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4 Make us all in thee complete;
Make us all for glory meet;
Meet to' appear before thy sight,
Partners with the saints in light.
Call, O call us each by name,
To the marriage of the Lamb:
Let us lean upon thy breast;
Love be there our endless feast.


7th P. M. 8 lines 7s.

Mutual love the bond of union.
HILE we walk with God in light,

Dearest fellowship we prove,-
Fellowship in Jesus' love:
Sweetly each, with each combined,
In the bonds of duty join'd,
Feels the cleansing blood applied,-
Daily feels that Christ hath died.

2 Still, O Lord, our faith increase;
Cleanse from all unrighteousness:
Thee the' unholy cannot see;
Make, O make us meet for thee:
Every vile affection kill;
Root out every seed of ill;
Utterly abolish sin;
Write thy law of love within.

3 Hence may all our actions flow;
Love the proof that Christ we know;
Mutual love the token be,
Lord, that we belong to thee:
Love, thine image, love impart;
Stamp it now on every heart:
Only love to us be given:
Lord, we ask no other heaven.



The panoply of truth.
EHOLD the Christian warrior stand

L. M.

The Spirit's sword is in his hand,
His feet are with the Gospel shod;—
2 In panoply of truth complete,

Salvation's helmet on his head;
With righteousness a breast-plate meet,
And faith's broad shield before him spread ;-

3 Undaunted to the field he goes;

Yet vain were skill and valour there, Unless, to foil his legion foes,

He takes the trustiest weapon, prayer.

4 Thus, strong in his Redeemer's strength,
Sin, death, and hell, he tramples down;
Fights the good fight, and wins at length,
Through mercy, an immortal crown.


The sword and shield.

L. M.

Support my weakness with thy might;
Gird on my thigh thy conqu'ring sword,

And shield me in the threat'ning fight:
From faith to faith, from grace to grace,
So in thy strength shall I go on;
Till heaven and earth flee from thy face,
And glory end what grace begun.


The standard of the cross.
[ARK, how the watchmen cry!

S. M.

Stand to your arms, the foe is nigh,-
The powers of hell surround.
Who bow to Christ's command,

Your arms and hearts prepare;
The day of battle is at hand,-
Go forth to glorious war.
2 See on the mountain top

The standard of your God;
In Jesus' name 'tis lifted up,
All stain'd with hallow'd blood.
His standard-bearers, now
To all the nations call:
To Jesus' cross, ye nations, bow;
He bore the cross for all.

3 Go up with Christ your Head;
Your Captain's footsteps see;
Follow your Captain, and be led
To certain victory.
All power to him is given;
He ever reigns the same:
Salvation, happiness, and heaven,
Are all in Jesus' Name.

S. M.

724 Continued.-Spiritual enemies to be encountered.

Who still in strength excel,Our secret, sworn, eternal foes, Countless, invisible;

From thrones of glory driven,
By flaming vengeance hurl'd,
They throng the air, and darken heaven,
And rule this lower world.

2 But shall believers fear?
But shall believers fly?
Or see the bloody cross appear,
And all their powers defy?
By all hell's host withstood,

We all hell's host o'erthrow;
And, conqu'ring them through Jesus' blood,
We on to conquer go.


S. M.

The whole armour of God.

SOLDIERS of Christ, arise,

And put your armour on, Strong in the strength which God supplies Through his eternal Son; Strong in the Lord of Hosts, And in his mighty power, Who in the strength of Jesus trusts, Is more than conqueror.

3 Leave no unguarded place,-
No weakness of the soul;
Take every virtue, every grace,
And fortify the whole:
Indissolubly join'd,

2 Stand then in his great might,
With all his strength endued;
But take, to arm you for the fight,
The panoply of God:

That having all things done,
And all your conflicts past,
Ye may o'ercome, through Christ alone,
And stand entire at last.

To battle all proceed;
But arm yourselves with all the mind
That was in Christ your Head.


The shield of faith.
LDIERS of Christ, lay hold

Arm'd with that adamant and gold,
Be sure to win the field:
If faith surround your heart,
Satan shall be subdued;
Repell'd his every fiery dart,
And quench'd with Jesus' blood.

2 Jesus hath died for you;

What can his love withstand? Believe, hold fast your shield, and who Shall pluck you from his hand? Believe that Jesus reigns;

S. M.

All power to him is given:
Believe, till freed from sin's remains;
Believe yourselves to heaven.


Courage ensures victory. [RGE on your rapid course,

S. M.

The heavenly kingdom suffers force;
'Tis seized by violent hands:
See there the starry crown

That glitters through the skies;
Satan, the world, and sin, tread down,
And take the glorious prize.

Courage, your Captain cries,


(Who all your toil foreknew,-) ye shall have, yet all despise ; I have o'ercome for you.

2 Through much distress and pain,
Through many a conflict here,
Through blood, ye must the entrance gain,

Yet, O disdain to fear:



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