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But tbcu bajt told the iroubled mind,

Who does ber fins lament, The timely tribute of her tears

Skell endless woes prevent.
Then see the forrows of my heart,

E're yet it be too late ;
And bear my Saviour's dying groans,

To give those sorrows weight:
For never Mall my soul despair

Her pardon to procure,
Who knows thy only Son has dy'd
To make ber pardon fuere.

The Prayer on Tuesday Morning.
For the oltaining God's grace and protection.

Lmighty God, the creator and preserver

of all mankind'; I thy creature, whom thou hast made, and to this moment hast

preserved, do now, as I promised in the holy facrament, present myself before thee, to offer up the morning facrifice of my unfeigned praises and thanksgivings : for, as thy mercies are renewed to me every morning, and thy goodness follows me all the day long; as thou visitest me in the night season, and every moment of my life is a new instance of thy mercy : fo, It is my absolute duty to lay hold of

every onnortunity to magnify thy glorious name,


evermore praising thee and sayirg : It is by thy goodness, O Lord, that I have this night Nept secure, and am now raised up in health and safety. Praised therefore be thy name, O God; for of thee only cometh my salvation. Thou art the God of my health, my saviour, and mighty deliverer; as long as I live I will magnify thee, O Lord; for a joyful and pleafant thing it is to be thankful. *

Oh! give me a heart always turned to thy praises, which is my happiness as well as my duty. Imprint on my mind such a deep sense of thy merits, that I may never provoke thee to withdraw thy favours from me.

Let not the blessings thou bestowest on me make me in love with this world : let neither covetousness nor ainbition, neither pride nor vanity, neither a conteinpt of others nor a fond conceit of myself be the result of thy lovingkindness towards me : but,

Endue-me with fuch an humble and contented mind, such a meek and resigned spirit, fuch'a quiet and peaceable temper and behaviour, as becomes a creature and a sinner. Oh! inspire my soul with pure and pious dispofitions, and instead of those filthy rags of my righteousness, cloathe me with the righteoulD 6


* Psalm cxxxiii.

nefs of the saints. Let the confideration of my unworthiness fupprefs in me all proud and afpiring thoughts, and all covetous and ambitious desires ; that being meek and mine own eyes, my heart may be a clean receptacle for my Saviour, and that I may find rest unto my soul, and be filled with that grace, which thou hast promised to an humble and contrite heart : lo I Mall, as I ought, be fitted and prepared for every condition, and especially for my great and last change.

Strengthen my faith in the time of fickpess and trial, and forsake me not when my ftrength faileth me.

Let thy merciful ears, O Lord, be then open to my prayers : 0! let not the cruel enemy of fouls affright me with his terrors, but give thy holy angels charge over me ; and let the confolation of thy holy Spirit fortify my mind, and diffipate my fears, and be a reviving cordial to my foul, at that last and momentous period of my life, when I shall stand info much need of thee.

Give me an unfeigned repentance of all my fins, great love to thee, and charity to my neighbour, an entire submission to thy bleffed will, and (if thou seeft fitting) fome foretaste and assurance of my salvation. But if thou, in thy great wisdom, lhalt not fee fitting to vouchsafe

me so great a mercy,yet, Ogracious father, let me not fail, in the great day of judgment, to hear that blessed sentence pronounced unto me, Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of tby Lord. * Grant this, o most gracious God, for thy mercy's sake in Jesus Christour Lord; in the full extent of whose words, I desire to be heard for myself, and all mankind, when I call upon thee, saying,

Our Fatber, &c.


Tbe first Meditation for Tuesday Evening. Of the great advantages of frequent communion.

N intimate intercourse with temporal

things, and familiarity with the delights and satisfactions of sense, are but two apt to take off our minds from serious thoughts, and to impair that vigour and resolution which ought to be employed about the one thing needful. On the contrary, frequent coinmunion keeps a lively sense of religion upon our minds, and invigorates them with fresh strength and power to perform our duty to God, our neighbour, and ourselves; without this, O my soul ! we can no more maintain a spiritual life, than we can our temporal, with


Matt. XXV. 21,23.

oat eating and drinking ; for it is the proper nourishment of the soul.

2. The frail and sinful body can never hope to be free from the perpetual allaults which the world, the flesh, and the devil, constant enemies to our true happiness, are ever making upon' our virtue and innocence. On the contrary, frequent communion, by mortifying our passions, by spiritualizing our affections, is the sovereign remedy against all their temptations; how then, my soul! can we yield to any finful satisfactions that crucified the Lord of glory, or fix our hearts upon perithing objects, when God only deserves the whole man, and we in this facrament commemorate the price by which we are purchased from fin and flavery.

3, The great advantage of our christianity conlists in being made members of Christ's mystical body, by reason of those happy influences we derive from our head ; and our happiness depends upon our enjoying this bleffed privilege. This spiritual union inviolable between Christ and all faithful christians is preserved by frequent communion ; by a mutual intercourse of goodness and compassion, in pardoning our fins, in strengthening our fee


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