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When shall the voice of sing
When shall thy love constri
Wha the last trumpet's.. Bre.
When through the torn sail...
When to the exiled seer were.
Where are the dead.
Wherefore should I make my man!!
Where is the Hebrew's God.....
Where is the Saviour now.
Ye faithful souls, who Jesus know.
Where shall my wond'ring soul...
praying souls, rejoice.
Where with, O Lord, shall I draw Ye ransom'd sinners, hear
Which of the monarchs of the...!!.
Ye servants of God, your Master. .
While dead in trespasses I lie....
Yes, from this instant, now, I will.
We life prolongs its precious Ye simple souls, that stray
While shepherds watch'd their fath
Yes, I will bless thee, O my God
While thee I seek, protec H Ye that pass by, behold the Man
Ye virgin souls, arise
Ye wretched, starving poor.
Yield to me now, for I am weak
Young men and maidens, raise.

Zion stands with hills surrounded.

While thou art intimately nigh...

While through this world we...
While we walk with God in light. C
While with ceaseless course the sun-
Who are these array'd in white
Who in the Lord confide
Who make the Lord of hosts...Mat
Whora tan forsakes thou wilt not. C
Why do we mourn for dying friends.
Why is my heart with grief.. W
Why not now, my God, my God.. C.
Why, O my soul, O why
Why should our tears in sorrow Conde!
Why should the children of a King..
Why should we boast of time to..
Why should we lament the lot...
Why should we start, and fear to die. W
Wilt thou not yet to me rereal... CW
Wisdom ascribe, and might, and. C. We
With glorious clouds encompass'd. C.
Within thy house, O Lord our God Preet
With joy we hail the sacred day....L

With joy we lift our eyes
With joy we meditate the grace
With stately towers
With trouble laden

Jervis. 35

Watts. 104
Anon. 139
Judkin. 454
C. Wesley 526
C. Wesley 668
C. Wesley 91
C. Wesley 250

Worship, and thanks, and blessing
Wo to the men on earth who dwell
Would Jesus have the sinner die. .
Wretched, helpless, and distress'd.

C. Wesley 498
Medley 338
C. Wesley 298
C. Wesley 17
C. Wesley 521
J. Wesley 505
Heginbotham 548
C. Wesley 89
C. Wesley 629
Steele. 210
C. Wesley 388
C. Wesley 18

. . Kelly. 146


The figures refer to the Pag
Ah! no, I still ma 204 And, 0, wh
Ah! what avail m 256 And shall
Ah! what avails s 450 And shall v
Ah! wherefore di 220 And since,
Ah! whither coul 332 And soon, t
Ah! whither shal 195 And that I
All glory be to Go 73 And thou,
All hail, triumpha 151 And thou,
All honour, power 114 And thou v
All my disease, m 194 And though
All my hopes on 457 And when
All nature sings th 409 And when
All needful grace 23 And when
All our works in 426 And when
All power to our g 100 And when
All praise to thee 359 And when,
All the day long h 206 And when
All the power of 165 And when
All things are pos 293 And while
All things are rea 162 And while
All the tokens of 669 And while
Almighty God, th 603 And why,
AlmightyGod, thy
And will th
grace proclaim 596 Angel of ge
Almighty Son, in 44 Angel pow
Alone the dreadfu 98 Angels, ass
Already springing 256| Angels cat
Although the vine 467 Angels, joy
Among the saints 412 Angels now
An unregenerate c 190 Angels our
And all the good 124 Angels, wh
And art thou not 194 Anger I no
And dost thou dei 523 Answer on
And duly shall ap 132 Appear, and
And from his love 108 Appear, as
And hark, amidst 608 Apostles jo-
And hence in spir 581 Apostles, m
And if our fellows 424 Approach b
And if the sons of 591 Array'd in E
And if thy grace 492 Are there i
And in the great 581 Are we not
And may this day 358 Arise, and
And not a prayer, 370 Arise, O Go
And now, in age a 401 Arm me wit
And now, in kind 398 Art thou no
And, O, when gat 448 As by the li

A beam from heav 646
A broken heart, m 249
A clod of living ea 391
A cloud of witnes 494
A country of joy w 571
A dark and cloudy 634

faith that doth 263
A faith that keeps 342
A faith that shine 342
A Father's hand 531
A glance of thine 71
A gracious Saviou 593
A guilty, weak, a 195
A heart in every 302
A heart resign'd, 301
A heart with grief 225
A holy quiet reign 650
A horror of great 87
A land of corn, an 296
A pardon written 212
A patient, a victo 487
A poor blind child 252
A rest where all 291
A sacred spring,at 141
A Saviour born, in 79
A sinner welt'ring 190
A sov'reign Prote 369
A thousand ages, 55
A thousand ages in

thy sight, Are. 636
A world where an 454
Abrah'm and Isaa 138
Absent from thee, 519
According to his w 676
Affliction is a stor 462
Affliction's blast h 532
Affliction's deepes 545
After my lowly L 141
Again my pardon 518
Agonizing in the g 205
Ah! give me, Lor 193
Ah! give me, Lord,

the tender heart 517
Ah! give me this 318
Ah! how shall gu 189
Ah! leave us not 115

INDEX OF TERAS round Jerusale 143 Before the Savion 566 Built by the word 508


As giants may the 131 | Before our Father 424 Breathe on us, Lo 27
As in the ancient 145 Before the great 566 Bright Sun of righ 360
As o'er a parch'd 459 Before the hills in 635 Bright terrors gua 106
As round about Je 142 Before the radianc 69 Bring us again to 379
"As soon as in him 171
As the apple of th 524
As the bright Sun 131
As the winged ar 630
As thee their God 616
"As through a glas 499
As thy command 595
As we thy mercy 24
As welcome as th 459
Ashamed of Jesus 483
Ask but his grace 175

Before them set an 587
Before thy sheep, 355
Before thy throne 35
Before us make th 405
Behold, again we 510
Behold, fast strea 88
Behold, for me the 267
Behold him, all ye
Behold his temple
Behold the Lamb
Behold the sorrow 219

Burn every breast
Burst thy shackle 402
But, above all, afr 349
But after all that 255
But art thou not al 267
But all, before the 640
But all the notes 168
But angels thems 569
But both in Jesus 89
But can no sovere 196
But Christ can he 447

hear 646 Ahlm, I still ma
bear, 949 Ahwat



Acvd Eviages 19 Abistarais
Acadies 494 Ah! where
Aery of joy 571 Ah! whither eval


Add choir 64 Abwhither shal 16 Assembled here w 115 Behold this fair an 48 But drops of grief 94
AA4983 Alliery ben Go Assert thy claim, 326 Behold thy pris'n 397 But he that turns 201
At that keeps 543 Alla, trim Assure my conscie 278 Behold, we fall be 187 But I of means ha 510

Astonish'd at thy


Behold, what hea 662

A that shite 4 All bar, power 114

But if thou leave 209

As Savia 553 All catre sagt At thy command 543 Believe in Him w 209 But lo! the Script 407
A raise 1 All my hopes on At last I own it ca 247 Being of beings! 29 But lo! a place he 528
A Father's hand 531 All my disease, 19 At Jesus's call, w 571 Behold your Lord, 10 But in thy Father 604
A weak, 15 All needful grace airs At thy rebuke the 637 Believing on my 266 But now, when ev 517
A heart in every 32 All our works in 44 Attended by that 436 Beloved for Jesus' 591 But, O, the jealous 267

Author and Guard 385
Author of faith, to 244

Beneath thy shad 423
Better than my bo 473

A beat resim'd, 31 All power bourg
A heart with grief us. All praise to thee $59 A
A boy get reign 650 All the day hogh

But, O, when dou 456
But, 0, when that 550

Author of our new 124


Better than life it 473

But our brief life's 55

Ad of co, an 25 All things are pes al Awake, awake, p 142 Beyond my highe 147 But saints are lov 58
A borror of great & All the power of of Awake, awake m 538 Better that we ha 515 But power divine 226
A pada watten 1 All things are rea 1 And Awake from guilt 184 Beyond the bound 551 But shall believer 433
Apor bind child 25 Almighty God, th 63 And Awed by a mortal 391 | Beyond the reach 131 But soon he 'll bre 87
A patient, & victo 47 All the tokens of 6 And Awake, my tongu 547 Beyond the flight 647 But should the su 467

Awhile in flesh di 571


A rest where all 1 Almighty God, thy
A sacred spring at 141 grace proclaim 39
A Sarkar, in 19 Almighty Son, in Ang
Aimmer wel ring 190 Al me the dread
Are Proté 39 Already springing

Beyond this vale 201
Bless we, then, ou 596
Blessing, and than 628
Blest be that Nam 18
Blest is the pious 412

But still their mo 547
But sweeter far th 393
But tears I will no 242
But, that my faith 271
But the mild glori 48



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The figures refer to the

A thus ages, 55 Although the vine 451 Auge Be all my added li 221 | Blest object of our 627 But the righteous 261

Be darkness, at th 123
Be it according to

Back from the bo 396
Baptize the nation 123
Barren and withe 633

A thousand ages in Among the saints 412) Ange
thy sight, Are. 636 An unregenerate o 190 Age
A world where an 44 And all the good 194 Angels f
Abrah' and Isas 138 And art then not 194 Anger [
Aleent from thee, 519 And dust the dei F Answer
According to his w 676 And duly shall ap 18 Appe
Affliction is a stor 462 And from his love 106 Appear

But there's a voic 194
But thou art not al 153
But thou hast bret 619
But thou, O Lord, 458
But thou, soul-sea 370
But though earth 636
But though from h 665

Affliction's last h 532 And hark, amidst 605 Aps Be this my one gr 639 Borne aloft on ang 378 But though my lif 218

Borne upon their 12
Bow to the sceptre 201
Bow'd down bene 246
Break, break, O L 196
Break from his th 656
Break off the yoke 307
Break off your tea 95
Break Thou, O br 241
Breathe, O breath 300

Affection's deepes 545 And hence in spar 581 Apoles,
After my Lowly L 141 And if our fellows 424 Appra
Again my pardon 519 And if the sons of 391 Array'da
Agonizing in the g 905And if thy grace 492 Are there
Ah! give me, Lor 196 And in the great 581 Are we
Ah!give me, Lord, And may this day 353 Anse, and

the tender heart 517 And not a prayer, 30 Arise, 0G
Ah! give me this 318 And now, inages 401 Arm me
Ah! how shall ga 183 And now, in kind 396 Art then t
Ah! leave us not 115/And, 0, when gut 448 As by the

thy word; Acco 191
Be it according to

Blest Saviour! in 494
Blest Saviour, wh 150
Blind unbelief is s 445
Bold shall I stand 110
Born by a new ce 479
Born into the wor 648
Born they are, as 157

thy word; Now 225
Be it according to

thy word; Red 289

Be ours the bliss, 603
Be still, and know 483
Be this, O Lord, th 581
Be thou iny shield 246
Be thou my stren 348
Be thou, O Rock o 452
Before his feet th 174
Before me place, i 639
Before my faith's 62

But thy right han 616
But we, frail sojo 576
But we, who now 672
But when we view 61
But who shall quit 54
But will, indeed, J 577
But with the eye 398
But with thee is m 243
By cool Siloam's s 604


By day, along the 448 Come, almighty to 300 | Could my tears f
Come, all ye souls 210 Could we but clini
Come, and possess 258 Could we, on mor
Come and worship 78 Counting gain ani
Come back! this is 512 Courage, my soul;
Come, Desire of na 81 on God rely....
Come, extend thy 222 Courage, my soul;
Come, Father, So 314 thy bitter cross-
Come, holy Comfo 22 Creation, varied b
Come, HolyGhost, Creatures no mor

By death and hell 146
By every name of 240
By faith I plunge 264
By faith the upper 63
By faith we are co 560
By faith we alrea 561
By faith we know 263
By faith we now 672
By faith we see th 526
By me, my Saviou 523
By the deep, expir 340
By the tenderness 239
By thee, on earth, 282
By thee the victor 61
By thee through li 384
By these may I be 406
By thine all-atoni 222
By thine agonizin 170
By thine hour of d 340
By thy divine, tra 236
By thy fainting in 393
By thy hands the 383
By thy lonely hou 239
By thy meek spir 381
By thy most seve 393
By thy reconciling 419
By thy Spirit, Lo 231
By thy triumph o' 239
By wise master-b 578

all-quick'ning i 495
Come, Holy Ghost, Dangers stand th
for moved by th 405 Dark and cheerle
Come, Holy Ghost, Day of glory, day
my heart inspir 288 Dear Name, the
Come, Holy Ghost, Decay, then, tene
the Saviour's ló 32 Death enters, and
Come,Holy Ghost, Death, hell, and
thyself impress 283 Death may the b
Come, Holy Spirit 120 Death rides on ev
Come in, come in, 423 Defend me in this
Come, in sorrow 208 Deep in unfatho
Come in this acce 353 Deep on my hear
Come in thy plea 333 Deliv'rance to my
Come, let us, with 586 Depend on him;
Come, Lord, thy lo 36 Dread alarms sh
Come,Lord, thy gl 589 Descend, and let
Come, O my comf 319 Descending on hi
Come, O my God, 297 Determined all th
Come, O my Savi 314 Did ever mourner
Come quickly in, 9 Didst thou not die
Call them into thy 140 Come, Saviour, có 299 Didst thou not in
Call, while he ma 208 Come the great da 18
Can aught but po 188 Come, then, divine 408
Can these avert th 218 Come then, for Je 252
the flesh appear
Cast as a broken 400 Come then, my ho 221 Didst thou not m
Cast out thy foes, 188 Come then, with 176 Direct, control, su
Cause us the recó 27 Come, thou incar 22 Distracting thoug
Ceace-cease, ye 657 Come, thou witne 168 Divine Instructor,
Cease, ye pilgrim 558 Come to the living 212 Do good, O Lord,
Cheer'd by that w 283 Come, tune afresh 533 Do thou assist af
Children our kind 603 Come, wand'rers, 173 Dost thou desire
Chosen of God, to 575 Come, worship at 13 Dost thou not dw
Christ, by highest 80 Come, ye dying, li 208 Down from his th
Christ is born, the 74 Come, ye weary, 205 Down from the s
Christ is that ston 150 Comfort those whi 41 Down through th
Christ, our Brothe 557 Confiding wholly 482 Dust and ashes t
Christ our Lord an 31 Confound, o'erpo 303 Dying, I heard th
Christ shall bless 339 Convert and send 129
Circled round wit 100 Convince him now 197 Each care, each i
Close by its banks 141 Convince us first 198 Each evening sho
Close by thy side 451 Conqu'ror of hell 320 Each moment dra
Closer and closer 677 Content with beh 539 Each thought an
Clothe me, Lord, 251 Contented now, up 389 Eager for thee I3
Cold, on his cradle 76 Control my every 437 Earth, from afar,
Come, all by guilt 216 Corruption, earth, 659, Earth is thy foots 5

our flesh appear
Didst thou not in



Earth is thine; he 575 | Faithful, O Lord, 179 | For me the burde 89
Earth, tremble on 52 Faithful soul, pra 338 For me these pan 88
Earthly joys no 1 415 Far, far above all 518 For more we ask 32
Easy to be entres 374 Far from the path 355 For my selfishnes 520
E'en now, by fait 573 Far off the Fathe 260 For never shall m 219
E'en now he hath 626 Farewell, conflict 651 For the great Me 678
E'en now we thin 424 Father, and shall 120 For thee delightf 376
E'en now, when t 592 Father, God, thy For thee, my God 513
E'er since, by fait 174 Father, if such th 158 For thee my thir 359
Empty of Him w 189 Father, in me rev 283 For thee the Sav 216
Endless life in hi 11 Father, in these 156 For them that he 619
Endless scenes of 90 Father, in us thy 24 For these inestim 403
Endow them wit 587 Father of endless 34 For thine own co 229
Enter into the Ro 611 Father of everlas 585 For this, as taugh 329
Enter thyself, and 351 Father of the fat 393 For this let men 389
Ent'ring into my 385 Father, regard th 337 For this the earth 48
Enthroned amid t 53 Father, Son, and 426 For this the saint 186
Equal strains of 20 Father, Son, and
Error and ignora 605
Eternal are thy m 13
Eternal God, cele 547
Eternal life to all 265
Eterna! Source of 42
Eternal Spirit, by 44
Eternal Spirit, ir 156
Eternal Sun of ri 279
Eternal triune Lo 538
Eternal, undivide 239
Eternal Wisdom 181
Eternity comes in 624
Every eye shall n 669
Every human tie 146
Exert thy sacred 651
Expand thy wing 405
Extend to me tha 16
Extol his kingly 441
Extol the Lamb o 180
Extol the Lamb w 10
Exults our rising 276
Eye hath not see 506
Faded my virtuo 268
Fain with them o 68
Fain would I all t 385
Fain would I kno 193
Fain would I lear 307
Fain would I rise 47
Fair land! could 553
Faith cries out,- 380
Faith grasps the 393
Faith in thy chan 194
Faith in thy pow 265
Faith lends its re 263
Faith, mighty fai 265
Faith sees the br 651
Faith to be heal' 257

thou has 52
For thou art in th 397
For thou art thei 275
For thou of life t 490
For thou, within 40
For though myst 454
For what to thee 461
For who by faith 499
For whom didst t 449
For wild the wav 379
For you the purp 208
For zeal I sigh, f 508
Forbid it, Lord, t 93
Forbid them not, 159
Forever with the 563
Forgive me, Lord 364
Forgiveness on m 230
Forerunner of the 195
Forth with thy c 594
Fountain of unex 512
Free from anger 420
Friend of the frie 451
From all iniquity 289
From Christ, the 275
From Christ, they 127
From dark tempt 335
From death to lif 117
From each extre 392
From every place 44
From every sinful 140
From favour'd A 588
From heaven an 665
From heaven he c 173
From heaven hes 125
From his high th 108
From little ones 606
From morn till n 65
From north to so 598
From sea to sea, 597

Spirit, send.... 576
Father, the narro 493
Father, thine eve 264
Father, thy long 233
Father, thy merc 653
Father, thy quick 30
Father, to us vou 652
Father, we ask in 337
Fear not, brethre 497
Fear not, said he, 73
Fear not, though 139
Fearless of hell a 537
Fill me with all t 513
Fill'd with delig 555
Fill'd with holy 11
Find in Christ th 207
Finish then thy n 300
Firm as his thron 482
Firm, faithful,

watching..... 344
Firm in the all-d 669
First the dead in 679
Five bleeding wo 285
Fix my new hear 377
Fix, O fix my wa 321
Fix'd on this gro 470
Flow, wondrous s 141
Follow'd by thei 648
Foolish, and impo 455
For each assault 512
For friends and b 155
For God has mar 446
For God made fle 63
For her my tears 147
For his truth and 15
For Jesus, my Lo 275
For Jesus' sake a 231
For love like this 410

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