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Then ere the mournful scene began,

He took the bread, and bless'd, and brake; What love through all bis actions ran!

What wondrous words of grace be spake ! This is my body broke for fin,

Receive and eat the living food : Tben took the cup and bless’d the wine ; 'Tis the new covenant in my

And as bis flesh with nails was torn,
(He bore the scourge, he felt the thorn;

And justice pour'd upon bis head
Its beavy vengeance, in our stead.)
And as his vital blood was spilt
To buy the pardon of our guilt,
(When, for black crimes of biggest size,
He gave bis foul a sacrifice :)

Do this, (he cryid) || till time shall end,
In mem'ry of your dying friend ;
Meet at my table, and record
The love of your departed Lord.

Jefus, thy feast we celebrate,

We hew thy death, we sing thy name, 'Till thou return, and we shall eat

With thee the supper of the lamb.

C 5


* Matt. xxvi. 26. + Ibid. xxvi. 26. Also Luke xxii. 17, &C.

Luke xxii, 19.



The Prayer, on Monday Morning. § To implore a continuance of God's grace bestowed

upon us in this facrament. Racious Lord! unto whom all hearts

open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid: if thou should'st deal with ine as I have deserved, how justly mayest thou deprive me of all those means of grace, and opportunities of working out my salvation, which thou hast hitherto vouchsafed me. But, O merciful father! thou hast declared thyself to be a GOD, merciful, and gracious, forgiving iniquity, transgression and sin. My only hope therefore is in thy tender mercy,

which has been ever of old; and in that pity and compaflion, which thou haft shewn to mankind in the redemption of the world, by the death of thy dear fon. For thy name's sake therefore, O Lord! and for thy beloved son's fake pardon, I moft humbly beseech thee, all my past sins, and let not iniquity be my ruin. Forgive the deadness of

devotion, the coldness of

my affections; the wanderings of my prayers ; and whatever thou hast seen amiss in me.

Oh! pity my weaknesses and forgive my infirmities, and lay not to my charge the imper


f See page 26,

fections of my religious duties. But, enable me, O Lord, by the assistance of thy good Spirit, to amend whatever has been amiss, and to endeavour more and more after the attainment of all those graces and good difpositions, which are necessary to render our prayers and praises acceptable in thy sight.

And, whereas I have so lately renewed iny baptismal covenant with thee, in the Lord's supper, let me never fall into a careless and unconcerned state of mind; into a coldness and indifferency towards the duties of religion ; but animate and enliven mysluggish heart, and cleanse it from all its defilements. Oh! root out of my heart, by the powerful efficacy of thy grace, O GOD! all pride and covetousness; all bitterness, anger and malice; and whatever else is contrary to the laws and precepts of the gospel ; and replenish my soul with the graces of thy holy spirit, that I may become fruitful in every good word and work, and that

whole life


be one continued act of an humble and dutiful obedience to thy divine commands. To which end,

Oblessed Jesu! strengthen my faith, fortify my mind, and give me an honest and upright heart, that nothing may be ever able to shake my integrity. Give me such a lively sense and

envy, and

conviction of the shortness and uncertainty of this life, and of the momentous concerns of eternity, that I may not be so foolish as to waste iny precious time, in any eager purfuit' after the things of this world;


grant that I may employ it in such a manner, as may best promote thy honour and glory, and fet forward mine own salvation.

O make me lo wise as to see and know, and follow the things that make for my peace, left they be hid from mine eyes, and all opportunities of reconciling myself to thee my offended GOD, be far from me : let the falvation of my precious soul be my constant care and concern.

Grant that I may never forget the one thing needful, f but give ali diligence to make my calling and election Ture; that, endeavouring in all things to approve myself thy faithful fervant, I may, from serving thee here upon earth, be admitted, in thy good appointed time, to the praising thee eternally in thy everlasting kingdom, through the merits of my compassionate saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ, thy fon, our Lord. Amen.


* Rom. xiv, 19.

+ Luke x. 42.


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A prayer before examination. Lmighty Lord God, who art the search

er of all our hearts, and a discerner of the very thoughts, and in whose fight all things are naked and open, be pleased to impart a ray of thy heavenly light to discover all the fins and infirmities of my past life, and whatfoever thou knowest wherein I have done amiss, that henceforward no secret sin may lie undiscovered and corrupted in my soul; that by examining my life and conversation by thy law, the rule and measure of my duty, I may understand the true state and condition of

my soul; and from a just sense and sight of all my transgressions, thro' the assistance of thy grace and heavenly benediction, I may be enabled to reform my life, and to turn my feet unto thy testimonies; so faithfully to search and examine my own conscience, that I may return again holy and clean to that heavenly feast, and be received as a worthy partaker of that holy table which thou hast called me to: grant this for thy mercies fake in Christ Jesus. Āmen. Short heads of examination for the Evening.

Hát your whole life may be more conformable to the gospel of in the last day; and that you may be better prepared for more folemn " examination, it has been advised by wife and good men, that we "hould every evening put some fuch questions as these to ourselves."

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