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must suffer for useven the pains of death? no, i gracious Lord, thy mercy still observeth many wants in our nature as yet unsupplied; thou fawest our too much fondness of life needed thy parting with it, to reconcile us to death; thou sawest our fear of sufferings could no way be abated but by freely undergoing them in thine own person: thou sawest our souls fo deeply stained with guilt, that without shed, ding thy blood we could have no remission.

6. Can we thus remember the labours of our redeemer for us, and not be convinced of our duty to him? can my cold heart recount his sufferings, and not be inflamed with the love of him that suffered for me? can I believe my salvation cost him so dear, and live as if to be saved were not worth my pains? ungrateful man, how doth he flight the goodness of our God! how carelesly comply with his gracious designs! for all his gifts he requires no other return, than that we hope still more, and defire still greater blessings, and improve them all to our own happiness: for all his favours he seeks no other praise, than our following his steps till we mount up to his glory.

7. O my adored redeemer, behold to thee I bow, and humbly prostrate myself in ho


nour of thy death: behold thus low I bow to implore thy blessing, and the allistance of thy special grace, that I may wean my affections from all vain desires, and cleanse

my thoughts from all impertinent fancies: that my life may be entirely dedicated to thee, and all the faculties of my soul to thy holy service : that my mind may continually study the knowledge of thee, and my will grow every day stronger in thy love, and my memory faithfully recount thy mercies, and both tongue and heart be continually disposed and habitually employed to praise thee; to praife thy incomparable love, which has done and sufa fered fo much for loft mankind.

Here observe the directions given on page 8, and more particu. larly endeavour to improve your soul by reading a lesjon out of the few WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 4. Section I, &c. Aprayer on Friday evening for faith and repentance,

and a due preparation to the holy facrament, Repent and believe the gospel. Mark i. 15

Gracious God, and most kind and merO

ciful father, who of thy tender love to mankind, didst give thine only son Jesus Christ to suffer death upon the cross for our redemption, who made there by his one oblation of himself once offered, a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, oblation and satisfac

tion for the sins of the whole world ; grant that the effects of this redemption may be as universal as the design of it, that it may be to · the salvation of all: O let no person by impenitence and wilful sin forfeit his part in it, but by the power of thy grace bring all, even the most obstinate finners to repentance.

More especially, I beseech thee, to give me, thy sinful creature, a right understanding of the urgent need I have of a faviour, and of all those things which thy fon hath done and fuffered, and is still doing at thy right-hand, in order to the cleansing of my guilty and poliuted nature, and the restoring me to thy grace and favour: and let not all this be in vain and useless to me, left I become eternally miserable, and lost to all hopes and poffibilities of comfort; give me grace to accept of, and embrace the tenders of thy love, and to comply with those gracious terms of salvation, which thy fon hath procured for, and proposed to me in the gospel. .

I acknowledge, O Lord, that I have too much neglected this great falvation, but thou with infinite patience doft still wait to see if I will accept of mercy: Othat thy forbearance and long suffering may foften my heart, and melt me into shame and tears of penitential


forrow, for having fo long abused the tender mercy of so good a God. I desire now to refign and give

up myself to the conduct of thy holy spirit. Lead me in thy: truth, and teach me, for thou art the God of my salvation. Let thy word be my rule, thy grace my guide and assi. stance, thy goodness my pattern and example, thy promises my encouragement, and thy joys my everlasting recompence and reward, thro' the merits and intercefsion of thy blessed Son, my Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

See the concluding Prayer and blessing on page 36 and 37.



* The Meditation : Saturday Morning,

On the excellency of the holy facrament. This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die. John vi. 50.

HOme unto me all ye that are weary and

heavy laden, says the blessed Jesus, and I will refresh you; take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls ; for

my yoke is easy, and my burthen is light.

2. Does my Saviour invite me: and shall I go? shall a finner dare to fit downathis table?


Here you may observe the directions given on page 3.

does he invite, andshall I not go? Shalla wretch presume to refuse his call? rise then, my soul, and take thy swiftest wings, and fly to the participation of this great mystery. A feast of holy bread and holy wine, in representation of Christ's most sacred body broken, and blood shed for us, where thou, dearest Jesu, dost freely give thy self to the meanestguest; a feast of peace and love, and incomparable sweetness, to which thou hast thus kindly invited us.

3 Come to me, ye that labour for holiness, and are oppressed under the weight of your sins; ye that hunger after heaven, and thirst to drink of the fountain of bliss, come to me, and I will refresh you with the wine of gladness, and the bread of life.

4. But stay, am I arrayed like a friend of the bridegroom, that I may safely come to this marriage-fupper? have I consider'd how chaste those eyes should be, which go

to be hold the God of purity? have I consider'd how clean that mouth should be, which presumes to eat the bread of heaven? but most of all, have I consider'd how all-celestial that soul should be, which aspires to an union with the body of Christ? 5. Look, my heart, look well into thyself, 5


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