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WEEKLY ACCOUNTS From the Unity s Elders' Conference, Sept. 1<M to Oct. 7th, 1854.

1. On the 18th of Sept. br. Ernst Reichel set out for Frankfort on the Main, where he is to attend the church diet (Kirchentag) as the representative of the Brethren's Church.

2. At Mainre, in Groenekloof, br. Breutel ordained br. William Bauer a deacon of the Brethren's Church on the 25th of June, and br. Christian Frederick Franke a presbyter on the 2nd of June. Br. and sr. Breutel set sail from Capetown on the 26th of July, and arrived safely in London on the 6th of Sept. After getting through their engagements with the brethren and friends of our missions residing in that city, they proceeded on to Zeist, for the purpose of giving the Foreign Missionary Society of that congregation, which takes a very great interest in our South African mission, a report of the present condition of this field of the brethren's labors.

3. Letters from New Herrnhut, in Greenland, written at the close of July, state that, after a trying winter, the summer hunt had turned out well; the Greenlanders were every where supplied with food, and but little appearance of the previous scarcity was any longer visible. The Missionaries were well and in full activity. The summer had been unpropitious, and much snow still lay in the yards: the gardens could not be put in order before the end of June. In Lichtenfels however, but few seals had been captured, on account of the rainy weather which prevailed there; wherefore the Greenlanders had no surplus of meat, and a number of persons had died, making a total of thirty-one deaths this year.

4. Br. Badham of Sharon reports, under date of August 25th, that the cholera still carried off many victims, besides which the drought was great, and the want of provisions excessive. Some of our missionaries had had slight attacks of the prevailing disease, but, thanks to God, were all well again, though suffering much fatigue from the great exertions which they made to render both body and spiritual assistance to the sick and dying. Twenty thousand had fallen out of a population of one hundred and fifty thousand: the congregation in Sharon had lost 114 members, that at Bridgetown forty, Clifton Hill as many, and Mt. Tabor twenty. It is to be deplored that this visitation of providence seems to have made but little impression upon the hearts of the people.

Departed this life :

a, In Neudietendorf, the widowed sister Catharina Margaret Lehmann, late'Becker, in the sixty-first year of her age; she had. served for a length of time with her late husband on the mission in Greenland.

b, At Mount Zion, Indian Territory, on the 1st of August, the married br. Miles Vogler, in the forty-fourth year of his age; he was missionary for a number of years in the West Indies, and latterly amongst the Cherokee Indians.

c, At New Salem, Illinois, on the 15th of August, the married sister Louisa Laurette Seuseman, wife of the minister of that congregation, in the thirty-second year of her age.

Note. The Editor of the Miscellany thinks it due to br. Iversen, as well as to himself, to state that the last letter of br. Iversen, published in the October No. p. 305, is not a translation from the German, as were all the previous communications from this brother which appeared in the Miscellany; but it was written by br. Iversen himself in English, to the surprise of the Home Mission Board, and was only subjected to such corrections in orthography and style as were requisite for having it printed, without affecting its originality of thought and expression, which must have struck and pleased the heart of every humble christian reader.


Br. Levin T. Reichel, congregation-helper, minister, and marri'ed choir laborer, of our congregation at Litiz, Pa., has been called to take the place of our br. John G. Herman dec. as President of the Wachovia Provincial Helpers' conference and congregation-helper, at Salem, N. C. and will leave for that place in the early part of December. Br. Samuel Reinke, senior minister of our congregation at Bethlehem has been appointed to succeed br. L. Reichel in his several offices at Litiz. He left for that place on the 24th of November. Br. Francis F. Hagen, minister of our congregation at Friedberg, Wachovia, N. C. has received and accepted a call as minister of our congregation at York, Pennsylvania, and expected to enter upon his new field of labor in the latter part of November.—

Subscriptions received by br. C. F. Seidel. Phil— Mrs. Winner '55. Rev. W. Ramsey '55. Rob. Turner '54. New York.—Mrs. Charles Hicks '55. Newark.—Abraham H. Van Vleck $5 from '53 to '57. Norristown.—H. Leibert '54.

Donations received by br. C. F. Seidel. Rev. G. F. Kaufholz for the Foreign Mission $23. Female Missionary Society at Litiz for br. Iversen $25, for Utica $25.

Errata. The verse commencing at the ninth line from the top on page 343, shall read thus : '< Kar from their homes and Fanes they turn Amid the forest lone, For some rude glen., where they may Leak* Unnoticed and unknown.*' Anil the last eight pages of the Nov. Ne., after page 344 ought to read 345, 346, 347, 348, 349, 350, 351, and 362.

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