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A LL ye that pass by 21

y\. Awake and sing the Song . 3S

Attend while Ged's eternal Son ■ 41

Array'd in Mortal Flesh 71

Almighty God of Truth and Love . ■ 80

Awake our Souls, awake our Fears —— 9;

Away my unbelieving Fears ■ !26

Ah lovely Appearance of Death 130

And let this feeble Body fail . ■ I;;

All hail thou fusPring Son of God . 160

■3/3--A'l Praise to the I ord all Praise is his due 162

All Glory and Praise —— 165

Aloud 1 cried, aloud J pray'd 181

Arise my Soul with Wonder see 187


Eury'd in Shadows of the Night 63

Before Jehovah's awefui Throne ~—— 83

Blest are the Souh that hear and know — 106

■^ , Brethren let us join to bless jC9

Blest is tlu man and none but he 13;

Blest be the Father and his Love . 189


Come Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove 2

Come let us join our chearful 7

Come to Judgment come away! 20

Come Sinners to the Gospel Feast 22

Come ye that love the Lord 33

Christ the Lord is risen To Day 3 +

Come my Father's Family (o

Come thou Fount of every Blessing 75

Come let us ascend- my Companion and Friend 78

Come let us anew our Journey puisue — 90

Children os »he heav'n'v King ■ 91

Come let us all unite to praile 1 j j

Christ from whom all. Blessmg* Sow • 1j4

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To God the only wise ■ nS

Try us, O God, and search the Ground t»t

'Tts finish'd, the Redeemer said • ■ 123

The Lord supplies his People's Need 124.

Thou God of glorious Majesty . i;g

Thou Jesu art our King ■ 140

Twas on that dark that doleful Night 148

Thou very Paschal Lamb . 150

Thankful for our ev'iy Blessing . 154

'Tis done th' atoning Work is done — 158

This Cod is the God we adore 181

Th' extent of Jesu's Love ■ 184.


When with my Mind devoutly prest 29

World adieu! thou real Cheat _____ ;o

We give immortal Praise :— 4.8

With fiery Serpents greatly pain'd 50

We magnify thy Grace, O Lord 87

With Joy we meditate the Grace 101

Who hath our Report believed 171

When I survey th« wond'rous Cross 175

What shall we render unto Thee 170

When I travail in Distress . . 18c


Ye Servants of God your Master proclaim 39

Ye Servants of God whose diligent Care 62

Ye Nations who the Globe divide 97

Ye Saints and Servants of the Lord 188

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H Y M N I.

ISAIAH, LV. Ver. t. &c.


SO! cv'ry one that thirsts, draw nigh,
('Tfs God invites a fallen Race)
y and free Salvation buy,
Buy Wine, and Milk, and Gospel■Grace,
Come to the living Waters, come,

Sinners, obey your Maker's Call,
Return, ye weary Wand'rcrs, home,
And find my Grace reach'd out to all.

B See

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