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Struggling into liberty.

JESUS! Redeemer, Saviour, Lord,

The weary

Come to my help, pronounce the word,
And bid my troubles end.

2 Deliv'rance to my soul proclaim,
And life and liberty;
Shed forth the virtue of thy Name,
And Jesus prove to me.

3 Faith to be heal'd thou know'st I have, For thou that faith hast given;

Thou canst, thou wilt, the sinner save,
And make me meet for heaven.

Embracing offered mercy.

C. M.

4 Thou canst o'ercome this heart of mine; Thou wilt victorious prove;

For everlasting strength is thine,
And everlasting love.


MY offended God!
If now at last see

S. M.


That I have trampled on thy blood,
And done despite to thee;
If I begin to wake

Out of my deadly sleep;
Into thine arms of mercy take,
And there forever keep.

2 No other right have I,
Than what the world
And all may to their God draw nigh,
Through faith in Jesus' name:

may claim;

Thy death hath wrought the power
For every sinful soul;

That all may know the gracious hour
And be by faith made whole.

3 Thou hast for sinners died,
That all might come to God;
The cov'nant thou hast ratified,
And seal'd it with thy blood:
Thou hast obtain'd the grace

That all may turn and live; And now thy offer I embrace,— Thy mercy I receive.


S. M.

Embracing the all-sufficient Portion.
ND can I yet delay


To tear my soul from earth away
For Jesus to receive?

2 Nay, but I yield, I yield;
I can hold out no more:
I sink, by dying love compell'd,
And own thee conqueror.

3 Though late, I all forsake;
My friends, my all, resign:
Gracious Redeemer, take, O take,

And seal me ever thine.

4 Come, and possess me whole,
Nor hence again remove;
Settle and fix my wav'ring soul
With all thy weight of love.

5 My one desire be this,-
Thy only love to know;

To seek and taste no other bliss,-
No other good below.

6 My life, my portion thou; Thou all-sufficient art:

My hope, my heavenly treasure, now Enter, and keep my heart.


S. M.

Laght dawning upon the soul.
UT of the depths of wo,
To thee, O Lord, I
Darkness surrounds me, but I know
That thou art ever nigh.


2 Humbly on thee I wait,
Confessing all my sin;
Lord, I am knocking at the gate;
Open, and take me in.

3 O hearken to my voice,-
Give ear to my complaint;
Thou bidd'st the mourning soul rejoice,
Thou comfortest the faint.

4 Glory to God above,

The waters soon will cease;
For, lo! the swift returning dove
Brings home the sign of peace.
5 Though storms his face obscure,
And dangers threaten loud;
Jehovah's covenant is sure,-
His bow is in the cloud.


C. M.

The returning prodigal.

THE long-lost son, with streaming eyes,

Reviews his wand'rings with surprise;
His heart begins to break.

2 I starve, he cries, nor can I bear
The famine in this land,
While servants of my Father share
The bounty of his hand.

3 With deep repentance I'll return, And seek my Father's face; Unworthy to be call'd a son,

I'll ask a servant's place.

4 Far off the Father saw him move,—
In pensive silence mourn,
And quickly ran, with arms of love,
To welcome his return.

5 Through all the courts the tidings flew,
And spread the joy around;
The angels tuned their harps anew,—
The long-lost son is found!


12th P. M. 76, 76, 78, 76, Saved by grace.

ET the world their virtue boast,-

I, a wretch undone and lost,
Am freely saved by grace;
Other title I disclaim;

This, only this, is all my plea:--
I the chief of sinners am,
But Jesus died for me.

2 Happy they whose joys abound
Like Jordan's swelling stream;
Who their heaven in Christ have found,
And give the praise to him.
Meanest foll'wer of the Lamb,

His steps I at a distance see:—
I the chief of sinners am,
But Jesus died for me.

Jesus, thou for me hast died,
And thou in me wilt live;
I shall feel thy death applied;
I shall thy life receive:
Yet, when melted in the flame
Of love, this shall be all my plea,-

I the chief of sinners am,

But Jesus died for me.

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11th P. M. 76, 76, 77, 76.
The righteousness of faith.
FT I in my heart have said,-
ascend on high,

Mount to Christ, my glorious Head,
And bring him from the sky?
Borne on contemplation's wing,
Surely I shall find him there,
Where the angels praise their King,
And gain the Morning Star.
2 Oft I in my heart have said,--
Who to the deep shall stoop,
Sink with Christ among the dead,

From thence to bring him up?
Could I but my heart prepare,

By unfeign'd humility,
Christ would quickly enter there,
And ever dwell in me.

3 But the righteousness of faith


Hath taught me better things:Inward turn thine eyes,-it sait

While Christ to me it brings:Christ is ready to impart

Life to all, for life who sigh: In thy mouth and in thy heart The word is ever nigh.


L. M.

The Lord our righteousness.
ET not the wise their wisdom boast,
in their
The rich in flatt'ring riches trust,
Which take their everlasting flight.

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