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L. M.

Vows remembered and renewed. HAPPY day that fix'd my choice On thee, my Saviour and my God! Well may this glowing heart rejoice, And tell its raptures all abroad. 2 O happy bond, that seals my vows To Him who merits all my love; Let cheerful anthems fill his house, While to that sacred shrine I move. 3 'Tis done, the great transaction's done; I am my Lord's, and he is mine; He drew me, and I follow'd on,

Charm'd to confess the voice divine. 4 Now rest, my long-divided heart;

Fix'd on this blissful centre, rest; Nor ever from thy Lord depart :

With him of every good possess'd. 5 High Heaven, that heard the solemn vow, That vow renew'd shall daily hear, Till in life's latest hour I bow, And bless in death a bond so dear.


15th P. M. 12 9, 12 9.

young convert.

Joy of the
HOW happy are they,
Who the Saviour obey,


And have laid up their treasure above;

Tongue can never express
The sweet comfort and peace

Of a soul in its earliest love.

2 That sweet comfort was mine,
When the favour divine

I received through the blood of the Lamb;
When my heart first believed,
What a joy I received,-

What a heaven in Jesus's name!

3 'Twas a heaven below My Redeemer to know, And the angels could do nothing more, Than to fall at his feet, And the story repeat, And the Lover of sinners adore.

4 Jesus all the day long
Was my joy and my song:
O that all his salvation might see;
He hath loved me, I cried,
He hath suffer'd and died,
To redeem even rebels like me.

5 0 the rapturous height
Of that holy delight
Which I felt in the life-giving blood;
Of my Saviour possess'd,
I was perfectly blest,

As if fill'd with the fulness of God.


7th P. M. 8 lines 7s.

Comfort arising from a sense of pardon.
who sees the
The glad day of Gospel-grace:
Thee, my Lord, thou then wilt say,
Thee will I forever praise;
Though thy wrath against me burn'd,
Thou dost comfort me again;
All thy wrath aside is turn'd,-

Thou hast blotted out my sin.

2 Me, behold, thy mercy spares;
Jesus my salvation is;
Hence, my doubts; away, my fears;
Jesus is become my peace:
Jah, Jehovah, is my Lord,
Ever merciful and just;
I will lean upon his word;
I will on his promise trust.


5th P. M. 4 lines 7s.

Love to the Saviour.


[ARK, my soul, it is the Lord; 'Tis thy Saviour,-hear his word. Jesus speaks, he speaks to thee :Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me? 2 Lord, it is my chief complaint That my love is still so faint, Yet I love thee and adore: O for grace to love thee more!


10th P. M. 8 lines 8s.

Thy vows are upon me, O God.
HOW shall a sinner perform


The vows he hath vow'd to the Lord? A sinful and impotent worm, How can I be true to my word? I tremble at what I have done :

O send me thy help from above: The power of thy Spirit make known, The virtue of Jesus's love.

2 My solemn engagements are vain ;
My promises empty as air;
My vows, I shall break them again,
And plunge in eternal despair:
Unless my omnipotent God

The sense of his goodness impart,
And shed, by his Spirit, abroad
The love of himself in my heart.

L. M.

The healing and cleansing Fountain.

faith I to the fountain fly,

BY me,

To purge my sins of deepest dye,-
My life and heart's impurity.


2 From Christ, the smitten Rock, it flows, The purple and the crystal stream; Pardon and holiness bestows,

And both I gain through faith in him.


13th P. M. 10 10, 11 11.

The plenteousness of His grace. WHAT shall I do my Saviour to praise,

So strong to deliver, so good to redeem,
The weakest believer that hangs upon him.
2 How happy the man whose heart is set free;
The people that can be joyful in thee;

Their joy is to walk in the light of thy face,
And still they are talking of Jesus's grace.

3 For thou art their boast, their glory, and power, And I also trust to see the glad hour, My soul's new creation, a life from the dead, The day of salvation that lifts up my head. 4 For Jesus, my Lord, is now my defence; I trust in his word; none plucks me from thence; Since I have found favour, he all things will do; My King and my Saviour shall make me anew. 5 Yes, Lord, I shall see the bliss of thine own: Thy secret to me shall soon be made known; For sorrow and sadness I joy shall receive, And share in the gladness of all that believe. 458

14th P. M. 10 11, 10 11. Accepted in the Beloved.

LL praise to the Lamb! accepted I am, Through faith in the Saviour's adorable Name: In him I confide, his blood is applied; For me he hath suffer'd, for me he hath died.

2 Not a doubt doth arise, to darken the skies,
Or hide for a moment my Lord from mine eyes:
In him I am blest, I lean on his breast,

And lo! in his wounds I continue to rest.



Knowledge of forgiveness.
OW can a sinner know

H His sins on earth forgiven?

How can my gracious Saviour show
My name inscribed in heaven?

2 What we have felt and seen
With confidence we tell;
And publish to the sons of men,
The signs infallible.

S. M.

3 We who in Christ believe
That he for us hath died,
We all his unknown peace receive,
And feel his blood applied.
4 Exults our rising soul,

Disburden'd of her load,
And swells, unutterably full
Of glory and of God.
5 His love, surpassing far
The love of all beneath,
We find within our hearts, and dare
The pointless darts of death.

6 Stronger than death or hell
The sacred power we prove;
And, conqu'rors of the world, we dwell
In heaven, who dwell in love.


S. M.

Continued. The indwelling Spirit.

E by his Spirit prove,

of God,

The things which freely of his love
He hath on us bestow'd.

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