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25th P. M. 77, 87, 77, 87.

Fearless in the fire of tribulation.
EAD of the Church triumphant,

H We joyfully adore thee;

Till thou appear, thy members here
Shall sing like those in glory:
We lift our hearts and voices
With blest anticipation;
And cry aloud, and give to God
The praise of our salvation.

2 Thou dost conduct thy people
Through torrents of temptation;
Nor will we fear, while thou art near,
The fire of tribulation:

The world, with sin and Satan,

In vain our march opposes;

By thee we shall break through them all, And sing the song of Moses.

3 By faith we see the glory

To which thou shalt restore us; The cross despise for that high prize Which thou hast set before us: And if thou count us worthy,

We each, as dying Stephen,

Shall see thee stand, at God's right hand, To take us up to heaven.


25th P. M. 77, 87, 77, 87.

Triumphing in delivering grace.

WORSHIP, and thanks, and blessing,

And strength ascribe to Jesus;

Jesus alone defends his own,

When earth and hell oppress us.

Jesus with joy we witness,
Almighty to deliver;

Our seals set to, that God is true,
And reigns a King forever.

2 Omnipotent Redeemer,

Our ransom'd souls adore thee;
Our Saviour thou, we find it now,
And give thee all the glory.
We sing thine arm unshorten'd,
Brought through our sore temptation:
With heart and voice in thee rejoice,
The God of our salvation.

3 The world's and Satan's malice,
Thou, Jesus, hast confounded;
And by thy grace, with songs of praise,
Our happy souls resounded.
Accepting our deliv'rance,

We triumph in thy favour;

And for the love which now we prove,
Shall praise thy name forever.


1st P. M. 6 lines 8s.

The ever-present Saviour

ESUS, to thee our hearts we lift,

With thanks for thy continued gift,
That still thy gracious Name we know;
Retain our sense of sin forgiven,
And wait for all our inward heaven.

2 What mighty troubles hast thou shown
Thy feeble, tempted foll'wers here:
We have through fire and water gone;
But saw thee on the floods appear,
And felt thee present in the flame,
And shouted our Deliv'rer's name.
3 Thou who hast kept us to this hour,
O keep us faithful to the end!
When, robed in majesty and power,

Our Jesus shall from heaven descend,
His friends and witnesses to own,
And seat us on his glorious throne.


L. M.

God, my glory and my shield.

THE tempter to my soul hath said,—
There is no help in God for thee:
Lord, lift thou up thy servant's head;
My glory, shield, and solace be.
2 Thus to the Lord I raised my cry;-
He heard me from his holy hill;
At his command the waves roll'd by;
He beckon'd, and the winds were still.
3 I laid me down and slept,-I woke;
Thou, Lord, my spirit didst sustain;
Bright from the east the morning broke,-
Thy comforts rose on me again.

4 I will not fear, though armed throngs Surround my steps in all their wrath; Salvation to the Lord belongs;

His presence guards his people's path.


L. M.

His everlasting arms of love.
[OW do thy mercies close me round!
Forever be thy Name adored;


I blush in all things to abound;
The servant is above his Lord.
2 Inured to poverty and pain,
A suff'ring life my Master led;
The Son of God, the Son of man,
He had not where to lay his head.
3 But lo! a place he hath prepared
For me, whom watchful angels keep;
Yea, he himself becomes my guard;
He smooths my bed, and gives me sleep.
4 Jesus protects; my fears, begone:
What can the Rock of Ages move?
Safe in thy arms I lay me down,-
Thine everlasting arms of love.



Continued.-Confident security. THILE thou art intimately nigh, Who, who shall violate my rest? Sin, earth, and hell, I now defy:

L. M.

lean upon my Saviour's breast. 2 I rest beneath the' Almighty's shade, My griefs expire, my troubles cease; Thou, Lord, on whom my soul is stay'd, Wilt keep me still in perfect peace. 3 Me for thine own thou lov'st to take, In time and in eternity;

Thou never, never wilt forsake

A helpless worm that trusts in thee.


Steadfast reliance upon the promises.

AWAY, my needless fears,

And doubts, no longer mine; A ray of heavenly light appears,— A messenger divine.

2 Thrice comfortable hope,

That calms my troubled breast; My Father's hand prepares the cup, And what he wills is best.

3 If what I wish is good,

And suits the will divine,

By earth and hell in vain withstood,
I know it shall be mine.

4 Still let them counsel take

To frustrate his decree;
They cannot keep a blessing back,

By Heaven design'd for me.

5 Here then I doubt no more, But in his pleasure rest;

S. M.

Whose wisdom, love, and truth, and power, Engage to make me blest.


C. M.

Grateful praise for delivering mercy.
THOU, who, when we did complain,
Didst all our griefs remove;

O Saviour, do not now disdain
Our humble praise and love.
2 Since thou a pitying ear didst give,
And hear us when we pray'd,
We'll call upon thee while we live,
And never doubt thy aid.

3 Pale death, with all his ghastly train,
Our soul's encompass'd round;
Anguish, and fear, and dread, and pain,
On every side we found.

4 To thee, O Lord of life, we pray'd,
And did for succour flee:

O save,-in our distress we said,-
The souls that trust in thee.

5 How good thou art! how large thy grace! How ready to forgive!

Thy mercies crown our fleeting days;
And by thy love we live.

6 Our eyes no longer drown'd in tears,
Our feet from falling free;

Redeem'd from death and guilty fears,
O Lord, we'll live to thee.


All things in Christ.

THOU very present aid

In suff'ring and distress;

S. M.

The mind which still on thee is stay'd,

Is kept in perfect peace.

2 The soul by faith reclined

On the Redeemer's breast,

'Mid raging storms, exults to find An everlasting rest.

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