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and strictly search every corner of thy breast: Alas! how poor, and dull, and empty are we; how infinitely unworthy of fo divine a sacrament! yet are we called by him that can command, by him that fees and pities our infirmities; he bids us come, he surely will receive us, and with his bounteous fulness supply our defects.

6. Go then, my soul, to that facred table, and take thy part of that delicious banquet ; go

all inflamed with divine love, and joy, and hope, and quench thy facred thirst with that spring of life. And when thou haft tasted the everlasting sweetness of that holy facrament, thou shaltfeelthe heavenly streams of Christ's blood flowing into thy truly reperiting heart.

7. Let them sink deep to the root of thy heart, and turn thy barren soil into a fruitful land; fruitful in holy thoughts and pious words; fruitful in good, and just, and charitable deeds; fruitful to thyself in thineownimprovement; fruitful to others in thy good exampies. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me praise his holy name, who saveth thy life from destruction, and feedeth thee with the bread of heaven, which is administered to the worthy receiver in the holy Sacrament.



A Prayer on Saturday morning for pardon and grace

to resist temptations, that our receiving of the holy Sacrament n-ay be found acceptable in the light of God,

Pardon our iniquity and our sin, and take us for thine inheritance. Exod. xxiv: 9.

Almighty God, who art of purer eyes

than to behold iniquity, who canst not luok favourably upon finners, neither shall any

evil dwell with thee: how shall I a guilty polluted creature dare to approach thy prefence! I blush, O Lord, to life up mine eyes towards heaven; to me belongs nothing but shame and confusion of face, under which I ought to lie down before thee, if I reflected only upon the baseness of my descent, being the offspring of disloyal parents, who were rebels and traitors against thy divine majesty; with what dejection of spirit then ought I to think of, and mention all those offences, whereby I havejustifiedthat firstrebellion and stilltaken part with thedevil and hisangels, against thee and the motionsof thy holy spiritin my heart

Wretched man that Iam, whoshalsdeliver me from this bond of death, from this, bondage of corruption? thy grace, I know, 0 Lord, is fufficient for me, and thy fon mighty 'to save me; his office isto save his people from their fins; for this end he gave himself for us,


that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. O let the blood of Christ, who thro'the eternal spirit offered himself without fpot to God, purge my conscience from dead works to serve the living God. Affist me by thy grace, that I may not only abominate all filthy vices, but also hate the garments infected with fin, and abstain from all appearance of evil. And do thou, O God of peace, fanctify me wholly, that my whole spirit, soul and body, may be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Here obfervethe directions given on page 8, and more

reparticularly endeavour to improve your soul by reading a'lefon out of the new Whole Duty of MAŃ, Sunday 6, Section I, II, IIļ, and IV.


The Meditation for Saturday Evening. On my unworthiness to come to the holy Sacrament.

Whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.' i Cor. xi. 27. O

My soul, thou perceivest that my

transgressions are innumerable, and the weight of them is intolerable: that my imperfections are shameful, my nature corrupted, cross and preverse; and almost every temptation draws me from


God: that my E 2


fins both of omiflion and of commission cry aloud against me, and are a burden too hea vy for me to bear: what therefore can I do what can I say unto thee! let me flee unt thce, thou preserver of men, and confess thai I am so vile, that I cannot express it; fo loathfome and detestable, that I even abhor mysel for my iniquities.

2. O my soul! make no longer tarrying, for we can't expect that his purer eyes should condescend to look upon me, orthathe should extend his favour to so polluted a wretch as I find myself to be. And should he leave me to myself, I wereutterly undone, beyondall hope, or so much as possibility of recovery. But,

3. Blessed, for ever blessed, be thy name O God! who hast opened a fountain for sin, and for uncleanness, and haft encouraged the very

worst of men to hope for mercy upon their fincere conversion and amendment; and haft sent thy dearly beloved Son to take upon him our nature, and to call not the righteous but sinners to repentance; and last bid all those come unto thee, that are weary and heavy laden. In a sense therefore of my own unworthiness and guilt, Icome trembling unto thee. For, I loath, I detest, I abominate my fus, and myself, because of them.


4. Wherefore, most merciful Lord, despise me not, but behold my misery, as the greater occasion of thy mercy. And let thy pardoning of so great; fo vile, fo wretched a sinner, fhew the greatness of thy clemency and compassion. Thou alone are the healer of our wounds, the lifter


of our heads, and I cannot distrust thee since thy goodness is infinite. Tho' my fins are great, thy mercies are greaters therefore with them cover all my guilt, i most humbly beseech thee.

5. I am not worthy to look up to heaven; but do thou look down from thence, and raise a miserable finner from the dunghill, and out of all the mire of my sinful pollutions. Thus I cast all my care on thee, who didst ordain that Christ thould die for all, that they who live, should not henceforth-live unto themselves, but unto him who died for them and rose again: and therefore my strong hope is in thee: if I had not that confidence that Jefus would heal all my diseases, I must defpair under their number and weight. Thus, I dare accept of the invitation of my Saviour to eat and drink at his table. O! thou God of all mercy and truth, receive me graciously thro’ the mediation of my blessed Saviour, and let not mine iniquities work


everlasting ruin.


E 3

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