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To make this little work as useful to the learner as its limits will permit, a collection of maxims, words and phrases is here subjoined, for the benefit of those who are not familiar with the Latin and French, froin which they are selected. They may be written in short hand, the same as English, but should be distinguished by a line drawn over them.

Ab initio.-From the beginning.
Ab origine.-From the origin.

Aborigines. The first inhabitants of a country-as the Indians in America.

Accedas ad curiam.--You may approach the court.
Ac etiam.-And also.

Actio personalis moritur cum persona.-A personal action dies with the person.

Actus Dei nemini facit injuriam.--No one shall be injured through the act of God.


Actus legis nulli facit injuriam.-The act of the law does injury to no

Actus, me invito factus, non est meus actus.--An act done against my will is not my act.

Actus non facit reum, nisi mens sit rea.-The act does not make a man guilty, unless the mind be also guilty.

Ad eundem.-To the same.
Ad finem.--To the end.-Or the conclusion.
Ad infinitum.-To infinity.
Ad interim.-In the meanwhile.
Ad libitum.-At pleasure..
Ad quod damnum.--To what damage.
Ad referendum.-To be farther considered.
Adscriptus glebe.--Attached to the soil.
Ad valorem.--According to the value.
Affirmatim.-In tho affirmative..

A fin. French.--To the end.
A fortiori.-With stronger reason.
Ala mode. Fr.--According to the fashion.
Alias.--Otherwise, as Robinson alias Robson.
Alma mater..A benign mother.

Alumni.-Those who have received their education at a college, are called alumni of that college.

Amor patriæ.--The love of our country.
Anno Domini.--In the year of our Lord.
.Anno mundi.- In the year of the world.
Ante bellum.-Before the war.
A posteriori.--From the latter.
A priori.--From the former--in the first instance.
Aqua fortis.--Strong water.- Aqua regia.-Royal water.

Arcana imperii.--State secrets.-The mysteries of government.

- A secret.—The grand arcanumthe philosopher's stone.
Argumentum ad crumenam.-- An argument to the purse.
Argumentum ad hominem.--An argument to the man.
Argumentum ad judicium.-An argument to the judgment.
Assumpsit.—He assumed-he took upon him to pay.
Audi alteram partem.-Hear the other party.
Aula Regis.- The king's court.
Beau monde. Fr.-The gay world.-The world of fashion.
Bona fide.-In good faith.-Actually, in reality.
Bonhommie. Fr.-Goodnature.
Bon mot. Fr.-A good word.-A witticism.
Bonus.-A consideration for something received.
Cætera desunt. The remainder is wanting.
Canaille. Fr.-The rabble-the swinish multitude.
Cap à pié. Norm. Fr.-From head to foot.
Capias.-You may take.
Capias ad respondendum.--You take to answer.
Capias ad satisfaciendum.--You take to satisfy.
Carte blanche. Fr.-A blank sheet of paper.
Casus omissus.-An omitted case.
Caveat actor.--Let the actor or doer beware.
Caveat emptor.-Let the buyer beware.
Chef d'æuvre. Fr.--A master piece.-An unrivalled performance.
Cognovit actionem.--He has acknowledged the action.
Comitas inter gentes.-Politeness between nations.
Compos mentis.-A man of a sound and composed mind.
Consensus sacit legem.-Consent makes the law.
Coram nobis.-Before us.
Corps diplomatique. Fr.--The diplomatic body.
Coup d'essai. Fr.-A first essay.-An attempt.
Coup de main. Fr.-A sudden or bold enterprise.
Cui bono?--To what (or for whose) good--sc. will it tend?
Cui malo?—To what evil-sc. will it tend?
Data.—Things granted.
Début. Fr.–First appearance-on the stage, in public life, &c. &c.
De die in diem.-From day to day.
Dedimus potestatem.-We have given power.
De facto.-From the fact.
De jure.-From the law.
De mal en pis. Fr.-From bad to worse.
De novo.-Anew.-To commence de novo.
Depót. Fr.-A store or magazine.
Dernier resort. Fr.-The last resource.
Desideratum.-A thing desired.
Desperandum.-A thing, or event, to be despaired of.
Dictum de dicto.-Report upon hearsay.-Vague report.
Dies datus.-The day given.
Dies faustus.-A lucky day.
Dies infaustus.-An unlucky day.
Distringas.—You may distrain.
Droit des gens. Fr.-The law of nations.
Ducit amor patriæ.--The love of my country leads me.
Durante bene placito.-During our good pleasure.
Durante vita.-During life.-A clause in letters patent.
E converso.-Reversing the order of a proposition.

Elegit.--He has chosen.
En ami. Fr.---As a friend.
En avant! Fr.-Forward !-March on.
En masse. Fr.-In a body.- En foule.-In a crowd.
Eo instanti.--At that instant.
Eo nomine.-By that name.--Under that description.

E pluribus unum.-One of many.--The motto of the United States of America.

Erratum.-An error.- Errata.- Errors.
Esprit de corps. Fr.-The spirit of the body.
Esto perpetua.---Be thou perpetual.
Et cetera.-And the rest.
Ex.---Out.--Ex-minister, a minister out of office
Ex cathedra.-From the chair.
Excelsior.-More elevated.-Motto of the state of New York

Exceptio probat regulam.-The exception proves the existence of the rule,

Excerpta.-Extracts. - Abridged notices taken from a work.
Excessus in jure reprobatur.--All excess is condemned by the law.
Ex concesso.-From what has been granted.
Et curid.-Out of court.
Ex delicto.-From the crime.
Exempli gratia. Ex. gr.-As an example,-for instance.
Er facto jus oritur.-The law arises out of the fact
Er mero motu.-From a mere motion.
Ex necessitate rei. From the necessity of the case.
E: officio.-By virtue of his office.-As a matter of duty.
Ex parte.-On one side.
El post facto.- A law made to punish an act previously committed.
Er tempore.-Out of hand-without premeditation.
Fac similc.--Do the like.-A close imitation.
Faut pas. Fr.-A false step.--A mistake, a deviation from rectitude.
Felo de se. -- A felon of himself.
Femme couverte. Fr.-A covered, or married woman.
Femme sole. Fr.-A spinster-woman unmarried.
Fiat.-Let it be done.
Fiat lur.-Let there be light.
Fieri facias.-Cause it to be done.
Fille de chambre. Fr.-A chambermaid.
Finem respice,--Look to the end.
Fort. Fr.-Chief excellence.
Fugam fecit.-He has taken to flight.
Functus officio.-Discharged of duty.
Gratis.--For nothing.-Free of cost.
Gratis dictum.-Said for nothing,
Habeas corpus.--You may have the body.

Habeas corpus ad prosequendum.--You may have the body in order to prosecute.

Habeas corpus ad respondendum.-You may have the body to answer.
Habeas corpus ad satisfaciendum. You may have the body to satisfy.
Habere facias possessionem.--You shall cause to take possession.
Habere facias visum.-You shall cause a view to be taken.
Hors de combat. Fr.--Out of condition to fight.
Ibidem.-- Ibid.- In the same place.--A note of reference.
1. E. an abbreviation of id. est.-That is.
Ignis fatuus.--A foolish fire.-Will of the Wisp.

D 2

Ignoramus.--We are ignorant.-An uninformed blockhead.
Ignorantia facti excusat.-Ignorance of the fact excuses.

I. H. S.-An abbreviation of Jesus Hominum Salvator.- Jesus the Saviour of mankind.

Imperium in imperio.-A government existing within another govern. ment-as Pennsylvania within the general government of the U. States.

Imprimatur.-Let it be printed.
Impromptu.-In readiness.-A witticism made out of hand.
In capite.--In the head.
Incognito.- Unknown.-In disguise.
In curia.- In the court.
In dubiis.--In matters of doubt.-In cases of uncertainty.
In equilibrio.-In an even poise.
In esse.-In being.--In existence.
In extenso.--At large-in full.
In foro conscientiæ.-Before the tribunal of conscience.
In futuro.-In future. Henceforth.
In loco.-In the place.-In the proper place.-Upon the spot.
Innuendo.-By signifying.Thereby intimating
In presenti.--At the present time.
In rerum natura.--In the nature of things.
Instur omnium.--Like all the rest.
In statu quo.-In the state in which it was.

Interregnum.-The interval between the death of one king, and the succession of another.

In terrorem.-In terror.--As a warning.
In toto.--In the whole--altogether-entirely.
In transitu.-On the passage.

Ipse dixit. He said it himself.-On his ipse dirit-on his mere assertion.

Ipsisima verba.--The very words—the literal meaning.
Ipso facto.- In the fact itself.
Ipso jure.-By the law itself.
Ita lex scripta est. -Thus the law is written.
Judicium Dei.—The judgment of God.

Judicium parium, aut leges terre.-The judgment of our peers, or the law of the land.

Jure humano.--By human law.
Jure divino.-By divine law.
Jus civile.-The civil law.
Jus gentium. -The law of nations.
Lapsus linguæ.-A slip of the tongue.
Latitat.-He lurks.
Levari facias.-Cause a levy to be made.
Lex loci.-The law, or custom of the place.

Ler neminem cogit ad impossibilia. -The law compels no man to impossibilities.

Ler non scripta.-The unwritten law.
Ler scripta.-The written or statute law.
Ler talionis.-The law of retaliation.
Ler terræ.-The law of the land.
Litera scripta manet.-The written letter remains.
Literatim.--Letter by letter.
Locum tenens.-One who holds the place of another.
Locus sigilli.- The place of the seal-denoted by L. S.

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