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Strengthened in the inner man, while the outward one was visibly sinking away, and with the eye of faith constantly fixed on his crucified Redeemer, he patiently waited for the hour of his dismissal, which, almost unperceived by us, removed him at last to the mansions of eternal joy, at twelve o'clock at midnight, of the 8th of March, 1854; at the age of 76 years, 10 months and 3 days.

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librarian Cjrart| Pkellang.

WO. VII. JULY, 1854. VOL. V.


of the arrival and first settlement of the Moravian Brethren at Bethabara in Wachovia, on the Vlth of November 1753; and of some of the principal subsequent events.

(Continued from p. 161.)

The commencement of the labors of the brethren at Friedberg, dates from the 26th of November 1758; on which day br. Bachhof held the first meeting in the house of the late br. Spach; these meetings were continued from time to time, and in 1766 a piece of land was set apart for church purposes, a burial ground laid out, and a church building commenced, which was solemnly consecrated in March 1769, and stated service held once in every four weeks. Soon after, fourteen married couples formed themselves into a society, under the pastoral care of br. Bachhof, in connection with the church. This took place February 14th, 1770. In January 1772 this society was formally constituted as & Moravian brethren's congregation, in which, besides the preaching of the gospel and other means of grace, the sacraments were henceforth regularly administered, the first communion being held January 17th 1772.

The arrival of the above mentioned six german families was an unexpected occurrence, their object being to enter into church-connection with the brethren in Wachovia. On their voyage they suffered shipwreck near the coast of North Carolina, the lives of all, however, were spared. Among their number was br. Jacob Wohlfahrt. The following year their minister, br. Jacob Salle, also arrived with eight families. They now resolved to form a separate settlement, for which purpose the first lots were laid out in November 1770. In February 1772 the cornerstone was laid of the house destined for church and school purposes, and the name of Fritd

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