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With a tender awe inspire,
That I never more may rove:

The saint spark of good desire
Blow into a flame of love.

CoMMon. 93.

SINCE Jesus loves to hear his praise
Arise from infant tongues,
Let us not waste our youthful days
In vain and foolish songs.

2 Too soon we ne'er can serve the Lord, Nor love his name too dear;

Nor prize too much his precious word,
Nor learn too soon his fear.

3 To us, O Lord, thy grace impart,
And every song shall be

The tribute of a faithful heart,
A song of praise to thee.



WHEN daily I kneel down to pray,
As I am taught to do,
God does not care for what I say,
Unless I feel it too.

2 Yet foolish thoughts my heart beguile; And when I pray or sing,

I'm often thinking all the while
About some other thing.

3 O let me never, never dare
To act a trifler's part,

Or think that God will hear a prayer
That comes not from the heart.

4 But if I make his ways my choice, As holy children do,

Then, while I seek him with my voice, My heart will love him too.

Long 95. WESLEY.

LMIGHTY God, to thee I cry, Assist a child's infirmity: Nor let me with my lips draw nigh, While my heart wanders far from thee

2 Ah! never let me speak a word
But what with all my soul I mean;

Or lie to thee, thou glorious Lord,
By whom my every thought is seen.

3 With what submissive lowliness
Should I approach thy glorious throne !

How can I hope by words to please,
To please a God I have not known?

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And Jesus teaches me to pray,
And Jesus teaches me to live.


LORD, teach a sinful child to pray,
And then accept my prayer:
Thou canst hear all the words I say,
For thou art everywhere.

2 Teach me to do the thing that’s right, And when I sin, forgive;

And make it still my chief delight
To serve thee while I live.

3 Whatever trouble I am in,
To thee for help I’ll call;

But keep me more than all from sin,
For that’s the worst of all.

4 And may I seek until I find,
What none are good without, -

That humble, meek, and lowly mind,
Which Jesus preach'd about.


JESUS. thou sovereign Lord of all,
The same through one eternal day,
Attend thy feeblest followers' call,
And O instruct us how to pray!
Pour out the supplicating grace,
And stir us up to seek thy face |

2 We cannot think a gracious thought,
We cannot feel a good desire,
Till thou, who call’dst a world from naught
The power into our hearts inspire;
And then we in thy Spirit groan,
And then we give thee back thy own.

3 Come in thy pieading Spirit down
To us, who for thy coming stay;
Of all thy gifts we ask but one,
We ask the constant power to pray;
Indulge us, Lord, in this request,
Thou canst not then deny the rest:

The Lord's Prayer.

ATHER of all, who dwell'st above,
Thy name be hallow'd here;
As in those realms of peace and love,
Where saints that name revere.

2 Thy kingdom come, thy will, alone,
Be done by man below;

As spirits round thy glorious throne
Their pure obedience show.

3 Give us this day our daily bread;
Not merely outward food,

But that whereon the soul is fed,
The source of heavenly good.

4 Forgive our trespasses, as we In pard'ning love abide ;

Since none forgiveness gain from thee Who pardon have denied.

b And lead us from temptation far, From evil, Lord! restore;

For thine the power, the kingdom are, The glory evermore.

SHORT. 99. MonTGOMERY The same.

OUR heavenly Father, hear
The prayer we offer now;
Thy name be hallow'd far and near,
To thee all nations bow ;
Thy kingdom come; thy will
On earth be done in love,
As saints and seraphim fulfil
Thy perfect law above.

2 Our daily bread supply,
While by thy word we live;
The guilt of our iniquity
Forgive, as we forgive ;
From dark temptation's power,
From Satan's wiles defend;
Deliver in the evil hour, -
And guide us to the end

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