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" What has he published ?”

“ He has not published anything yet, except in the newspapers. But, this autumn, he is going to bring out a volume of poems. I could not help having my joke with him about it. I told him he had better print it on cartridge-pa


“Why so ?

Why, to make it go off better; don't you understand ?”

“Oh, yes; now that you explain it. Very good."

“ Honeywell is going to write for the Magazine; he is to furnish a poem for every number; and as he succeeds equally well in the plaintive and didactic style of Wordsworth, and the more vehement and impassioned style of Byron, I think we shall do very well.”

“ And what do you mean to call the new Magazine ?” inquired Mr. Churchill.

“We think of calling it The Niagara.”

“Why, that is the name of our fire-engine! Why not call it the Extinguisher ? ”

“ That is also a good name; but I prefer The Niagara, as more national. And I hope, Mr. Churchill, you will let us count upon you. . We should like to have an article from your pen for every number."

“Do you mean to pay your contributors ?”

- Not the first year, I am sorry to say. But after that, if the work succeeds, we shall pay handsomely. And of course it will succeed, for we mean it shall ; and we never say fail. There is no such word in our dictionary. Before the year is out, we mean to print fifty thousand copies ; and fifty thousand copies will give us, at least, one hundred and fifty thousand readers; and with such an audience any author might be satisfied.”

He had touched at length the right strings in Mr. Churchill's bosom ; and they vibrated to the touch with pleasant harmonies. Literary vanity! — literary ambition! The editor perceived it; and so cunningly did he play upon these chords, that, before he departed, Mr. Churchill had promised to write for him a series of papers on Obscure Martyrs, — a kind of tragic history of the unrecorded and life-long sufferings of women, which hitherto had found no historian, save now and then a novelist.

Notwithstanding the certainty of success, — notwithstanding the fifty thousand subscribers and the one hundred and fifty thousand readers, — the Magazine never went into operation. Still the dream was enough to occupy Mr. Churchill's thoughts, and to withdraw them entirely from his Romance for many weeks together.

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