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Examine thyself and repent, before thou presume to eat of

1, that bread and drink of that cup.

Week's Preparation

For a Worthy Receiving of the

Lord's Supper,


As Recommended and Appointed by the

Consisting of
MEDITATIONs and PRAYERS for the Morning and
Evening of every Day in the Week ;

FORMs of Examination and Confession of Sins :

A Companion at the Altar,
Directing the Communicant in bis Behaviour and
Devotions at the LORD'S TABLE:

INSTRUCTIONS how to live well,

after receiving the



To which are added,
A Morning and Evening Prayer for the Closet or Family. ||

Printed for W. Bent, at the King's Arms, Paternoster-row,

and the other Proprietors.

140 hp7.51

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ADVERTISEMENT. This New Week's Preparation is published by the sano tion of his Majesty's Royal Licence, regularly transferred to William Bent, of London, bookseller ; and from him a part has been assigned to the London booksellers mentioned belou.

There are two editions of the work ; one on common paper, with a letter-press title and frontispiece, the other on fine paper, with a copper-plate title and frontispiece, and every genuine copy of them has, on the back of the title, the signature of the above proprietor.



Printed also for F. C. and J. Rivington; J. Walker; Scatcherd and Letterman; C. Law; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown; H. T. Hodgson; J. Richardson; J. M. Richardson • Sherwood, Neely, and Jones ; and Gale, Curtis, and Fenner.

D. Cock and Co. Printers, Dean-street, Soho, Londok.

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Tlie Preface:

The Week's Preparation.*

Reasons for publishing this New Ejaculations when we awake, i

Week's Preparation Page

i s when we arise. "

Keble's Week's Preparation ex- Prayers when dressed.

ceeding faulty, as it abounds

with many rapturous expres-

For Monday.

sions, fitter for a sensual lover A meditation for the morning.

than a worshipper of the all pure A prayer for the morning.


A meditation for the evening.

Bishop Stillingfleet's testimony. A prayer before examination: 11


against that way of worship. ii

Directions for self-examina- !

The way of worsliip made use of in

Keble's week's preparation has

- - - 19

greatly contributed toward the A form of Examination, vis.

decay of christian piety. iil
Many honest and well-meaning of our duty toward God. 1
christians have been thrown into

- our peighbour. -

despair by it,


- ourselves.

It has served to bring religion in-

if a child.

to ridicule and contempt, and to

if à parent. . -

harden the wicked and unthink-

if a brother or sister. 24

ing part of mankind against the

if a wife. - -

first efforts of reformation,' 'jii

if a husband. - 25

The love of God, as taught by

if a servant. - - 25

Keble's week's preparation,

ifa master or mistress. 26

very different from that taught - if a magistrate. - 20

us by Christ himself, and by A profession of godly sorrow for

St. John.

our sins.


The prayers and meditations in Eiaculations.

. SI

this New Week's Preparation A praver of resignation to the will

are such as can be warranted of God. - -


from the word of God itself, iv A prayer to conclude our devo-

Bishop Fleetwood's testimony tions for every day..

against the manner of worship Ejaculations at going to bed. 53


made use of in Keble's week's



For Tuesday.

An account of this work.

Meditation for the morning:
The duty of frequent communi-

A prayer for the morning.
The obligations for preparing |

Meditation for the evening.

ourselves for the Lord's sur prayer for the evening. - 43

The communion office must be

For Wednesday.

- carefully attended to. vii Meditation for the morning.

The usefulness of actual prepara- A confession of sins. - - 48


vii A prayer for God's mercy,

Dr. Waterland's commendation Meditation for the evening.

of the Week's Preparation. vii A prayer for the evening.

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