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an Abomination to the LORD, Whatsoever ve do in Word or Deed, do all in the Name of the LORD JESUS, giving Thanks to GOD and the Father by Himn. Col. iji. 17.

Firft then, I have endeavoured to fele&t. fuch Hymns as may be 'mot Useful for Edification, in refpe&t of Plainnefs and Simplicity of Exprefion. Not but too many will think I have not succeeded in this point, and that there are Expressions, here and there; as abstruse as if they were writt.n

in Arabic. But let ibefe Readers turn to I Cor. ii. 14. and there they will find th: true Reason why they don't understand them, namely, because they are the very Words, or huve a very near Relation to the very Words of that divine Book which was given by the Inspiration of the Spirit of GOD. In order to guide fuch, I have put Marginal References where I thought needful, to keep them, if haply they may le kept, from despising the !Verds of God himself, and ignorantly fall into the grievous Sin-of ridiculing the Scriptures. But these may be also useful for others, and if rightly attended to, will point out many very édifying Paraphrases, in various Parts of this Book, upon the facred Text.

2dly, I have endeavcured to avoid inserting any thing that could tend to doubtful Disputations, therefore have contrived as far as possible in c:l'esting this little. Volume, to lay: afide all those Notions about Non-essentials, concerning which, the best Feople have and do differ, that uith one Heart, as well as one Voice, ail Christians may join in the Praises of cur common LORD) fay all Christians, for Fundamentals there are which we must infift upon, and which if any Man doth not maintain and believe, we cannot allow him to be a Christian. 2: -Therefore the Deist, must not be surprized to find, the Dignity of fallen Man, together with the moral



Re&titude of His Nature, the Sufficiency of Rea fon, and of the Light of Nature, and every other Article and Circumstance of the Infidel Creed, uta terly expunged. **The Arian will be much disappointed, if he expeets to find any thing herein, that in the least countenances the Nonsense as well as the Blaspheiny of a created or derivative God, or one Sentiment that tends to eclipse the glorious Beams of the SELF-EXISTENT SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. · The Socinian and Mahometan must renounce their * Koran, before they will be able to look upon the Great Prophet, Jesus of NAZARETH, as İMMANUEL, GOD WITH US, a Iruth that lies at the Root of Christianity, confequently is taught throughout this Book.

As for Papifts, either profeffed os doctrinal, they will find nothing about the Merit of Works, either before or after fuftification, but the whole of the Salvasion of Sinners is ascribed to the Atonement and Merit of the Blood and Righteousness of JEHOVAH. in our Nature, imputed thro' Grace; and applied by Faith, to the Sinner's Heart and Conscience, juftifying his Person, and renewing and fanétifsing his Nature, thro the Operation of the HOLY SPIRIT, of which he is thereby made a Partaker.

Hence the Antinomian must expeet but little Cina tentment in perusing the following Hymns, for they maintain, that without Holiness, (personal Holiness) wrought in the Soul of a Believer, by the Spirit OF GOD, delivering him from the + Dominion, and from * Koran, from the Arabic Karaa to read, fignifies

The Koran is that Book which the Followers of Mabomet look upon as their Bible; which corre. fponds with the Socinian Writers in allowing JESUS so be a Propbet, and no more, † Rom. vi. 14.

A 3

& Book


the *. Love of all Sing (whether inward or outward) no Mian fhall lee the Lord.

Nor will the mere Formalift, whatever outward Profefion he makes, whether Churchman or Diffenter, have much Taste for these Songs of Sion ; for they maintain

No outward Forms can make us clean, The Leprosy lies deep within. 3dly. As due Care is taken to make the Matter of these Hymns as Scriptural as possible, fo thou wilt find, gentle Reader, (and may/ thou find its Power and Sweetness in thy Soul) that Jesus the Great High Priest and blessed Apoftle of our Profeflion, is the grand Subj et (either mediately or immediately) of every Song, as He doubtless is of the whole Revelation of God-the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy, Rev. xix. 10. He is the way, the Truth, and the Life ; none can come to the Father, but by Him, Jobo xiv. 6. CHRIST is all and in all, Col. ii. II. He is the Alpha and OMEGA, the FIRST and LAST ; the BEGINNING and END, Rev. i. 8. xxi. 6. He therefore, in the Unity of the Eternal GOPHEAD, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, three divine Persons in one Self-existent IEHOVAH, is the God of t'e Christians. To this glorious Lord God of Heaven and Earth, may webe enabled to fing Praises with Understan ling! and to the Harmony of our Voices, add that of our Hearts and Lives! May these maintain a happy Concord with the Word and Will of Christ Jesus! untill we meet before the Ihrone of God and the LAMB, and with an innumerable Company of blefied Angels and the Spirits of just Men made perfect, prout furth the never erding Praises of Him that was dead, and is alive again, and nath Red cmed us untc GOD by his Blood. So be it Lozd Jesus!. timen, anil Arsen.

* Rom. vii. 22

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LL ye that pass by

Awake and fing the Song
Attend while God's eternal Son
Array'd in Mortal Flesh
Almighty God of Truth and Love
Awake our Souls, awake our Fears
Away my unbelieving Fears
Ah lovely Appearance of Death
And let this feeble Body fail
All hail thou suffring Son of God
All Praise to the Lord all Praise is his due
All Glory and Praise
Aloud I cried, aloud I pray'd
Arite my Soul with Wonder see

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Bury'd in Shadows of the Night

68 Before Jehovah's aweful Throne

83 Bleft are the Souls that hear and know

106 Brethren let us join to bless

109 Bleft is the man and none but he

13; Bleft be the Father and his Love


Come Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove
Come let us join our chearful Songs

Come to Judgment come away!
Come Sinners to the Gospel Feast

22 Come ye that love the Lord

33 Christ the Lord is risen To Day

34 Come my l'ather's Family

bo Come thou Fount of every Blesting

73 Come let us ascend, my Companion and Friend 78 Come let us anew our Journey pursue 90 Children of the heav'nly King

91 Come let us all unite to praise Christ from whom all. Blesings flow


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