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4th P. M. 886, 886.

The pure in heart shall see God.
AVIOUR, on me the grace bestow,
That, with thy children, I may know
My sins on earth forgiven;

Give me to prove the kingdom mine,
And taste, in holiness divine,
The happiness of heaven.

2 Me with that restless thirst inspire,
That sacred, infinite desire,

And feast my hungry heart;
Less than thyself cannot suffice;
My soul for all thy fulness cries,-
For all thou hast and art.

3 Jesus, the crowning grace impart;
Bless me with purity of heart,
That now beholding thee,

I soon may view thy open face,
On all thy glorious beauties gaze,
And God forever see.


C. M..

A perfect heart the Redeemer's throne.
FOR a heart to praise my God,
heart from sin set free;

A heart that always feels thy blood,
So freely spilt for me:-

2 A heart resign'd, submissive, meek,
My great Redeemer's throne;
Where only Christ is heard to speak,-
Where Jesus reigns alone.

3 0 for a lowly, contrite heart,
Believing, true, and clean;

Which neither life nor death can part
From Him that dwells within:-

4 A heart in every thought renew'd,
And full of love divine;

Perfect, and right, and pure, and good,
A copy, Lord, of thine.

5 Thy nature, gracious Lord, impart;
Come quickly from above;

Write thy new name upon my heart,-
Thy new, best name of Love.



The new covenant.

L. M.

GOD, most merciful and true, Thy nature to my soul impart ; 'Stablish with me the cov'nant new, And stamp thine image on my heart. 2 To real holiness restored,

O let me gain my Saviour's mind; And in the knowledge of my Lord, Fulness of life eternal find.

3 Remember, Lord, my sins no more, That them I may no more forget; But, sunk in guiltless shame, adore, With speechless wonder, at thy feet. 4 O'erwhelm'd with thy stupendous grace, I shall not in thy presence move; But breathe unutterable praise,

And rapt'rous awe, and silent love.

5 Then every murm'ring thought, and vain, Expires, in sweet confusion lost:

I cannot of my cross complain,—
I cannot of my goodness boast.

6 Pardon'd for all that I have done,
My mouth as in the dust I hide;
And glory give to God alone,-
My God in Jesus pacified.


5th P. M. 4 lines 7s.

Perfect submission.

WHEN, my Saviour, shall I be
Perfectly resign'd to thee?

Poor and vile in my own eyes,
Only in thy wisdom wise?

2 Only thee content to know,
Ignorant of all below?
Only guided by thy light?
Only mighty in thy might?
3 So I may thy Spirit know,
Let him as he listeth blow:
Let the manner be unknown,
So I may with thee be one :-
4 Fully in my life express
All the heights of holiness;
Sweetly let my spirit prove,
All the depths of humble love.


Christ all in all.

L. M.

OLY, and true, and righteous Lord,

HI wait to prove thy perfect will:
Be mindful of thy gracious word,
And stamp me with thy Spirit's seal.
2 Open my faith's interior eye:
Display thy glory from above;
And all I am shall sink and die,
Lost in astonishment and love.
3 Confound, o'erpower me by thy grace;
I would be by myself abhorr'd;
All might, all majesty, all praise,
All glory, be to Christ my Lord.
4 Now let me gain perfection's height;
Now let me into nothing fall,
As less than nothing in thy sight.
And feel that Christ is all in all.


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1st P. M. 6 lines 8s.

The prize of our high calling. thee, great God of love, I bow,

By faith I see thee passing now:

I have, but still I ask for more:
A glimpse of love cannot suffice;
My soul for all thy presence cries.
2 More favour'd than the saints of old,
Who now by faith approach to thee,
Shall all, with open face, behold
In Christ, the glorious Deity;
Shall see and put salvation on,
The nature of thy sinless Son.

3 This, this is our high calling's prize;
Thine image in thy Son I claim;
And still to higher glories rise,

Till, all transform'd, I know thy name,
And glide to all my heaven above,-
My highest heaven in Jesus' love.


Mark of perfection.

L. M.

WHAT! never speak one evil word?

Or rash, or idle, or unkind?

O how shall I, most gracious Lord,
This mark of true perfection find?
2 Thy sinless mind in me reveal;
Thy Spirit's plenitude impart;
And all my spotless life shall tell
The' abundance of a loving heart.

Renouncing all for Christ.

L. M.

COME, Saviour, Jesus, from above,
Assist me with thy heavenly grace;
Empty my heart of earthly love,
And for thyself prepare the place.

20 let thy sacred presence fill,
And set my longing spirit free;
Which pants to have no other will,
But night and day to feast on thee.
3 While in this region here below,
No other good will I pursue:
I'll bid this world of noise and show,
With all its glitt'ring snares, adieu.

4 That path with humble speed I'll seek,
In which my Saviour's footsteps shine,
Nor will I hear, nor will I speak,
Of any other love but thine.

5 Henceforth may no profane delight
Divide this consecrated soul;
Possess it thou, who hast the right,
As Lord and Master of the whole.

6 Nothing on earth do I desire,
But thy pure love within my breast;
This, only this, will I require,
And freely give up all the rest.


The perfect law of love.

THE thing my God doth hate,
That I no more may do,
Thy creature, Lord, again create,
And all my soul renew:

2 My soul shall then, like thine,
Abhor the thing unclean,
And, sanctified by love divine,
Forever cease from sin.

3 That blessed law of thine;
Jesus, to me impart;

The Spirit's law of life divine,
O write it on my heart!

S. M.

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