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6 Turn, mortal, turn; thy soul apply
To truths divinely given:

The dead who underneath thee lie,
Shall live for hell or heaven.



Sin kills beyond the tomb.

C. M.

AIN man, thy fond pursuits forbear;
Repent, thine end is nigh;

Death, at the farthest, can't be far:
O think before thou die.

2 Reflect, thou hast a soul to save;
Thy sins, how high they mount!
What are thy hopes beyond the grave?
How stands that dark account?

3 Death enters, and there's no defence; His time there's none can tell; 1 He'll in a moment call thee hence, To heaven, or down to hell.

4 Thy flesh (perhaps thy greatest care) Shall into dust consume;

But, ah! destruction stops not there;
Sin kills beyond the tomb.


Fear of hell.

C. M.

TERRIBLE, thought!,shall I,
ERRIBLE thought! shall I alone,

Of all, alas! whom I have known,
Through sin forever die?

2 While all my old companions dear,
With whom I once did live,
Joyful at God's right hand appear,
A blessing to receive:-

3 Shall I, amidst a ghastly band,
Dragg'd to the judgment-seat,
Far on the left with horror stand,
My fearful doom to meet?

4 Ah! no;-I still may turn and live,
For still his wrath delays;
He now vouchsafes a kind reprieve,
And offers me his grace.

5 I will accept his offers now-
From every sin depart―
Perform my oft-repeated vow,
And render him my heart.

6 I will improve what I receive,
The grace through Jesus given;
Sure, if with God on earth I live,
To live with God in heaven.


6th P. M. 6 lines 7s.


What sin hath done.

EARTS of stone, relent, relent!
Break, by Jesus' cross subdued;

See his body mangled, rent,

Stain'd and cover'd with his blood! Sinful soul, what hast thou done? Crucified the' eternal Son.

2 Yes, thy sins have done the deed;
Driven the nails that fix'd him there;
Crown'd with thorns his sacred head;
Plunged into his side the spear;

Made his soul a sacrifice,

While for sinful man he dies.

3 Wilt thou let him bleed in vain? Still to death thy Lord pursue? Open all his wounds again,

And the shameful cross renew? No; with all my sins I'll part; Saviour, take my broken heart.



8th P. M. 87, 87, 47.

The invitation.

COME, ye sinners, poor and needy,

Weak and wounded, sick and sore; Jesus ready stands to save you, Full of pity, love, and power: He is able,

He is willing: doubt no more.

2 Now, ye needy, come and welcome; God's free bounty glorify;

True belief and true repentance,— Every grace that brings you nigh,— Without money,

Come to Jesus Christ and buy.

3 Let not conscience make you linger;
Nor of fitness fondly dream:
All the fitness he requireth
Is to feel your need of him :
This he gives you,

'Tis the Spirit's glimm'ring beam.
4 Come, ye weary, heavy-laden,
Bruised and mangled by the fall;
If you tarry till you're better,
You will never come at all;
Not the righteous,
Sinners Jesus came to call.

5 Agonizing in the garden,
Your Redeemer prostrate lies;
On the bloody tree behold him!
Hear him cry, before he dies,
It is finish'd!-

Sinners, will not this suffice?

6 Lo! the' incarnate God, ascending,
Pleads the merit of his blood:
Venture on him,-venture freely;
Let no other trust intrude:
None but Jesus

Can do helpless sinners good.

7 Saints and angels, join'd in concert,
Sing the praises of the Lamb;
While the blissful seats of heaven
Sweetly echo with his name:

Sinners here may do the same.



He waiteth to be gracious.

[ESUS, Redeemer of mankind,
Display thy saving power;

Thy mercy let the sinner find,
And know his gracious hour.

C. M.

2 Who thee beneath their feet have trod,
And crucified afresh,

Touch with thine all-victorious blood,
And turn the stone to flesh.

3 Open their eyes thy cross to see,-
Their ears, to hear thy cries:
Sinner, thy Saviour weeps for thee;
For thee he weeps and dies.

4 All the day long he meekly stands,
His rebels to receive;

And shows his wounds, and spreads his hands, And bids you turn and live.

5 Turn, and your sins of deepest dye
He will with blood efface;

E'en now he waits the blood to' apply;-
Be saved, be saved by grace.

6th P. M. 6 lines 7s.


Fly to Jesus.

WEARY souls, that wander wide

From the central point of bliss:

Turn to Jesus crucified;

Fly to those dear wounds of his : Sink into the purple flood;

Rise into the life of God.

2 Find in Christ the way of peace,
Peace unspeakable, unknown;
By his pain he gives you ease,
Life by his expiring groan:
Rise exalted by his fall;
Find in Christ your all in all,

3 0 believe the record true,
God to you his Son hath given;
Ye may now be happy too,

Find on earth the life of heaven:
Live the life of heaven above,
All the life of glorious love.

4 This the universal bliss,
Bliss for every soul design'd;
God's original promise this,
God's great gift to all mankind:
Blest in Christ this moment be,
Blest to all eternity.

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His bleeding heart shall make you room;
His open side shall take you in:
He calls you now, invites you home:
Come, O my guilty brethren, come.

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