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Let children join the hosts above,

- Now in their youngest days;
Remember their Creator's love,
And sing their Saviour's praise.

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For the Methodist Episcopal Church, at the Conference
~ Office, 200 Mulberry-street.


J. Collord, Printer


Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1841, by G. LAN E & P. P. SANDFord, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Southern District of New-York


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This hymn-book has been prepared at the sug
gestion of several friends who thought the Sun-
day-school hymn-books hitherto in use among
us were in some respects defective. The pi e-
sent collection will be found to contain a great or
variety of hymns suited to the capacities of chil-
dren, and also of hymns for special occasions.
As far as was practicable the hymns have been
classed under appropriate heads, so that per-
sons may readily turn to hymns on almost any
subject or occasion they may wish.
As many of the hymns in this volume were n Y.
originally composed with a view to their use in
Sunday schools, it has occasionally been found
necessary to make a few verbal alterations to
adapt them to that purpose. On the principle
of rendering honour to whom it is due the au-
thor's name has been put to each hymn when it
could be traced with any degree of certainty.
The collection, such as it is, is now offered to
the public in the hope that if it be not found all

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