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Lamb of God, for sinners shin.O thou our Saviour, Brother, Friend. C. Wesley 355
O let the pris ner's mournful dies.O thou that hearest prayer
Pratt's Col. 116
C. Wesley 238

O Lord, another day has flown. Hi

O thou that wouldst not have.


O thou, to whom, in ancient time.. Pierpont 44
O thou, to whose all-searching sight J. Wesley 489
O thou, who all things canst control J. Wesley 507
O Lord, thy heavenly grace impaO thou, who art the light

O Lord, my best desire fulfil
0 Lard, our fathers oft have tel
O Lord, our King, how excelent.

Bulmer 29

O Lord, thy work revive

O love divine, how sweet thou art
O love divine, what hast thou done
O love, thy sov reign aid impart..
O may thy powerful word.

O thou, who camest from above. . C. Wesley 344
thou, who driest the mourner's tear. Moore 447
thou, who hast at thy command.
thou, who hast our sorrows borne C.
thou, who hast spread out the. H. F. Gould 624

Cotteril 484


Wesley 223

O might my lot be cast with these. O thou, who in the olive shade.
O thou, whom all thy saints adore. C. Wesley 25

Hemans 381

Omy offended God

Once more, my soul, the rising day."O thou, whom once they flock'd to. C. Wesley 192
On all the earth thy Spirit shower. O thou, whom fain my soul would. C. Wesley 224
Once more we come before our God..O thou whom we adore
On Jordan's stormy banks I stand. O thou, whose mercy hears.
On thee, each morning, O my God.O thou, whose off'ring on the tree. C. Wesley 103

C. Wesley 593
Steele. 519

On this stone, now laid with prayer.
On thy Church, O Power divine.

O thou, whose wise, paternal love
O thou, who, when we did complain

O Saviour, welcome to my heart. Bat O'tis enough, my God, my God
O render thanks to God above. Takt O'tis delight without alloy.

Our blest Redeemer.

C. Wesley 400
C. Wesley 530
Watts. 541
C. Wesley 512.
Lyte. 121
Salisbury Col. 157
Judson 334
Beddome 634

Hoy Our children thou dost claim

O speak that word again
O Spirit of the living God.
O Sun of righteousness, arise.

Our Father, God, who art in heaven.

O that I could repent, O that.... C: Our God is love, and all his Bickersteth's Col. 412
O that I could my Lord receive... C. Our few revolving years.


O that I could repent, With..
O that I could revere.

Our great Creator, God
CHOur heavenly Father, hear
CWOur Lord is risen from the dead
CW Our old companions in distress


O that I were as heretofore

C. Wesley 660
Montgomery 334
O. Wesley 98
C. Wesley 573
Fawcett 85
Montgomery 259

O that my load of sin were gone..

O that thou wouldst the heavens rend C. WeOur sins on Christ were laid

O thou, from whom all goodness flows Hawes what a mighty change..

C. Wesley
Conde O

what delight is this

Medley 176
C. Wesley 572
C. Wesley 167,

what shall I do, my Saviour to pr. C. Wesley 25

O thou God of my salvation.....
O thou God who hearest prayer...

0 thou great God, whose piercing. DoddridgO when shall we sweetly remove. .

C. Wesley 569



O thou eternal Victim, slain.

O thou faithful God of love.

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CWOut of the depths of wo

WesleO what amazing words of grace

O where is now that glowing love... Kelly. 5
O where shall rest be found.. Montgomery

O who, in such a world as this.. Montgomery
O why should gloomy thoughts arise Hastings 21
Wisdom! whose unfading power Heber. 6
O wondrous power of faithful prayer C. Wesley

Pass a few swiftly fleeting years C. Wesley 6
Peace, doubting heart, my God's I am C. Wesley 4
Peace, troubled soul.
Unknown 4

Plunged in a gulf of dark despair
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow Ken. 6
Praise the God of our salvation. Conder 6
Praise the name of God most high
Unknown 65
Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for Sir J. E. Smith
Praise ye the Lord, 'tis good to raise. Watts. 5
Praise ye the Lord, ye immortal.
Prayer is appointed to convey
Prayer is the soul's sincere desire
Pray without ceasing, pray.
Prince of peace, control my will
Pris'ners of hope, arise
Pris'ners of hope, be strong, be bold C. Wesley 25
Pris'ners of hope, lift up your heads C. Wesley.
Proclaim the lofty praise
Prostrate at Jesus' feet

Hart. 33

C. Wesley
Anon.. 311

C. Wesley 32


Prostrate, with eyes of faith, I see.

Baptist Col. 11
C. Wesley 243

Quicken'd with our immortal Head

C. Wesley 329

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Redeemer of mankind.
Rejoice in Jesus' birth
Rejoice, the Lord is King
Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest
Return, my soul, unto thy rest
Return, O wanderer, return
Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings Seagrave 55
Rock of ages, cleft for me.

C. Wesley 100
C. Wesley 19
C. Wesley 533
S. Stennett 153
Montgomery 480
Colyer 213

Toplady 246

where is now that glowing breRoll on, thou mighty ocean
Owhere shall rest be found.... Je

Pratt's Col. 586

Edmeston 365

Owho, in such a world as this. Salvation! O the joyful sound. . . . . Watts. 175
Owhy should gloomy theagate Saviour, breathe an evening blessing
Wisdom whose unfading part. Saviour from sin, I wait to prove C. Wesley 291
wondrous power of faithful gaya Saviour, I now with shame confess C. Wesley 515
Saviour, now in me perform
Pass a few swiftly fleeting years. Saviour of all, to thee we bow
Feace, doubting heart, my Godila Saviour of all, what hast thou done
Saviour of men, thy searching eye.
Saviour of sinful men

Peace, troubled soul.

Planed in a gulf of dark despair...
Praise God, from whom all Messing Saviour of the sin-sick soul
grace bestow
Praise the God of our salvation... Saviour, on me the
Praise the name of God most high. Saviour, Prince of Israel's race..
Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for Selis Saviour, see me from above.
Praise ve the Lord, ye inmortal....Saviour, we know thou art
Praise re the Lord, 'tis good to rake.Saviour, the world's and mine
Prayer is appointed to convey

C. Wesley 460
C. Wesley 423
C. Wesley 443
C. Wesley 389
C. Wesley 571
C. Wesley 325
C. Wesley 301
C. Wesley 231
C. Wesley 229
C. Wesley 317
C. Wesley 595
Glenelg 339
C. Wesley 599
Scott. 361
.Doddridge 156
. Noel's Col. 102
C. Wesley 27
C. Wesley 182
C. Wesley 143
C. Wesley 339

Saviour, when in dust to thee

Prayer is the soul's sincere desire. See how great a flame aspires

See how the morning sun

Pray without ceasing, pray..

Prince of peace, control my will... See Israel's gentle Shepherd

See Jesus rising from the grave.

Pris ners of hope, arise

Pris'ners of hope, be strong, be bold CF See, Jesus, thy disciples see
Pris ners of hope, lift up your heads See, sinners, in the gospel glass


Proclaim the lofty praise.
Prostrate at Jesus' feet

See the gospel Church secure.
See the Lord, thy Keeper, stand.

Servant of God, well done.


Prostrate, with eyes of faith, I see. CF See where our great High Priest.
Quicken'd with our immortal Head C Servants of God, in joyful lays.. Montgomery 18

C. Wesley 108
C. Wesley 652

Shall foolish, weak, short-sighted
Shall I, for fear of feeble man

C. Wesley 71
J. Wesley 391

C Shall man, O God of light and life
Shepherd divine, our wants relieve.

Redeemer of mankind.
Rejoice in Jesus' birth
Rejoice, the Lord is King.


Dwight 657
C. Wesley 333

Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest.. Shepherd of souls, with pitying eye C. Wesley 583
Return, my soul, unto thy rest. Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive

Shrinking from the cold hand of..

Watts. 241
C. Wesley 640

Return, O wanderer, return....

Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings Sage. Since all the varying scenes of time


Sing praise, the tomb is void

Hervey 447
Unknown 98

Rock of ages, cleft for me

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C. Wesley

Sing to the great Jehovah's praise. C. Wesley
Sing we the song of those who.. Montgomery !!
Sing we to our God above. C. Wesley
Sinners, lift up your hearts.
C. Wesley
Sinners, obey the gospel word
Sinners, obey the heavenly call
Sinners, the call obey.
Sinners, the voice of God regard
Sinners, turn, while God is near.
Sinners, turn, why will ye die
Softly now the light of day
Soldiers of Christ, arise.
Soldiers of Christ, lay hold
Sole Sov'reign of the earth and
Songs of praise the angels sang
Son of God, thy blessing grant.
Sons of God, triumphant rise
Soon may the last glad song arise
Sov'reign of all the worlds on high
Sov'reign of worlds, display thy.
Sov'reign Ruler, Lord of all
Sow in the morn thy seed
Spirit, leave thy house of clay..
Spirit of faith, come down.
Spirit of holiness
Spirit of truth, essential God.
Stand the omnipotent decree. ...
Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stay.
Still for thy loving-kindness, Lord.
Still nigh me, O my Saviour, stand
Still on the Lord thy burden roll.
Submissively, my God
Surrounded by a host of foes
Sweet is the prayer whose holy Martineau's Col.
Sweet is the work, my God, my King. Watts.
Sweet was the time when first I felt.. Newton

C. Wesley
Pratt's Col.
Pratt's Col.

C. Wesley

C. Wesley

C. Wesley

C. Wesley
C. Wesley

C. Wesley
C. Wesley
Pratt's Col. 4

C. Wesley

Talk with us, Lord, thyself reveal. C. Wesley

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C. Wesley

C. Wesley

C. Wesley


C. Wesley.

C. Wesley

Epis. Col.
C. Wesley

C. Wesley
E. Scott

S. Stennett 403

W. Scott 668
C. Wesley 54
C. Wesley 371
C. Wesley 468
C. Wesley 166
C. Wesley 72
Watts. 634
Mrs. Rowe 547
Montgomery 411
Olivers 564

Taught by our Lord, we will not pray C. Wesley 383
Terrible thought, shall I alone.. C. Wesley 203
Thank and praise Jehovah's name Montgomery 15
That awful day will surely come. Watts. 671
That doleful night before his death. Hart. 160
The counsels of redeeming grace.
The day of Christ, the day of God. C. Wesley 102
The day of wrath, that dreadful day.
The earth, with all her fulness,
Thee, in the watches of the night.
Thee, Jesus, full of truth and grace
Thee, King of saints, we praise
Thee to laud in songs divine
Thee we adore, eternal Name.
The glorious armies of the sky
The glorious universe around..
The God of Abrah'm praise
The God of harvest praise.
The God of mercy be adored
The God of nature and of grace.
The God who reigns on high
The gospel! O what endless charms
The great archangel's trump shall.
The head that once was crown'd.
The heavenly treasure now we have C. Wesley 422
The King of heaven his table. . . .
.Doddridge 162
The Law and Prophets all foretold. C. Wesley 585
The long-lost son, with streaming. Unknown 259
The Lord descended from above Sternhold 51
The Lord is my Shepherd. • Montgomery 504
The Lord is risen indeed
The Lord Jehovah reigns
The Lord my pasture shall prepare
The Lord of earth and sky

Montgomery 614
C. Wesley 681
Montgomery 48
Olivers 566
Steele. 171

C. Wesley 671
Kelly, 101

Kelly. 96
Watts. 52
Addison 503

The Lord of Sabbath let us.

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C. Wesley 633
S. Wesley, jr. 95

The Lord our God is clothed with H. K. White 53

The morning flowers display
The nations of the earth

S. Wesley, jr. 659
Gibbons 595

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