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11 A Prayer on Saturday evening for a worthy receiv

ing of the kely facrament. 1923 I will wash my hands in innocency, O Lord, and so will I go to thine altar; Psalm xxvi. 6,

Crucified Jesu! who at thy last fupper U didst ordain the holy eucharist, the sacrament and bond of christian love, for the continual remembrance of the facrifice of thy death; and hast commanded us to do this in remembrance of thee: let that propitiatory sacrifice of thy death, which thou didst offer upon the cross for the sins of the whole world, and particularly for my sins, be ever fresh in my remembrance.

Oblessed Saviour, let that mighty salvation thy love hath wrought for us, never slip out of my mind, but especially let my remembrance of thee in the holy facrament be always most lively and affecting. So that if I love thee truly, I shall be sure to frequent thy altar, that I may often remember all the wonderful loves of my crucified Redeemer. Yet, forasmuch as I know, O'my God, that a bare remembrance of thee is not enough; fixin mefucharemembrance of thee, as is suitable to the infinite love I am to remember; work in me all those Holy and heavenly affections, which become the remembrance of a crucified Saviour; and do


thou so dispose my heart to bethy guest at thy holy table; that I may feel all the sweet inAuences of love crucified, the strengthening and refreshing of my fout by thy' body and blood, as my body is by the bread and wine.

O merciful Jésu! let that immortal food, which in the holy eucharist thou vouchfafest nie, pour into my weak and languishing soul new fupplies of grace, new life; new love, new vigour, and new resolutions, that I may never more faint or droop, or faulter in my duty.. Amen, Lord Jesus, Amen.

See the concluding Prayer and Blessing on page 36 and 37.

* The Meditation for Sunday Morning. On the love of God to mankind, particularly mani

fested in this facrament. Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us.

1 Folm iii. 16. Ehold, Lord, thus encouraged, thus

invited, I come; yet I do not presume to do so, trusting in my own righteoufness

, but in thy manifold and great mercies. I feel, alas! my weaknelies and wants, and betake myself to thee for relief; fick and diseased, I fly to the


phyHere you may observe the directions given an page z.

1. Biho

E 4

physician of fouls; hungry and thirsty, to this fountain of living water, and bread of life; poor and needy, to the bountiful king of heaven; a fervant to his kind master! a creature to his compassionate creator, who hateth nothing that he hath made; and a forlorn disconfolate wretch, to thee, the holy, the eternal, the only conforter,. But, 2. Whence is this to me, that


God should vouchsafe to come unto me? or, who am I that thou shouldst communicate to me thy own felf? how shall a wicked sinner dare to appear before thee? or how canst thou, who art of purer eyes than to behold iniquity, endure to make such condescending approaches to a soul polluted with sin and with uncleanness? thou seest my very inward parts, and knowest I have nothing in me that is good; nothing to invite such mercy; nothing fit for the reception of fo pure, fo glorious a majesty.

3. I will therefore most humbly confess my own vileness and thy unspeakable goodness; I will most thankfully admire, and praise, and aclore thy marvellous love, and exceeding a· bundant grace. For this is purely thine own act. Nothing on my part could deferve, nothing could move thee to it. The more un

worthy worthy I am, the more confpicuous is thý goodness, the more amazing thy mercy and condescension.

4. Since therefore thou art pleased to stoop so low, be it unto me according to thy word. Since thou hast thought fit to command my approach, I will most

gladly testify my ready obedience; and only beg, that my own sinfulness may not render me odious in thy fight, nor frustrate these inestimable mercies to me. I will supply my want of ability by the earneftness of my zeal; and most humbly beseech thee to accept those hearty desires of the inestimable benefit, by which my soul and all its faculties thirst and pant most impatiently after thee and thy righteousness. I will turn my eyes into my own heart, and entertain myself with the mortifying prospect of my own unworthiness, laying iny foul low before thee; and from the sense of


fun I will flee to thy mercy, that I may be made whole by the body and blood of


redeemer. 5. Howwise, how saving, was thy design, in the first institution of this holy fupper ! how rich, how delightful a banquet halt thou prepared for thy guests, by ordering thy own body and blood for the mystical entertain



ment of the faithful! how astonishing are the operations of thy grace and power ! how incomprehensible the methods of fulfilling thy most true promise! Thou fpakest the word in the beginning, and all things were created! and by the fame almighty word, thou commandest bread and wine, and they nourish fouls to life eternal.

6. And thou, my soul, rejoice and be exceeding glad for so noble a favour; so heavenly a refreshment, so rich a consolation to support and sweeten thy passage thro’this vale of tears and misery. For, everytimethou attendeft these holy mysteries, thou dost spiritually eat the flesh of Christ, and drink bis blogil; thou dost act, as it were, over again the work of thy redemption, and effectually partake of thy Saviour's merits and sufferings. For, his love continues always the same, and the excellence and worth of his propitiation is an inexhaustible spring of mercyCome therefore hither with new exalted Zeal, enlarge thy heart and its defires, and doubt not, but thou shalt at every approach, return with fresh and plentiful accessions of grace.

7. Let not the frequency abate thy devocion: for this favour should always seem great,


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