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reason of their worldliness is that they do not attend to and believe, as they ought, that word, the fruit of which delivers men from the present evil world, by bringing them under the power of the world that is to come.

Believing study of the word of God is radical in the Christian's life Nothing can be its substitute. The excitement of ever-occuring public meetings, the restless activity of external service, however good in their own way, ought not to take its place, for they cannot serve its purpose.

The neglect of it in our times, even by multitudes of professed Christians, and the casual, unfrequent, perfunctory manner in which many real Christains attend to it, sufficiently account for that comparative want of fruit, amid abundance of leaves, and even of blossoms, which is, I am afraid, one of the characters of our age.

If we continue in his word—in believing it—studying it—working it into our inmost minds and hearts—if we continue in his word, then shall we be his disciples indeed; not otherwise.

CHRIST IS ALL IN ALL. Col. 3. 3. "In Christ are hid all the treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge."

Christ,—Christ in all his offices—Christ as prepared for us of God, is the foundation upon which Israel stands. He is the Rock upon which his Church is built, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against that Church. Let the world rise up against her and lay her borders waste with fire and sword—let corruption prevail within her gates—let the devil rage, an enemy in her camp—let believers cry in despair "We perish"—let the waves dash over the fisher's boat and threaten its destruction—all in vain! for Jesus is there, and a voice is heard, "Wherefore so fearful? Even here there is no danger!"

But in order to realize his comforting presence, we must lean upon him—he must be our strength—he must be the spring of all our actions—he must be the righteousness of which we boast—he must be the path which we tread in daily life.

Sinner! thou dwellest in a house that has no foundation, and which is liable to be overthrown by the first tempest that may chance to blow. Then, if not before, wilt thou be convinced of thy weakness—of the high demands of the law—of the infinite holiness of God,—of thy dependency—of thy blindness—of thy perverseness. Then wilt thou gladly look to Christ, who is ready to save them that are lost—and sing in triumph,

"The ground of my profession is Jesus and his blood;
He gives me the possession of everlasting good.
Myself and whatsoever is mine, I cannot trust—
Tm gift of Christ my Savior, remains my only boast.

Should earth lose its foundation, he stands my lasting Rock,
No temporal desolation, shall give my love a shock!
I'll cleave to Christ my Savior, no object, small or great
Nor height nor depth, shall ever, me from him separate.

It in all important for us frequently to examine the ground of our hopes, anil if, after so doing, we conclude that we are nothing —that Christ is everything, we have reason to believe that our ground is firm. Reader! is Christ the foundation of thy religion? Hast thou begun to see the vastness of thy sin and misery—and art thou desirous of being freed therefrom? Dost thou daily decrease—and does Christ in thee increase? and dost thou believe that withimt him thou canst do nothing?—Krumacher.


The Anniversary day of the Moravian Home Mission Society, will, by Divine permission, be celebrated at Bethlehem, May 10th 1854. The officers of our Auxiliary Societies, and our missionaries in the field, will please receive this announcement as to them respectively, and personally addressed, and, as far as possible, make their annual returns at an early day, and also send in such particulars, at their disposal, that might in any degree add to the interest of the proceedings of the day.

Br. M. C. Jones, assisted by several sisters, devoted to the cause, will, by appointment, gather in the annual contributions of members of the Society in the Borough of Bethlehem.

F. Wolle, Secretary.

Weekly Accounts From The Unity's Elders' Conference. January 1st, to February 28th, 1854.

I. From St. Thomas we received the distressing intelligence that the cholera had broken out in that island, and that great mortality prevailed, though confined as yet to the black population. Our missionaries in 8t. Kitts were also in anxiety respecting this malady, as it had visited the neighboring island of Nevis. We commend them to the protection of our graCiouh Lord.

8. Oct. 24th. At Groenekleof, the single br. W. Bauer was united in holy matrimony to the single sr. Louisa Catherine Stein. Br. Breutel was writing at Goedverwacht, where a school has been commenced and a congregation collected. The brn. Breutel and Koelbing purposed setting out to our remoter settlements on the 23rd of November. The Hottentot families returned to Shiloh. were suffering from want, but our brethren and sisters aff orded them all the relief in their power. The harvest promised well. Br. Gysin. having recovered from a dangerous attack of fever, had set out on a journey to Fort Peddie, in order to fetch away the goods of our missionaries left there since their flight from Mamre.

3. Dec. 2nd. Br. James Young Edgbill of Barbadoes, was ordained a deacon of the Brethren's Chnrch by br, Westerby, at St. John's in Antigua. Br. J. Mirian, called to the Danish West Indies, reached London, Jan. 7th.

4. The single sr. M. E. Beck, of Christiansfeld, has been called to the mission in Greenland.

5. Br. Jacob Mueller, warden of the congregation at Niesky, has been called to the same office at Gnadau, in place of br. J. Augustus Friedrich, who has taken on his own account the former congregation shop.

6. Br. Theodore Levin Reichel, warden of the single brethren at Gnadenfrey has been called as congregation-warden to Gnadenfrey. Br. Frederic Suter entered on his office as single brethren's laborer at Gnadenfeld on January 1st.

7. Departed this life :—

Christiansfeld, Dec. 16th, the married br. C. P. Hellstroem, formerly diaspora laborer in Sweden, in his 60th year.

Dec. 28th, the widow sr. Cecilia Grillich, formerly, with her husband, engaged fn the service of the Greenland mission, in her 91st year.

8. The Centenary Meeting of the Ministers' Conference will be held, (D. V.) at Herrnhut, June 14th.

The single br. James Ward, of Fulneck congregation, has received a call to be assistant teacher in the Normal School at Fairfield in Jamaica.


Departed this life on the 8th of March 1854. at Bethlehem br. Abraham Luckenbach, aged 76 years, 10 months and 3 days. He had faithfully served the Lord for 48 years, as a missionary among the Delaware Indians both in the United States and Upper Caruv. da.

Correction.—A typographical error occurred in the last number of the Miscellany, which has, perhaps, not escaped the eye of some of our readers.—The Lines entitled " A Voice from Heaven," were, by mistake, inserted between, the obituary Notices, instead of being placed, as was intended, at the end of them.

Omitted in the obituary of sr. Eichler, the date of the day of her departure—January ISth.

Subscriptions received for the "Miscellany."

Bethlehem,—Mrs. Templeton, H. D. Bishop for himself, J. F. Strauss, 1854.

Philadelphia,—Miss Lizzie Kobinson.

Hope,—Fred. Gambold, Jos. Reed, Lewis Essex.

Donations towards Home Missions.

Reeeived of Andrew Seip, per br. E. Schweinitz $5 —

Received from "Ladies in the Sun Hotel," per Miss C. 26 — A HOM IIL,Y JOURML

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