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I. From Members of the Brethren's Congregations &
Societies in connexion with them:

1. On Ihe continent of Europe $7114 40

2. In Great Britain and Ireland 6397 93
8. In North America 439 59

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II. Contributions from Societies & Individuals of other
Christian Denominations.

1. On the Continent of Europe

2. In Great Britain and Ireland

3. In North America

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HI. From the Society of the United Brethren for propagating the Gospel, at Bethlehem

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8288 21

III. For Education:

Of 155 children, and for 47 youths appenticsd

to trades, and 9 girls 13550 27

IV. Expenses for management, viz:— Agents and

Bookkeepers salaries, rent, stationery, postage,a&c. 2933 88

V. Extraordinary Expenses including contributions,

official journeys 1027 39

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or WEEKLY LEAVES, communicated by the U. E. C, from Oct. 9th, to Dec. 3rd, 1853.

'1. Our Labrador intelligence is this year confined to Hopedale. Out brethren there Were Very active in the erection of their new dwelling-house. The course of the congregation* was che6ri&g on tt»e wnole, and several of the, young people shewed evident traces of a real change of heart. The increasing connection between our missionaries and the southern Esquimaux and half-blood Europeans, Claims especial notice. At Easter they received many visits from these strangers, of which they availed themselves for setting before Eheiri the love and mercy of our Savior. One of them, John Reed, an European well known at Hopedale, was baptized along with his wife, at their own urgent request. Br. Kruth undertook a sledge journey to the south, in order to become better acquainted with these people, several of whom manifest a sincere desire for their soul's salvation', and for Christian fellowship. The national assistants Joel and Shem likewise paid them a visit, and spoke very highly of the desire which the Esquimaux evinced for God's word; they were obliged to give up to their importunate chtreatifis i\l the 'books they had with them. An official of the Efudson'pBay Company bestows much pains on the instruction of the Esquimaux children. ...

. 2. During this month, we received the accounts from our Greenland congregations which were still due, those, viz. from New Herrnhut, Lichtenau and Predericksthal. There is little difference ffi tnelr general tenor. The winter had been nlild, withoiit much »p6y, so that the Greenlanders had been successful in their occupations abroad. At New Herrnhut, our brethren are glad to see their people laying out their earnings, more sensibly than is their wont, on the improvement of their houses, clothing, etc. The health both of our missionaries and the Greenlanders was generally good.

As to the inward course of these congregations, it is not easy to give a general view. Amongst the young, especially, there is much indifference and love of outward indulgences; and universally more spiritual life is to be desired. Still there are a goodly number amongst whom the labor of our brethren and sisters is not in vain, as the happy departures of many bear pleasing evidence. The meetings and schools are, in general, well frequented, and Bible expositions find diligent and attentive hearers. Most of the out-places were visited in the course of the autumn. It is to be lamented that our out-lying population are in many instances prevented from visiting the settlements, not only by boisterous weather, but by want of boats. Indeed there is much that is far from satisfactory in this part of our charge, espeo

ially as regards the remoter out-stations. Our missionaries in every station express their thankfulness for the presents sent them, which enable them to provide many a treat for their poor people.

Oct. 4th. Br. Caspar Koegel of Lichtenfels, now on a visit home, had an interview with the Directing Board.

3. Br. Lewis Renatus Enderman has been obliged by illness to resign his post as Superintendent of the mission in the Banish West Indies, and arrived in Herrnhut, Nov. 3rd.

4. Br. Rudolph Koelbing, of Gnadedthal, informs us, under date of September 14th, that the consecration of the newly built chapel at Twist wyk took place on the 21st of August, and of that at Houtkloof on the 4th of September. Both solemnities were attended by a large number of attentive hearers. Br. and sr. Theodore Kuester have removed from Clarkson to Gnadenthal. The Governor-general had given leave to rebuild Goshen; accompanied, however, by the condition that Pingoos only, to the exclusion of Kaffirs and Tambookies, should be admitted as inhabitants. Our missionaries regret that their opportunities for benefiting the two last-mentioned tribes are more and more restricted. Br. Gysin of Shiloh, was laid up by a rheumatic fever, according to a letter from br. Bonatz of August 27th.

Br. Breutel, in a letter of September 7th, from the island of Ascension, reports his prosperous voyage up to that date. He hoped to reach Cape Town in another fortnight.

,5. Sept. 28th. Br. W. Dickinson, Laborer at Risely, was ordained a deacon of the Brethren's Church by br. Seifferth, at Ockbrook; as were br. Emil Stobwasser, laborer of the single brethren at Kleinwelke, and br. Christopher Schondorf, called to Australia, by br- Matthiesen, on Oct. 13th, at Kleinwelke.'

6. From Emmaus in St. Jan, intelligence has reached us, that it has pleased the Lord to call home to himself the married sr. Johanna Christina Kcester in her 44th year. Br. C. H. Baum, member of the Mission Conference in Antigua, has been called to the Danish Islands, as likewise br. J. Merian, teacher of the dayschool at Herrnhut. Br. Herman E. Martin has been called from St. Kitts to Antigua.

7. At Bluefields, on the Mosquito Coast, the single br. J. Eu^
undberg was united in holy matrimony to the single sr. nt
,nt. Glceckler, Aug. 30.

~" . C. F. Enkelman, single brethren's laborer in Gnadenfeld,

i called to the service of the Diaspora is Livonia. it Neuwied, Oct. 23d, br. E- Martin Achtnich, director of nercial School, was ordained a Deacon of the Brethren's by br. H. Theodore Dober. ,10. At Koenigsfeld, Oct. 31st, the single br. Traugott Clemens, *prer of the societyin Zurich, was married to the single sr. Ju"''' ypn Wider.

11. Departed this life:

Herrnhut, Nov. 28th, the married br. G. Alexander Henningsen formerly Director in several schools, in his 70th year.

Dec. 2nd, sr. Minna Henrietta Goerlitz, wife of br. C.

Ferd. Goerlitz, clerk in the office of the Unity's Warden's College, in her 37th year.

Niesky, Nov. 28th, the widow sr. A. Dorothy Hopf, who with her husband has served in various congregations, aged 71 years.



"And Jesus looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury. And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites. And he said, of a truth I say unto you, thai this poor widow hath cast in more than they all. For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God; but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had."— Luke xxi. 1—4.

A little pale boy was seated in the kitchen of a small cottage, and occupied in reading the Bible. His mother was busily engaged in sewing, when she was suddenly surprised by hearing the child exclaim, "Oh, mother, I am so very happy!" and the little fellow rose from his seat and came to her, and laid his head upon her lap.

The mother's eyes filled with tears, for she thought that the little boy had very few things to make him happy, as he was sick and lame, and they were so poor that he neither had warm clothes nor proper food; but she only said, "And what is it that makes you happy, Richard?"

The boy lifted up his pale thin face, and said, "I do love God so, dear mother; he is so good."

"And what has put that into your mind just now?" she asked.

"I have been reading about the creation, mother, and how wicked the people became after God had made the beautiful world for them; and yet, although they kept on rebelling against him, he was full of mercy. He would have spared the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, if only ten righteous men could have been found in them; and then he let Noah be a hundred and twenty years in ■preparing the ark, and yet the people repented not. But the greatest goodness of God was in sending Jesus to die for us. Oh, mother! when I think upon all that God has done, and Jesus has

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