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RHODES. Lord commands his day shall be A day of holiness and prayer ; A day of rest from industry,

From vain pursuits, and worldly care. 2 The rude, the ignorant, and base,

The Lord's most holy sabbath break; They run from all the means of grace,

And by their sin destruction seek! 3 When children in their early days

Begin the sabbath to profane ; Led by example in the ways

Of wickedness and pleasures vain ; 4 The Lord of sabbath they despise,

More harden'd in their baseness grow; Till mighty vengeance from the skies

Shall hurl them down to endless wo.


39. COME, let us join with one accord

In hymns around the throne ; This is the day our risen Lord

Hath made and call'd his own, % This is the day which God hath blest,

The brightest of the seven ; Type of that everlasting rest

The saints enjoy in heaven.

3 Then let us in his name sing on,

And hasten to that day
When our Redeemer shall come down,

And shadows pass away.
4 Not one, but all, our days below

Let us in hymns employ;
And in our Lord rejoicing go

To his eternal joy.

JESUS, our holy Lord,

Thy name we join to sing,
Who didst on this glad day

Complete salvation bring;
We bless the Lord, who from the grav,
Arose again, lost man to save.
2 O Lord, forgive the child

Who plays and sins away
The mercies we enjoy

On this thy sacred day;
For here we learn to serve the Lord,
And sing his praise, and hear his word
3 Through thy redeeming blood,

O Saviour, set us free;
Assisted by thy grace,

O may we live to thee:
And take us, Lord, when we shall die,
To dwell with thee above the sky.


42. SWEET is the work, O Lord,

Thy glorious name to sing,
To praise and pray-to hear thy word,

And grateful offerings bring. 2 Sweet-at the dawning light,

Thy boundless love to tell;
And when approach the shades of night,

Still on the theme to dwell. 3 Sweet-on this day of rest,

To join in heart and voice, With those, who love and serve thee best,

And in thy name rejoice.
4 To songs of praise and joy

Be every sabbath given,
That such may be our blest employ

Eternally in heaven.

WE'VE pass'd another sabbath day,

And heard of Jesus and of heaven: We thank thee for thy word, and pray

That this day's sins may be forgiven. 2 Forgive our inattention, Lord,

Our looks and thoughts that went astray; Forgive our carelessness abroad;

At home, our idleness and play.


3 May all we heard and understood

Be well remember'd through the week, And help to make us wise and good,

More humble, diligent, and meek. 4 So when our lives are finish'd here,

And days and sabbaths shall be o’er, May we above in heaven appear,

To serve and love thee evermore.





43. WHEN to the house of God we go,

To hear his word, and sing his love, We ought to worship him below,

As saints and angels do above. 2 They stand before his presence now,

And praise him better far than we, Who only at his footstool bow,

And love him though we cannot see. 3 But God is present everywhere,

And watches all our thoughts and ways; He marks who humbly join in prayer,

And who sincerely sing his praise. 4 The triflers, too, his eye can see,

Who only seem to take a part ;,
They move the lip, and bend the knee,

But do not seek him with the heart.

5 O may we never trifle so,

Nor lose the days our God has given, But learn, by sabbaths here below,

To spend eternity in heaven!

44. MONTGOMERY. To thy temple I repair,

Lord, I love to worship there, Heavenly Father! give me grace, In thy courts to seek thy face. 2 While thy glorious praise is sung, Touch my lips, unloose my tongue, That my joyful soul may bless Thee, the Lord my righteousness. 3 While the prayers of saints ascend, God of love, to mine attend; Hear me, for thy Spirit pleads, Hear, for Jesus intercedes. 4 While I hearken to thy law, Fill my soul with humble awe, Till thy gospel bring to me Life and immortality. 5 While thy ministers proclaim Peace and pardon in thy name, Through thy voice, by faith may I Hear Thee speaking from on high. 6 From thy house when I return, May my heart within me burn,

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