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Lest I should be cut f to-day,
And sent to eternal death.


A SAD and sinful world is this,
Although it seems so fair;
But heaven is perfect joy and bliss,
For God himself is there

2 Here all our pleasures soon are past,
Our brightest joys decay;

But pleasures there for ever last,
And cannot fade away.

3 Here many a pain and bitter groan
Our feeble bodies tear;

But pain and sickness are not known,
And never shall be, there.

4 Here sins and sorrows we deplore,
With many cares distress'd;

But there the mourners weep no more,
And there the weary rest.

5 Our dearest friends, when death shall call.
At once must hence depart;
But there we hope to meet them all,
And never, never part.
6 Then let us love and serve the Lord
With all our youthful powers;
And we shall gain this great reward,
This glory shall be ours.

SHORT. 122.

HERE is a land above
All beautiful and bright,
And those who love and seek the Lord
Rise to that world of light.

2 There sin is known no more,
Nor tears, nor want, nor care;

There good and happy beings dwell,
And all are holy there.


THERE is a glorious world of light
Above the starry sky;
Where saints departed, clothed in white,
Adore the Lord most high.

2 And hark! amid the sacred songs
Those heavenly voices raise,

Ten thousand thousand infant tongues
Unite, and perfect praise.

3 Those are the hymns that we shall know
If Jesus we obey;

That is the place where we shall go,
If found in Wisdom's way.

4 This is the joy we ought to seek, And make our chief concern;

*or this we come, from week to week, To read, and hear, and learn.

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5 Soon will our earthly race be run,
Our mortal frame decay;

Children and teachers, one by one,
Must droop, and pass away.

6 Great God! impress the serious thought This day on every breast;

That both the teachers and the taught
May enter into rest.


E it my only wisdom here
To serve the Lord with filial fear,
With loving gratitude:
Superior sense may I display,
By shunning every evil way,
And walking in the good.

2 O may I still from sin depart;
A wise and understanding heart,
Jesus, to me be given
And let me through thy Spirit know,
To glorify my God below,
And find my way to heaven.

LoNG. 125.

REAT God! behold, before thy throne
A band of children lowly bend;

Thy face we seek, thy name we own,
And pray that thou wilt be our friend.

2 Thy Holy Spirit's aid impart,
That he may teach us how to pray;

Make us sincere, and let each heart
Delight to tread in wisdom's way.

3 O let thy grace our souls renew,
And seal a sense of pardon there;

Teach us thy will to know and do,
And let us all thy image bear.

CoMMon. 126. MonTGOMERY.

HEN Jesus test his Father's throne,
He chose an humble birth ;
And, all unhonour'd and unknown,
He came to dwell on earth.

2 Like him may we be found below,
In wisdom's path of peace;

Like him in grace and knowledge grow,
As years and strength increase.

3 Sweet were his words, and kind his look, When mothers round him press'd;

Their infants in his arms he took,
And on his bosom bless'd.

4 Safe from the world's alluring charms, Beneath his watchful eye,

Thus in the circle of his arms
May we for ever lie.

Long. 127. WESLEY.

HAPPY the child who finds the grace, The blessings of God's chosen race,

The wisdom coming from above,

The faith that sweetly works by love.

2 Happy, beyond description, he
Who knows “the Saviour died for me!”
The gift unspeakable obtains,
And heavenly understanding gains.

3 Wisdom divine ! Who tells the price
Of wisdom's costly merchandise 1
Wisdom to silver we prefer,
And gold is dross compared to her.

4 Her hands are fill'd with length of days,
True riches, and immortal praise;
Riches of Christ on all bestow'd,
And honour that descends from God.

5. To purest joys she all invites,
Chaste, holy, spiritual delights;
Her ways are ways of pleasantness,
And all her paths are paths of peace.

6 Hoppy the child who wisdom gains;

Thrice happy who his guest retains;

He owns, and shall for ever own,

Wisdom, and Christ, and Heaven are one.

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