before thee, acknowledging my manifold lins, in hopes of obtaining thy gracious favour, and of becoming a partaker of the most holy facrament. But, o my God, I do not presume


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