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C. Wesley 6
C. Wesley
C. Wesley
C. Wesley 211
C. Wesley
C. Wesley 61
Fawcett 200

C. Wesley 21
C. Wesley 214
Epis. Col. 36
C. Wesley 4
C. Wesley 4
E. Scott 88

Sing to the great Jehovah's praise.
Sing we the song of those who.
Sing we to our God above.
Sinners, lift up your hearts.
Sinners, obey the gospel word
Sinners, obey the heavenly call
Sinners, the call obey.
Sinners, the voice of God regard
Sinners, turn, while God is near
Sinners, turn, why will
ye die
Softly now the light of day
Soldiers of Christ, arise.
Soldiers of Christ, lay hold
Sole Sov'reign of the earth and
Songs of praise the angels sang
Son of God, thy blessing grant
Sons of God, triumphant rise
Soon may the last glad song arise
Sov'reign of all the worlds on high
Sov'reign of worlds, display thy.
Sov'reign Ruler, Lord of all
Sow in the morn thy seed
Spirit, leave thy house of clay
Spirit of faith, come down
Spirit of holiness

Spirit of truth, essential God
Stand the omnipotent decree.
Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stay.
Still for thy loving-kindness, Lord.
Still nigh me, O my Saviour, stand
Still on the Lord thy burden roll.
Submissively, my God

C. Wesley 45
C. Wesley 169
Pratt's Col. C
Doddridge 23
Pratt's Col. 597
Raffles 243
Montgomery 12
C. Wesley 256
C. Wesley
C. Wesley 40
C. Wesley 67
C. Wesley 253
C. Wesley 43
C. Wesley 471
Pratt's Col. 468
Haweis 46
C. Wesley 431

Surrounded by a host of foes
Sweet is the prayer whose holy Martineau's Col. 393
Sweet is the work, my God, my King. Watts. 149
Sweet was the time when first I felt. . Newton 5li

Talk with us, Lord, thyself reveal. C. Wesley 56

C. Wesley 54
C. Wesley 371
C. Wesley 468
C. Wesley 166
C. Wesley 72
Watts. 634

Taught by our Lord, we will not pray C. Wesley 383
Terrible thought, shall I alone.. C. Wesley 203
Thank and praise Jehovah's name Montgomery 15
That awful day will surely come. . . . Watts. 671
That doleful night before his death. Hart. 160
The counsels of redeeming grace.. S. Stennett 403
The day of Christ, the day of God. C. Wesley 102
The day of wrath, that dreadful day. W. Scott 668
The earth, with all her fulness,
Thee, in the watches of the night.
Thee, Jesus, full of truth and grace
Thee, King of saints, we praise
Thee to laud in songs divine
Thee we adore, eternal Name.
The glorious armies of the sky
The glorious universe around.
The God of Abrah'm praise
The God of harvest praise.
The God of mercy be adored
The God of nature and of grace.
The God who reigns on high
The gospel! O what endless charms

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Mrs. Rowe 547
Montgomery 411
Olivers 564
.Montgomery 614
C. Wesley 681
Montgomery 48
Olivers 566

Steele. 171

The great archangel's trump shall. C. Wesley 671
The head that once was crown'd. Kelly, 101
The heavenly treasure now we have C. Wesley 422
The King of heaven his table.. . Doddridge 162
The Law and Prophets all foretold. C. Wesley 585
The long-lost son, with streaming. Unknown 259
The Lord descended from above

The Lord is my Shepherd.
The Lord is risen indeed
The Lord Jehovah reigns

Sternhold 51
Montgomery 504
Kelly. 96
Watts. 52
Addison 503
C. Wesley 633
S. Wesley, jr. 95
H. K. White 53
S. Wesley, jr. 659

The Lord my pasture shall prepare
The Lord of earth and sky
The Lord of Sabbath let us
The Lord our God is clothed
The morning flowers display
The nations of the earth


Gibbons 595

The perfect world, by Adam trod
The power to bless my house.
The praying spirit breathe
There is a fountain fill'd with
There is a glorious world of light
There is a God-all nature speaks.
There is a land of pure delight.
There is an hour of peaceful rest.
There seems a voice in every gale
The sacred bond of perfectness.
The saints who die of Christ
The Saviour, when to heaven he..
The spacious firmament on high .
The Sun of righteousness
The Sun of righteousness on me
The tempter to my soul hath said
The thing my God doth hate
The voice of free grace


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Willis, 591 T
C. Wesley 3 T
C. Wesley 35 T
Cowper 1 T

Jane Taylor

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Steele. T
Watts. 55
Tappan 5
Mrs. Opie 40
C. Wesley 413
C. Wesley 646
Doddridge 121
Wesley, jr.
O. Wesley 359
Montgomery 529
C. Wesley 305
Thursby 183


The wisdom own'd by all thy sons.
They that toil upon the deep
Thine, Lord, is wisdom, thine

This day the covenant I sign

C. Wesley 206
• Montgomery 62
J. Wesley 58
W. M. Bunting 271

This day the Lord has call'd his own Bathurst 148

This is the day the Lord hath made

This is thy will, I know.

Lyte. 150
C. Wesley 200
C. Wesley 46
Montgomery 511
C. Wesley &
Hart. 4
Doane 107
C. Wesley 19!
. Watts. 249
Olivers 565
L. Bacon 59
Newton 44
J. Wesley 470
C. Wesley 306
C. Wesley 415

This slumber from my spirit shake
This stone to thee, in faith, we
This, this is He that came
This, this is the God we adore
Thou art the Way: to thee alone
Though eighteen hundred years are
Though I have grieved thy Spirit.
Though nature's strength decay
Though now the nations sit beneath
Though troubles assail, and dangers.
Though waves and storms go o'er
Thou God of all-sufficient grace
Thou God of truth and love.

ou God of power, thou God.
nou great mysterious God..
hou hidden God, for whom I
hou hidden love of God, whose.
hou hidden Source of calm repose
hou Judge of quick and dead.
hou Lamb of God, for sinners
hou Lamb of God, thou Prince of.
hou, Lord, art God alone

hou, Lord, hast blest my going
hou, Lord of life, whose

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Pearson's Col. 25
C. Wesley 282
C. Wesley 190
J. Wesley 491
C. Wesley 546
C. Wesley 667
C. Wesley 250
J. Wesley 451
a Wesley 543
C. Wesley 377
Flowers of Poetry 368
C. Wesley 506
Steele. 456
C. Wesley 458
Montgomery 397
C. Wesley 367
J. Wesley 486
C. Wesley 545
C. Wesley 197
C. Wesley 60
C. Wesley 105
C. Wesley 530
Mrs. Bulmer 575
Pierpont 582
Marriott 592

'hou, Lord,.on whom I still depend
Thou refuge of my soul
hou rock of my salvation
housands, O Lord of hosts, this
hou seest my feebleness
Chou seest our weakness, Lord.
Thou Shepherd of Israel, and mine
Thou Son of God, whose flaming..
Thou, the eternal Lord
Thou very paschal Lamb
Thou very present aid.
Thou, who hast in Zion laid

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Fhou, who on the whirlwind ridest.
Thou, whose almighty word
Through sorrow's night, and.

H. K. White 658

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C. Wesley 131
C. Wesley 179
C. Wesley 471
Steele. 463
Montgomery 406
S. Stennett 643
C. Wesley 299
Glenelg 400
C. Wesley 314

Thus far the Lord hath led me on . . . Watts. 366
Thus saith the Lord-'tis God
Thy ceaseless, unexhausted love.
Thy every suff'ring servant, Lord
Thy gracious presence, O my God
Thy law is perfect, Lord of light.
Thy life I read, my gracious Lord.
Thy loving Spirit, Lord, alone ..
Thy mercy heard my infant prayer
Thy name to me, thy nature grant
Thy presence, everlasting God. . . Doddridge 379
Thy presence, gracious God, afford.. Farccett 24

Thy presence, Lord, the place shall C. Wesley 3
Thy way is in the sea

Thy word, almighty Lord
Times without number have I
'Tis finish'd! so the Saviour said
"Tis finish'd! the Messiah dies.
To bless thy chosen race

Montgomery 48

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C. Wesley


Stennett W


C. Wesley
Tate & Brady 54 T

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Th Unknown 682 1
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Who.
To Father, Son, and Spirit, Ascribe
To Father, Son, and Spirit, ever
To God the Father, Son

To God the Father, Son, And

Watts. 6T
C. Wesley
Unknown 6 TV

J. Wesley 6


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Steele. 16 W
Unknown 6 W


C. Wesley 31 11
Doddridge 6

To God the Father's throne
To Jesus, our exalted Lord
To thee be praise forever
To thee, great God of love, I bow.
To thee, O God, when creatures.
To thee, our God and Saviour
To the hills I lift mine eyes
To us a child of hope is born
To us a child of royal birth.
Tremendous God, with humble fear
Try us, O God, and search the ...

Unchangeable, almighty Lord
Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb.
Urge on your rapid course

Vain are all terrestrial pleasures.
Vain, delusive world, adieu
Vain man, thy fond pursuits
Victim divine! thy grace we claim
Vital spark of heavenly flame . .

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Haweis 38 W
C. Wesley 31
C. Wesley 79
C. Wesley
C. Wesley 416

C. Wesley 4
Watts, 656
C. Wesley 44

Ford. 475
C. Wesley 476

Hart, 203
C. Wesley 166
Pope. 402

Walk in the light! so shalt thou. . B. Barton 500
Watch'd by the world's malignant. C. Wesley 47
Watchman, tell us of the night. ... Bowring 600

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