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2 Give me a calm and thankful heart,
From ev'ry murmur free;
The blessings of thy grace impart,
And make me live to thee!

3 Let the sweet hope that thou art mine
My life and death attend;
Thy presence through my journey shine,
And crown my journey's end 1


Rejoicing in Hope. 7.

1 Children of the heav'nly King,
As ye journey sweetly sing;
Sing your Saviour's worthy praise,
Glorious in his works and ways.

2 Ye are trav’lling home to God
In the way the fathers trod;
They are happy now, and ye
Soon their happiness shall see.

3 O, ye banish'd seed, be glad,
Christ our advocate is made;
Us to save our flesh assumes,
Brother to our souls becomes!

4 Shout, ye little flock, and blest,
You on Jesu's throne shall rest;
There your seat is now prepard,
There your kingdom and reward,

5 Fear not, brethren, joyful stand
On the borders of your land;
Jesus Christ, your Father's Son,
Bids you undismay’d go on.

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; Lord, submissive make us go,
Gladly leaving all below;
Only thou our leader be,
And we still will follow thee.


Dismission, [Tune, Redeeming Grace.

Lond, dismiss us with thy blessing,
Fill our hearts with joy and peace;
Let us each, thy love possessing,
Triumph in redeeming grace!
O refresh us,
Travelling through this wilderness!

Thanks we give, and adoration,
For thy gospel's joyful sound;
May the fruits of thy salvation
In our hearts and lives abound!
May thy presence
With us evermore be found !

So, whene'er the signal's given
Us from earth to call away,
Borne on angels' wings to heav'n,
Glad to leave our cumbrous clay,
May we, ready,
Rise and reign in endless day!

103. lo.

1 Wass Sodom of old
Was delug'd with fire,

God's mercy and grace
Sav'd Lot from his ire;

And still, his great mercy
And goodness to shew,

This remnant in Sardis
Was precious, tho' few.

2 Herein we can trace,

And easily prove,

His care of his church,
The effects of his love;

In times of declension,
In peril, and fear,

His hand shall defend them,
He knows where they are.

3 Hold, patience and faith,

Till Jesus shall rise,

And bid thee possess
Thy seat in the skies;

The King in his beauty
Thine eyes shall survey,

And walk with the Lamb
In the regions of day!


Tune, Sproxton.

1 J Esus, lead me by thy power

Safe into thy promis'd rest;

Hide my soul within thy bosom,
Let me lean upon thy breast;

Feed me with thy heav'nly manna,
Bread that angels eat above;

Let me drink, from thee the fountain,
Draughts of everlasting love! :

... 7

Thro' the desert wild conduct me
With a glorious pillar bright,
In the day a cooling comfort,
And a cheering fire by night:
Be my guide in every peril,
Watch me hourly night and day,
Else my foolish heart will wander
From thy Spirit far away!

Nothing can preserve my going
But salvation full and free;
Nothing can my soul dishearten
But my absence, Lord, from thee;
Nothing can delay my progress,
Nothing can disturb my rest,
If I can, whate'er the danger,
Lean my Spirit on thy breast!

In thy presence I am happy,
In thy presence I’m secure,
In thy presence all afflictions
I can easily endure;
In thy presence I can conquer,
I can suffer, I can die;
Far from thee I faint and languish;
O, my Saviour, keep me nigh!

Christ our Shield.

MIx present help in trouble,

My soul's eternal lover,
Beneath thy shade
I hide my head *

"Till all the storm is over.

Thou, thou art our sure refuge

When earth and hell oppress us;
Both earth and hell
Bow down and feel

Th’ almighty name of Jesus.

With confidence I place me

Beneath thy name's protection;
Whilst thou art nigh
I dare defy

The hellish insurrection.

On the accusing serpent,

After thy great example,
Fearless I tread,
And bruise his head,

And on his kingdom trample.

I now admire the worthies

And saints in sacred story,
Their steps pursue,
Their wonders do,

And emulate their glory.

By faith they wax'd courageous,

And bade their foes defiance;
Strong in the Lord,
Escap'd the sword,

And stopp'd the mouths of lions.

By faith they conquer'd kingdoms,
And higher rose, and higher;
March'd thro' the sea,
Convoy'd by thee,
And walk'd unhurt in fire.



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