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C. M.

On earth as it is in heaven.
ESUS, the Life, the Truth, the Way,


As taught by thee, in faith I pray,
Expecting to receive.

2 Thy will by me on earth be done,
As by the powers above,
Who always see thee on thy throne,
And glory in thy love.

3 I ask in confidence the grace,
That I may do thy will,
As angels, who behold thy face,
And all thy words fulfil.

4 Surely I shall, the sinner I,
Shall serve thee without fear,
If thou my nature sanctify

In answer to my prayer.



For a single eye.

OD of almighty love,
By whose sufficient grace

I lift my heart to things above,
And humbly seek thy face:
Through Jesus Christ the Just,
My faint desires receive,
And let me in thy goodness trust,
And to thy glory live.

2 Whate'er I say or do,

Thy glory be my aim;

S. M.

My off'rings all be offer'd through;
The ever-blessed Name.

Jesus, my single eye

Be fix'd on thee alone:

Thy name be praised on earth, on high;
Thy will by all be done.


For victorious faith.

FOR a faith that will not shrink,
Though press'd by every foe,
That will not tremble on the brink
Of any earthly wo;-

2 That will not murmur or complain
Beneath the chast'ning rod,
But, in the hour of grief or pain,
Will lean upon its God;-

C. ME.

3 A faith that shines more bright and clear
When tempests rage without;
That when in danger knows no fear,
In darkness feels no doubt;-

4 That bears, unmoved, the world's dread frown,
Nor heeds its scornful smile;
That seas of trouble cannot drown,
Or Satan's arts beguile;-

5 A faith that keeps the narrow way
Till life's last hour is fled,

And with a pure and heavenly ray
Illumes a dying bed.

6 Lord, give us such a faith as this,
And then, whate'er may come,

We'll taste, e'en here, the hallow'd bliss
Of an eternal home.


For perfect peace.

JESUS, my Lord, attend

Thy feeble creature's cry;

S. M.

And show thyself the sinner's Friend,

And set me up on high.

From hell's oppressive power

My struggling soul release;

And to thy Father's grace restore;

And to thy perfect peace.

2 Thy blood and righteousness I make my only plea;

My present and eternal peace

Are both derived from thee. Rivers of life divine

From thee, their fountain, flow; And all who know that love of thine, The joy of angels know.



For diligence and watchfulness.
CHARGE to keep I have,
A God to glorify;

A never-dying soul to save,
And fit it for the sky.
To serve the present age,
My calling to fulfil,—
O may it all my powers engage,
To do my Master's will.

2 Arm me with jealous care,
As in thy sight to live;
And O, thy servant, Lord, prepare,
A strict account to give.
Help me to watch and pray,
And on thyself rely,

Assured, if I my trust betray,
I shall forever die.



Social dedication to God.

S. M.

L. M.

our best beloved friend, Draw out our souls in sweet desire; Jesus, in love to us descend,— Baptize us with thy Spirit's fire. 2 On thy redeeming name we call, Poor and unworthy though we be; Pardon and sanctify us all,Let each thy full salvation see.

3 Our souls and bodies we resign,
To fear and follow thy commands;
O take our hearts, our hearts are thine,
Accept the service of our hands.
4 Firm, faithful, watching unto prayer,
Our Master's voice will we obey;
Toil in the vineyard here, and bear
The heat and burden of the day.
5 Yet, Lord, for us a resting-place,
In heaven, at thy right hand, prepare;
And till we see thee face to face,
Be all our conversation there.


L. M.

For the fire of divine love.
THOU who camest from above,
The pure celestial fire to' impart,
Kindle a flame of sacred love,
On the mean altar of my heart.
2 There let it for thy glory burn,
With inextinguishable blaze;
And trembling to its Source return,
In humble love and fervent praise.
3 Jesus, confirm my heart's desire,
To work, and speak, and think for thee;
Still let me guard the holy fire,

And still stir up thy gift in me.
4 Ready for all thy perfect will,
My acts of faith and love repeat,
Till death thy endless mercies seal,
And make the sacrifice complete.


For the Spirit's guidance.

JESUS, my Saviour, Brother, Friend,

whom I cast my every care,

L. M.

On whom for all things I depend,-
Inspire, and then accept, my prayer.

2 If I have tasted of thy grace,The grace that sure salvation brings; If with me now thy Spirit stays,

And, hov'ring, hides me in his wings; 3 Still let him with my weakness stay, Nor for a moment's space depart; Evil and danger turn away,

And keep, till he renews, my heart. 4 If to the right or left I stray,

His voice behind me may I hear,Return, and walk in Christ, thy way; Fly back to Christ, for sin is near!


For fervent zeal.

JESUS, I fain would find

Thy zeal for God in me;
Thy yearning pity for mankind,-
Thy burning charity.

2 In me thy Spirit dwell;
In me thy bowels move;

So shall the fervour of my zeal
Be the pure flame of love.


S. M.

4th P. M. 886, 886.

For power over temptation.

ELP, Lord, to whom for help I fly,

H And still my tempted soul stand by
Throughout the evil day;

The sacred watchfulness impart,
And keep the issues of my heart,
And stir me up to pray.

2 My soul with thy whole armour arm;
In each approach of sin, alarm,

And show the danger near:
Surround, sustain, and strengthen me,
And fill with godly jealousy

And sanctifying fear.

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