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The rolling sun, the changing light, Such was thy truth and such thy zeal, And nights and days thy power confess; Such deference to thy Father's will, But the blest volume thou hast writ, Such love and meekness so divine, Reveals thy justice and thy grace.

I would transcribe and make them mine.

Sun, moon, and stars convey thy praise Cold mountains and the midnight air
Round the whole earth and neverstand; Witnessed the fervor of thy prayer;
So when thy truth began its race, The desert thy temptations knew,
It touched and glanced on every land. Thy conflict, and thy victory too.

Nor shall thy spreading gospel rest,
Till thro' the world thy truth has run ;
Till Christ has all the nations blest,
That see the light, or feel the sun.

Be thou my pattern : may I bear
More of thy gracious image here!
Then God, the Judge, shallown myname
Among the followers of the Lamb.




The Altar and the School.
When driven by oppression's rod,
Our fathers fled beyond the sea,
Their care was first to honor God,
And next to leave their children free.


Entire Trust. Mrs. WILLARD.
Rocked in the cradle of the deep,
I lay me down in peace to sleep;
Secure I rest upon the wave,
For thou, O Lord, hast power to save.

Above the forest's gloomy shade I know thou wilt not slight my call,
The altar and the school appeared: For thou dost mark the sparrow's fall;
On that, the gifts of faith were laid; And calm and peaceful is my sleep,
In this their precious hopes were reared. Rocked in the cradle of the deep.
The altar and the school still stand,

And such the trust that still were mine, The sacred pillars of our trust; Tho'stormy windsswept o'er the brine, And freedom's sons shall fill the land Or though the tempest's fiery breath When we are sleeping in the dust. Rouse me from sleep towreck and death!

Before thine altar, Lord, we bend, In ocean caves is safe with thee,
With grateful song and fervent prayer; The germ of immortality;
For thou, who wast our fathers' friend, And calm and peaceful is my sleep,
Will make our offspring still thy care. Rocked in the cradle of the deep.
Old and New.

9. Progress of Truth.
Oh, sometimes gleams upon our sight, UPON the gospel's sacred page
Thro' present wrong, the eternal Right; The gathered beams of ages shine;
And step by step, since time began, And, as it hastens, every age
We see the steady gain of man. But makes its brightness more divine.



For all of good the past hath had
Remains to make our own time glad,
Our common, daily life divine,
And every land a Palestine.

On mightier wing, in loftier flight,
From year to year does knowledge soar;
And, as it soars, the gospel light
Adds to its influence more and more.

Through the harsh noises of our day, More glorious still as centuries roll,
A low, sweet prelude finds its way ; New regionsblest,new powersunfurled,
Thro'cloudsofdoubt,and creeds offear, Expanding with the expanding soul,
A light is breaking calm and clear. Its waters shall o'erflow the world :

Henceforth my heart shall sigh no more Flow to restore, but not destroy ; For olden time and holier shore : As when the cloudless lamp of day God's love and blessing, then and there, Pours out its flood of light and joy, Are now and here and everywhere. And sweeps each lingering mist away.

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IO. Of such is the Kingdom. Epis. Coll.

Thou seenest human and divine,

The highest, holiest manhood, thou: As the sweet flower that scents the morn,

Our wills are ours, we know not how; But withers in the rising day,

Our wills are ours, to make them thine. Thus lovely was this infant's dawn, Thus swiftly fled its life away.

I 2. Prayer for Pity. It died ere its expanding soul Had ever burned with wrong desires, Of all we have or hope the spring,

O GOD, our Father and our King, Had ever spurned at Heaven's control, Send down thy spirit from above, Or ever quenched its sacred fires.

And warm our hearts with holy love. It died to sin; it died to cares ;

But for a moment felt the rod, With pity let our hearts o'erflow, O mourner, such the Lord declares,- When we behold another's woe; Such are the children of our God. And bear a sympathizing part

With all who are of heavy heart.

Strong Son of God.
STRONG Son of God, immortal Love, Let love in all our conduct shine,

Whom we,that have not seen thy face, An image fair, though faint, of thine;

By faith, and faith alone, embrace, And thus may we thy children prove, Believing where we cannot prove ! The objects of thy boundless love.


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13. Jesus Preaching the Gospel. Bowring.

Hymn of Trust. How sweetly flowed the gospel's sound Love Divine that stoops to share

From lips of gentleness and grace, Our sharpest pang, our bitterest tear, As list’ning thousands gathered round, On thee we cast each earth-born care,

And joy and rev'rence filled the place. We smile at pain while thou art near! From heaven he came, of heaven he Though long the weary way we tread, spoke,

And sorrows crowd each ling'ring To heaven he led his followers' way;

year, Dark clouds of gloomy night he broke, No path we shun, no darkness dread, Unveiling an immortal day.

Our hearts still whisp'ring, thou art “Come wand'rers to my Father's home, Come, all ye weary ones and rest!"

When drooping pleasure turns to grief, Yes ! sacred teacher, we will come,

And trembling faith is turned to fear, Obey thee, love thee, and be blest.

The murmuring wind,thequivering leaf,

Shall softly tell us, thou art near ! Decay, then, tenements of dust! Pillars of earthly pride, decay !

On thee we fling our burdening woe, A nobler mansion waits the just,

O Love Divine, forever dear,

Content to suffer, while we know, And Jesus has prepared the way.

Living and dying, thou art near. 14. Influence of Christian Woman. Bacon. 16.

The Acceptable Fast. “Where'er my Gospel is proclaimed,

This is the fast the Lord doth choose : Through the long ages yet to be, There shall this deed of love be named

Each heavy burden to undo, Which she this hour hath done for

The bands of wickedness to loose,

And bid the captive freely go. Lord, while our eyes on Mary rest, Let every vile and sinful yoke

And see the precious perfume poured, Of servile bondage and of fear, With thrilling power our tho’ts invest By mercy, love and truth be broke;

The sacred record of thy word. And from each eye wipe every tear. We bring to God in thy dear name, Yes, to the hungry deal thy bread ;

The tribute of our grateful praise, Bring to thy house the outcast poor, For many a deed, unknown to fame, There let the fainting soul be fed,

Where woman her true homage pays. Nor spurn the needy from thy door. Oh, not a work is wrought in vain And when thou seest the naked, spare

Where love like Mary's fills the heart; The raiment that his wants demand; Memorials of that love remain, Since all mankind thy kindred are, A sacred influence to impart.

To all thy charity expand.



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17. God with Us.

18. Universal Worship. O God, whose presence glows in all O Thou, to whom, in ancient time,

Within, around us, and above ! Thelyre of Hebrew bards was strung, Thy word we bless, thy name we call, Whom kings adored in song sublime, Whose word is Truth, whose name And prophets praised with glowing is Love.

tongue ! That truth be with the heart believed Not now on Zion's height alone,

Of all who seek this sacred place; Thy favored worshiper may dwell ; With power proclaimed, in peace re

Nor where, at sultry noon, thy Son ceived,

Sat weary by the patriarch's well. Our spirit's light, thy Spirit's grace. That love its holy influence pour,

From every place below the skies, To keep us meek and make us free,

The grateful song,the fervent prayer, And throw its binding influence more

The incense of the heart, may rise Round each with all,and all with thee.

To heav'n,and find acceptance there,

Send down its angel to our side ;

Send in its calm upon the breast : For we would know no other guide,

And we can need no other rest.

O Thou, to whom, in ancient time,

The lyre of prophet-bards was strung! To thee, at last, in every clime,

Shall temples rise,and praise be sung.

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