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The Technical Terms in the Arts and Sciences are
explained; the original Signification of the Names
of Men, Cities, Animals, &c. and from what
Language derived, render'd easy and intelligible.


Mythological Fables of the Heathens, wherever referr'd
to, historically related; difficult Passages cleared of
their Obscurity; and the Whole reduced to the
Standard of the English Idiom.

In T W E L V E B O O. K. S.
Embellished with a great Number of Copper-Plates.

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O Poem has had greater or juster Praise from the most eminent judges of * Literature, than PARAD Is E Lost, £ as well for the Sublimity of the Subječ "" and Sentiments, as the profound and extensive Learning it is enriched with. It compre£ends almost every Thing within the Extent of human Knowledge; but being wrote in the highest Stile of heroick Poetry, and the Thoughts, many of them express'd by Figures of Grammar and Rhetoric, being full of Digressions and Sentences transposed, as well as difficult Terms in the Mathematicks, History, Astronomy, Astrology, Geography, Architecture, Navigation, Anatomy, Alchymy, Divinity, and all other human Arts and Sciences, it hath so happened, that many Readers have been unable to see the Beauties of the Poem, for want of being able to come at the proper Explication of those things, which have been out of their Reach; and this must happen to a great many; for how few are there who have had

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