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3 Author of our new creation,
May we all thine influence prove;
Make our souls thy habitation,-

Shed abroad the Saviour's love. 4 Source of sweetest consolation,

Breathe thy peace on all below; Bless, O bless this congregation; On each soul thy grace bestow! 198

P. M. 84, 84.

The Source of every good gift.
UR blest Redeemer, ere he breathed
His last farewell,

A guide,-a Comforter, bequeathed,
With us to dwell.

2 He comes, his graces to impart;
A willing guest,

While he can find one humble heart
Wherein to rest.

3 And all the good that we possess,
His gift we own;
Yea, every thought of holiness,
And vict'ry won.

4 Spirit of purity and grace,
Our weakness see;
O make our hearts thy dwelling-place,
And worthier thee.


9th P. M. 87, 87, 87, 87.

Guide and Comforter.

LY Spirit! Fount of blessing,
Thy celestial aid possessing,
Prison'd souls deliv'rance find.
Seal of truth, and bond of union,
Source of light, and flame of love,
Symbol of divine communion,

In the olive-bearing dove;—

? Heavenly Guide from paths of error, Comforter of minds distress'd,When the billows fill with terror,

Pointing to an ark of rest: Promised Pledge! eternal Spirit! Greater than all gifts below,May our hearts thy grace inherit; May our lips thy glories show.


3d P. M. 4 6s & 2 8s.

Rejoicing in the fulfilment of the promise.
INNERS, lift up your hearts,
The promise to receive;
Jesus himself imparts,-
He comes in man to live:
The Holy Ghost to man is given;
Rejoice in God sent down from heaven.

2 Jesus is glorified,
And gives the Comforter,
His Spirit, to reside

In all his members here;
The Holy Ghost to man is given;
Rejoice in God sent down from heaven.

3 To make an end of sin,
And Satan's works destroy,
He brings his kingdom in,-
Peace, righteousness, and joy:
The Holy Ghost to man is given;
Rejoice in God sent down from heaven.

4 From heaven he shall once more
Triumphantly descend,

And all his saints restore

To joys that never end: Then, then, when all our joys are given, Rejoice in God, rejoice in heaven.


13th P. M. 10, 10, 11, Z..

Rejoicing in the freeness of the gift.
LL glory and praise to Jesus our Lord,
So plenteous in grace, so true to his word;
To us he hath given the gift from above,-
The earnest of heaven, the Spirit of love.


2 The truth of our God we boldly assert;
His love shed abroad, and power in our heart,
Ye all may inherit, on Jesus who call;
The gift of his Spirit is proffer'd to all.

3 His witness within, by faith we receive,
And, ransom'd from sin, in righteousness live;
Through Jesus's passion we gladly possess
A present salvation,-a kingdom of peace.

4 The peace and the power, ye sinners, embrace,
And look for the shower,-the Spirit of grace;
The gift and the Giver we all may receive,
Forever and ever within us to live.


His universal diffusion.


the earth

The earth in righteousness renew; Thy kingdom come, and hell's o'erpower, And to thy sceptre all subdue.

2 Like mighty winds, or torrents fierce,
Let him opposers all o'errun;
And every law of sin reverse,

That faith and love may make all one.
3 Yea, let him, Lord, in every place
His richest energy declare;
While lovely tempers, fruits of grace,

The kingdom of thy Christ prepare. 4 Grant this, O holy God and true;

The ancient seers thou didst inspire,To us perform the promise due,Descend, and crown us now with fire.

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rc3 From Christ they all their gifts derive,
And, fed by Christ, their graces live:
While, guarded by his mighty hand,
'Midst all the rage of hell they stand.

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L. M.


The ministry instituted.

THE Saviour, when to heaven he rose,
In splendid triumph o'er his foes,
Scatter'd his gifts on men below,
And still his royal bounties flow.

2 Hence sprang the' apostles' honour'd name,
Sacred beyond heroic fame:

In humbler forms, before our eyes,
Pastors and teachers hence arise.

So shall the bright succession run
Through all the courses of the sun;
While unborn churches, by their care,
Shall rise and flourish large and fair.
5 Jesus, now teach our hearts to know
The spring whence all these blessings flow;
Pastors and people shout thy praise,
Through the long round of endless days.


L. M.

The commission.

O, preach my Gospel, saith the Lord,-
U Bid the whole world my grace receive;
He shall be saved who trusts my word,
And he condemn'd who won't believe.
2 I'll make your great commission known;
ye shall prove my Gospel true,
By all the works that I have done,
By all the wonders ye shall do.



3 Teach all the nations my commands,-
I'm with you till the world shall end;
All power is trusted in my hands,
I can destroy, and I defend.


The joyful sound.
TOW beauteous are their feet

Who bring salvation on their tongues,.
And words of peace reveal!
2 How charming is their voice,-
So sweet the tidings are;
Zion, behold thy Saviour King;
He reigns and triumphs here.
3 How happy are our ears,
That hear the joyful sound,
Which kings and prophets waited for,
And sought, but never found.

4 How blessed are our eyes,
That see this heavenly light;
Prophets and kings desired it long,
But died without the sight.
5 The watchmen join their voice,
And tuneful notes employ;
Jerusalem breaks forth in songs,
And deserts learn the joy.

6 The Lord makes bare his arm
Through all the earth abroad:
Let every nation now behold
Their Saviour and their God.


S. M.

The pastoral office.
ET Zion's watchmen all awake,

C. M.

Now let them from the mouth of God
Their awful charge receive.

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