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18. Worthy the Lamb.

1 Glory to God on high;
Let heav'n and earth reply,
“Praise ye his name!”
Angels his love adore,
Who all our sorrows bore;
And saints cry evermore,
“Worthy the Lamb'."

2 All they around the throne
Cheerfully join in one,
Praising his name:
We, who have felt his blood
Sealing our peace with God,
Sound his dear fame abroad;
Worthy the Lamb!

3 Join, all the ransom'd race,
Our Lord and God to bless;
Praise ye his name!
In him we will rejoice,
Making a cheerful noise,
And shout, with heart and voice,
Worthy the Lamb

4 Tho' we must change our place,
Yet shall we never cease
Praising his name;
To him we'll tribute bring,
Hail him our gracious king,
And, without ceasing, sing
Worthy the Lamb .

19. Before hearing. [Tune, Supplication.

1 Source of light and pow'r divine,
Deign upon the truth to shine!
Lord, behold, thy servant stands!
Lo, to thee he lifts his hands!
Satisfy his soul's desire,
Touch his lips with holy fire:
Source of light and pow'r divine,
Deign upon thy truth to shine!

2 Breathe thy Spirit, so shall fall
Unction sweet upon us all;
Till, by odours scatter'd round,
Christ himself be traced and found;
Then shall ev'ry raptur'd heart
Rich in peace and joy depart:
Source of light and pow'r divine,
Deign upon thy truth to shine!


Prayer answered by Crosses. L. M.

1 I ask'd the Lord that I might grow
In faith, and love, and ev'ry grace;
Might more of his salvation know,
And seek more earnestly his face.

2 'Twas He who taught me thus to pray,
And he, I trust, has answer'd pray'r;
But it has been in such a way
As almost drove me to despair.

3 I hoped that in some favour'd hour
At once he'd answer my request;
And, by his love's constraining pow'r,
Subdue my sins, and give me rest.

4 Instead of this, he made me feel
The hidden evils of my heart;
And let the angry pow'rs of hell
Assault my soul in ev'ry part.

5 Yea more, with his own hand he seem'd
Intent to aggravate my wo;
Cross'd all the fair designs I schem’d,
Blasted my gourds, and laid me low.

6 Lord, why is this, I trembling cry'd,
Wilt thou pursue thy worm to death?
“'Tis in this way, (the Lord reply'd,)
I answer pray’r for grace and faith.

7 “These inward trials I employ,
From self, and pride, to set thee free;
And break thy schemes of earthly joy,
That thou may'st find thy all in me.”


Freedom from care. 7.

l While I liv'd without the Lord,
(If I might be said to live)
Nothing could relief afford,
Nothing satisfaction give.

2 Empty hopes and groundless fears
Mov’d by turns my anxious mind,
Like a feather in the air,
Made the aport of ev'ry wind.

3 Now, I see, whate'er betide,
All is well if Christ be mine;
He has promis'd to provide,
I have only to resign.

4. When a sense of sin and thrall
Forc'd me to the sinner's Friend,
He engaged to manage all,
By the way and to the end.

5 “Cast, (he said,) on me thy care,
'Tis enough that I am nigh;
I will all thy burdens bear,
I will all thy wants supply.

6 “Simply follow as I lead;
Do not reason, but believe;
Call on me in time of need,
Thou shalt surely help receive.”

7 Lord, I would, I do, submit,
Gladly yield my all to thee;
What thy wisdom sees most fit
Must be, surely, best for me.

8 Only when the way is rough,
And the coward flesh would start,
Let thy promise and thy love
Cheer and animate my heart.

22. Weak believers encouraged. S. M. 1 Your harps, ye trembling saints, Down from the willows take:

Loud to the praise of love divine
Bid ev'ry string awake.

2 Tho' in a foreign land,
We are not far from home,
And nearer to our house above
We ev'ry moment come.

3 His grace will to the end 8tronger and brighter shine; Nor present things, nor things to come, Shall quench the spark divine.

4 Fasten’d within the veil,
Hope be your anchor strong;
His loving spirit the sweet gale
That wafts you smooth along.

5 Or, should the surges rise,
And peace delay to come,
Blest is the sorrow, kind the storm,
That drives us nearer home.

6 When we in darkness walk,
Nor feel the heav'nly flame,
Then is the time to trust our God,
And rest upon his name.

7 Tarry his leisure then,
Altho' he seem to stay:
A moment's intercourse with him
Thy grief will overpay.

8 Blest is the man, O God,
That stays himself on thee!
Who wait for thy salvation, Lord,
Shall thy salvation see.

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