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thereby given us of GOD's favour and gracious goodness towards us : 9 and that we are very members incorporate in the mystical body of his son, which is the blessed company of all faithful people; ' and also heirs thro' hope of his everlasting kingdom, by the merits of the most precious death and passion of his dear fon. Now,

From the foregoing account of this facrainent, you are to understand, that when you come to the Lord's table, you are to eat the bread in remembrance that Christ's body was broken for


and to drink the wine in remembrance that Christ's blood was thed for you: esteeming and receiving these elements, not as common bread and wine, but as consecrated to represent the body and blood of Christ, to all fpiritual intents and purposes ; and firmly believing that you shall verily and indeed partake of all those gracesand blessings, which Christ merited for mankind by his death, and which this sacrament was designed to convey to every one that comes holy and


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clean to such a heavenly feaft, in the marriagegarment required by God in holy scripture.

We are taught by the church, that it is required of them who come to the Lord's fupper, to examine themselves whether they repentthem truly of their former finis, stedfastly purposing to lead & new life: bave a lively faith in GOD's mercy through Cbrift, with a thankful remembrance of bis death, and tobeincbaritywith all men. And all persons are more especially to examine into the state of their souls before they come to the Lord's fupper ; because without repentance we are not capable of that pardon which is here offered us : a nor can any but believers difcern the Lord's bodyin this sacrament, or reap any spiritual advantage from receiving it. It is a facrifice of praise for our redemption by the death of Chrift, and therefore weare to receive it, as by faith; so with thanksgiving; and forasmuch as it is a feast of Love, and signifies the conjunction of christians in one spiritual bo-dy, it is necessary that those who receive it, Thould be in charity with all men. Neverthe-


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less, tho? upon examination, a man should not find himself thus qualified, that will notexcuse him from receiving ;. because as the graces, now. called forth to be vigoroully exerted, ought to be the standing temper and habit of our minds; and as one chief design of this facrament is to confirm and fortify us in them ; he who absents himself, upon pretence of wanting them, does only wickedly plead one great fault in defence of another, and is there. fore the more inexcusable. 8:

There are some people got into such a way of thinking, as to believe that the peril of unworthy receiving is so great, that a man had. better stay away, than run the hazard thereof, The danger indeed is great to them who will presume to eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, raskly and unadvisedły: but it is 10 less dangerous to them who stand out ins disobedience' to the last and dying command of their dearest saviour, and reject his invita... tion to somany great and spiritual advantages, upon pretence of that danger, which it is in




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theirown power to avoid; “the resultof which
is, that there can be no compounding in this
case ; and that our safety consists in refolving
to do the duty required, and to take the best
care fo to prepare ourselves, that the perform-
ance may be accepted by GOD. "I will not say
that no accident whatsoever should interfere
with our observance of this duty ; but when
any unavoidable impediment interposes, it is
to be removed, and the omissions repaired, as
foon as possible. •
: Let us now look into the nature of thosedu-
ties which are required of them who come to

the Lord's fupper, so as to be received as wordi thy partakers of that holy table : in the first i place let us consider, that torepent ustruly of our

former fins, is to examine our lives and conversations by the rule of GOD's commandments;

P and whereinfoever we shall perceiveourselves "to haveoffended, either by will, word, or deed,,

there to bewail our own sinfulness, 9 and to confess ourselves to almighty God,' with full


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purpose of amendment of life:'and if we shall perceixe our offences to be such, as are not only against GOD, but also against our neighbour, then we must reconcile ourselves unto them, being ready to make restitution and satisfaction, according to the utmost of our power for all injuries and wrongs done by us to any other," and this is no other than what we are obliged to by common justice: " Butcbarity goes farther, and requires of us to be likewise ready to forgive others that have offended us, as we would have forgiveness of our offences at GOD's hand. "And when, upon examination, we find that we truly and earnestly repent us of our fins, and are in love and charity with qur neighbours, and intend to lead a new life, following the commandments of GOD, and. walking from thenceforth in his holy ways, we muft then draw near-without fear,' and take that holy facramenttoour comfort;a firmly believing that almighty GOD, for the sake ofour.


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