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2 The rush of num'rous years bears down
The most gigantic strength of man;
And where is all his wisdom gone,

When, dust, he turns to dust again? 3 One only gift can justify

The boasting soul that knows his God;
When Jesus doth his blood apply,
I glory in his sprinkled blood.

4 The Lord my righteousness I praise,
I triumph in the love divine;
The wisdom, wealth, and strength of grace,
In Christ to endless ages mine.


6th P. M. 6 lines 7s.

The covenant of grace signed and sealed.

JESUS Christ, who stands between
and guilty men,
Undertakes to buy our peace;
Gives the covenant of grace;
Ratifies and makes it good;
Signs and seals it with his blood.

Life his healing blood imparts,
Sprinkled in our peaceful hearts;
Abel's blood for vengeance cried;
Jesus speaks us justified;
Speaks and calls for better things;
Makes us prophets, priests, and kings.


L. M.


The realizing light of faith.
UTHOR of faith, eternal Word,
Whose Spirit breathes the active flame;
Faith, like its finisher and Lord,
To-day, as yesterday, the same:-
2 To thee our humble hearts aspire,
And ask the gift unspeakable;
Increase in us the kindled fire,"

In us the work of faith fulfil.

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3 By faith we know thee strong to save: (Save us, a present Saviour thou:) Whate'er we hope, by faith we have; Future, and past, subsisting now.

4 To him that in thy Name believes,
Eternal life with thee is given;
Into himself he all receives,-
Pardon, and holiness, and heaven.
5 The things unknown to feeble sense,
Unseen by reason's glimm'ring ray,
With strong commanding evidence,
Their heavenly origin display.

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6 Faith lends its realizing light;
The clouds disperse, the shadows fly;
The' Invisible appears in sight,
And God is seen by mortal eye.


L. M.

Salvation only by grace through faith.
have no outward righteousness,


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We only can be saved by grace;
Thy grace, O Lord, is free indeed.

2 Save us by grace, through faith alone,— A faith thou must thyself impart;

A faith that would by works be shown,
A faith that purifies the heart:

3 A faith that doth the mountains move, A faith that shows our sins forgiven, A faith that sweetly works by love,

And ascertains our claim to heaven.

4 This is the faith we humbly seek,

The faith in thy all-cleansing blood; That faith which doth for sinners speak, O let it speak us up to God!


1st P. M. 6 lines 8s.

The soul's anchor.


I have found the ground wherein Sure my soul's anchor may remain; The wounds of Jesus for my sin,

Before the world's foundation slain; Whose mercy shall unshaken stay, When heaven and earth are fled away. 2 Father, thine everlasting grace

Our scanty thought surpasses far:
Thy heart still melts with tenderness;
Thine arms of love still open are,
Returning sinners to receive,
That mercy they may taste, and live.
3 O love, thou bottomless abyss!

My sins are swallow'd up in thee;
Cover'd is my unrighteousness,

Nor spot of guilt remains on me: While Jesus' blood, through earth and skies, Mercy, free, boundless mercy, cries. 4 By faith I plunge me in this sea;

Here is my hope, my joy, my rest; Hither, when hell assails, I flee;

I look into my Saviour's breast: Away, sad doubt and anxious fear! Mercy is all that's written there.


C. M.

Faith counted for righteousness.

FATHER of Jesus Christ, my Lord,


I trust in thee, whose powerful word
Hath raised him from the dead.

2 Thou know'st for my offence he died,
And rose again for me;
Fully and freely justified,

That I might live to thee.

3 O God! thy record I believe, In Abrah'm's footsteps tread; And wait, expecting to receive

The Christ, the promised Seed.

4 Faith in thy power thou seest I have, For thou this faith hast wrought; Dead souls thou callest from the grave, And speakest worlds from naught.

5 Eternal life to all mankind
Thou hast in Jesus given:
And all who seek, in him shall find
The happiness of heaven.


Continued.-Victorious faith. hope, against all human hope,

C. M.


Thy quick'ning word shall raise me up; Thou wilt thy Spirit give.

2 The thing surpasses all my thought; But faithful is my Lord; Through unbelief I stagger not,

For God hath spoke the word.

3 Faith, mighty faith, the promise sees, And looks to that alone;

Laughs at impossibilities,

And cries, It shall be done!

4 To thee the glory of thy power
And faithfulness I give;

I shall in Christ, at that glad hour,
And Christ in me shall live.

5 Obedient faith, that waits on thee,
Thou never wilt reprove;
But thou wilt form thy Son in me,
And perfect me in love.


Peace in believing.

JESUS, to thee I now can fly,
my help is
Oppress'd by sins, I lift mine eye,
And see the shadows fade.
2 Believing on my Lord, I find
A sure and present aid:
On thee alone my constant mind
Be every moment stay'd.

C. M.

3 Whate'er in me seems wise, or good,
Or strong, I here disclaim:

I wash my garments in the blood
Of the atoning Lamb.

4 Jesus, my strength, my life, my rest,— On thee will I depend,

Till summon'd to the marriage-feast,
When faith in sight shall end.


C. M.

This is life eternal.

THE wisdom own'd by all thy sons,

To me,
The knowledge of the holy ones,-
The understanding heart.
Thy name, O holy Father, tell
To one who would believe;
To me thine only Son reveal,-
Thy Holy Spirit give.

2 'Tis life eternal to believe
The heavenly Persons mine:
Father, and Son, and Spirit give
That precious faith divine.
A Trinity in Unity

My soul shall then adore; And love, and praise, and worship thee, Jehovah, evermore.

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