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5 0 that I could, with favour'd John,
Recline my weary head upon

The dear Redeemer's breast:
From care, and sin, and sorrow free,
Give me, O Lord, to find in thee
My everlasting rest.


5th P. M. 4 lines 7s.

Cut short the work in righteousness.
AVIOUR of the sin-sick soul,
Finish thy great work of grace;
Cut it short in righteousness.

2 Speak the second time,-Be clean!
Take away my inbred sin;
Every stumbling-block_remove;
Cast it out by perfect love.

3 Nothing less will I require;
Nothing more can I desire:
None but Christ to me be given;
None but Christ in earth or heaven.

4 0 that I might now decrease!
O that all I am might cease!
Let me into nothing fall;
Let my Lord be all in all!


Come, Lord Jesus. JESUS! at thy feet we wait, us

Restored to our unsinning state,—
To love's sweet paradise.

2 Saviour from sin, we thee receive,
From all indwelling sin;
Thy blood, we steadfastly believe,
Shall make us throughly clean.

C. M.

3 Since thou wouldst have us free from sin,
And pure as those above;
Make haste to bring thy nature in,
And perfect us in love.

4 The counsel of thy love fulfil;
Come quickly, gracious Lord!
Be it according to thy will,
According to thy word.

50 that the perfect grace were given,
Thy love diffused abroad:
O that our hearts were all a heaven,
Forever fill'd with God.


C. M.

Come quickly.

COME quickly, gracious Lord, and take

thine own;

My longing heart vouchsafe to make
Thine everlasting throne.

2 Assert thy claim, maintain thy right; Come quickly from above;

And sink me to perfection's height,-
The depth of humble love.


The dominion of sin destroyed.

PRIS'NERS of hope, arise,

And see your Lord appear;
Lo! on the wings of love he flies,
And brings redemption near.
2 Redemption in his blood,

He calls you to receive:-
Look unto me, your pard'ning God:
Believe, he cries,-believe.

3 The reconciling word,
We thankfully embrace;
Rejoice in our redeeming Lord,
And triumph in his grace.

S. M.

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4 We yield to be set free;
Thy counsel we approve;
Salvation we ascribe to thee,
And glory in thy love.

5 Our nature shall no more
O'er us dominion have:
By faith we apprehend the power
Which shall forever save.



Thee I restlessly require;
I want my God, my all.
Jesus, dear redeeming Lord,
I wait thy coming from above;
Help me, Saviour, speak the word,
And perfect me in love.

12th P. M. 76, 76, 78, 76. Speak the word.

VER fainting with desire,

2 Wilt thou suffer me to go Lamenting all my days? Shall I never, never know

Thy sanctifying grace?
Wilt thou not thy light afford?
The darkness from my soul remove?
Help me, Saviour, speak the word,
And perfect me in love.

3 Thou my life, my treasure be,
My portion here below:
Nothing would I seek but thee,-
Thee only would I know;

My exceeding great reward,

My heaven on earth, my heaven above: Help me, Saviour, speak the word, And perfect me in love.

4 Grant me now the bliss to feel
Of those that are in thee:
Son of God, thyself reveal;

Engrave thy Name on me.
As in heaven, be here adored,

And let me now the promise prove;
Help me, Saviour, speak the word,
And perfect me in love.


Now is the accepted time. even now, I yield, I yield, With all my sins to part Redeemer, speak my pardon seal'd, And purify my heart.

2 O Jesus, now my heart inspire
With that pure love of thine;
Enkindle now the heavenly fire,
To brighten and refine.

3 Now purify my faith like gold; The dross of sin remove;

Melt down my spirit, Lord, and mould
Into thy perfect love.


C. M.

C. M.

The entire surrender.


SAVIOUR, welcome to my heart;
Possess thy humble throne;
Bid every rival, Lord, depart,
And reign, O Christ, alone.

2 The world and Satan I forsake;
To thee I all resign;

My longing heart, O Saviour, take,
And fill with love divine.

30 may I never turn aside,
Nor from thy bosom flee;
Let nothing here my heart divide;
I give it all to thee.


The work accomplished.

COME, O my God, the promise seal,


sin, remove;

Now in my waiting soul reveal
The virtue of thy love.

2 I want thy life, thy purity,
Thy righteousness, brought in:
I ask, desire, and trust in thee
To be redeem'd from sin.

3 For this, as taught by thee, I pray, My inbred sin cast out:

C. M.

Thou wilt, in me, thy power display;
I can no longer doubt.

4 Let anger, sloth, desire, and pride, This moment be subdued;

Be cast into the crimson tide
Of my Redeemer's blood.

5 Saviour, to thee my soul looks up, My present Saviour thou!

In all the confidence of hope,

I claim the blessing now.

6 'Tis done; thou dost this moment save→→→ With full salvation bless;

Redemption through thy blood I have,
And spotless love and peace.


L. M.

The evidence of perfect love.
UICKEN'D with our immortal Head,

Q with

Redeem'd from sin, and free indeed,
We taste our glorious liberty.

2 Saved from the fear of hell and death,
With joy we seek the things above;
And all thy saints the spirit breathe
Of power, sobriety, and love.

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