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-Mr. Whitehurst taught that the con- recognise him from all his fellows the centric arrangement of the crust of the moment he entered the woods. globe was destroyed by the expansive force of subterranean fire.-Burnet's POWER OF THE sun'S RAYS. theory supposes this crust to have Mr. Mackintosh, contractor for the been broken for the production of the government works at Stonehouse deluge.-Leibnitz and Buffon believed Point, Devon, lately had to descend the earth to have been liquified by in the diving-bell with workmen to fire ; in fact, that it is an extinguished lay the foundation of a sea wall. The sun or vitrified globe, whose surface niacbine is fitted with convex glasses, has been operated upon by a deluge. in the upper part, to serve the purpose The latter assumes that the earth was of windows; and Mr. Mackintosh 75,000 years in cooling to its present states, that on several occasions, in temperature, and that in 98,000 years clear weather, he has witnessed the more, productive nature must be final- sun's rays so concentrated by the ly extinguished.-Woodward consi- circular windows, as to burn the ladered there was a temporary dissolu- borers' clothes, when opposed to the tion of the elements of the globe, dur- focal point, and this when the maing which period the extraneous fos- chine was twenty-five feet under the sils became incorporated with the surface of the water. general mass.-De Luc, Dolomieu, and, finally, Baron Cuvier, unite in the opinion, that the phenomena ex A horizontal therinometer has been hibited by the earth, particularly the invented at Paris, of which report alternate deposits of terrestrial and speaks highly. A letter from M. de marine productions, can only be satis- Humboldt characterises it as an exfactorily accounted for by a series of cellent instrument. revolutions similar to the deluge.Among the singular views entertained DIAMOND PRODUCED FROM CARBON. by men of genius, in the infancy of In the sitting of the Parisian Acathe science, are those of Whiston, demy of Sciences, of the 10th of No“ who fancied that the earth was cre- vember last, M. Arago submitted a ated from the atmosphere of one co- communication from M. Cagnart-Lamet, and deluged by the tail of ano- tour, ą, chemist, in which he affirms ther ;” and that, for their sins, the that he succeeded in crystallizing porantediluvian population were drowned; tions of carbon, so as to obtain the “ except the fishes, whose passions substance called “Jiamonds;" that his were less violent.”-A French geolo- process differs from that pursued by gist conceived that the sea covered M. Gannal; and that a sealed packet, the earth for a vast period ; that all which was deposited with the secreanimals were originally inhabitants of tary in 1824, contains the details of the water; that their habits gradually his first operations. M. Arago add· changed on the retiring of the waves, ed, that he knew another party who

and “that man himself began bis ca- had obtained similar results; and M. reer as a fish!”

Gay-Lussac asserted that M. Gannal had conversed with him on the sub

ject of his essays, at various times, Those who have paid attention to for more than eight years past. the singing of birds, know well that their voice, energy and expression,

RICE. differ as widely as those of man; and Trials have recently been made to agreeably to this remark, Mr. Wilson grow the dry rice of China in Italy ; (the celebrated ornithologist) says he and it is expected that in time an adwas so familiar with the notes of an vantageous cultivation of it may be individual wood thrush, that he could introduced in France.





“ Come, let us stray Whore Chance or Fancy leads our roving walk."

burden and heat of the day. She will A bill for Catholic Emancipation was write, that Catholic emancipation was introduced to the House of Lords by carried by our Lansdowne and our the Duke of Wellington, and to the Holland, Canning and our House of Commons by Mr. Peel, on Brougham. These men, and their the meeting of Parliament in Februa- coadjutors, have persevered through ry, and passed.

good report and evil report, in the reWe rejoice most heartily in a vic- commendation of a policy which the tory wbich, by whatever arms achiev- throne has at last sanctioned, and ed, is at once rightful, certain, and which Great Britain, to the remotimmediate. The shaft which hath est ages, will have daily more reason struck down our quarry, is not the less to bless. Unsupported by the authoriwelcome because it has come from ty of official station, they have exerwhat has been hitherto a hostile bow; cised over public opinion an influence the winds which have wasted us into to which those in official station have harbor have our gratitude, though yes- been compelled to bow. Whatever terday they were making sad havoc despotism may do on the continent, with our rigging. From this hour they have fortified in these islands a agitation may subside, and bigotry be safe home for civil and religious liberty. still; the Irish barrister may leave his unfinished metaphor--the Hampshire

LEARNING. curate may burn his no Popery dis Learning raises up against us many course : Captain Rock has thrown up enemies among the low, and more his commission-Sir Harcourt's occu among the powerful ; yet does it inpation is gone. In a word, Catholic vest us with grand and glorious priviEmancipation is carried.

leges, and confers on us a largeness of The Duke of Wellington can scarce- beatitude. Nothing is past which we ly be called inconsistent in the course desire to be present; and we enjoy, he now pursues. No one ever seri- by anticipation, somewhat like the ously suspected that he had formed power which I imagine we shall posany very inflexible opinion upon the sess hereafter, of sailing on a wish subject of the Catholic claims. With from world to world. Mr. Peel the case is not the same. If he has not incurred the guilt of apos SCOTTISH NATIONAL FEELINGS. tacy, he has certainly deserved its ob- While the loud torrent and the whirlwind's roar, loquy : and he must be content to bear But bind them to their native rocks the more. it. The statesman who abandons in

GOLDSMITH. a few months the opinion which he has The beautiful and pathetic song of upheld for many years, may possibly Lochaber, is known to, and admired be a convert; he is, primâ facie, a re- by, all who have an ear for music or negade.

a soul for poetry; but heard by a HighWhen history shall treat of the lander in a distant land, and amid epoch which saw the abolition of a other scenes, the effect is similar to set of restrictions continued through that produced on the Swiss by their so many years, for reasons which she national air, the Ranz des Vaches-it will scarcely be able to explain, she inspires a sad and earnest longing to will not bestow her rewards upon the return to the place of their nativity, laborers who came at the eleventh the early haunts of their youth. The hour, but upon those who bore the following anecdote was related to me

by the medical gentleman who wit. be beautiful which produced such a nessed the effect : and at the same powerful effect upon the mind. Last time that it tends to corroborate my summer, passing through the magnifiassertion, it also proves how powerful cent scenery of the northern lakes of is the sympathy existing between this Scotland, I came upon Lochaber : Ben our “ tenement of clay" and its celes. Nevis reared his crowned head-at tial inmate, the soul.

his base stood a cluster of miserable It was the fate of Dr. C. to accom- hovels, in a swamp where every breeze pany a Highland regiment across the that passes by whispers “ ague”-each Atlantic, to “a far distant shore.” The hut is formed of wood and turf gathstation where the troops were encamp- ered from the morass beneath their ed was very healthy, the climate par- feet-a hole in the roof forms the ticularly good : judge, then, of the sur- chimney—a hole in the side is the prise of the good doctor to find his window, and in some of the huts winsoldiers falling sick daily, and his hos- dow and door in one—not a tree to be pital filled with invalids,—whilst, as seen :-yet dear as life to the Highhe could not discover the disease, he lander is the mernory of Lochaber. could apply no remedy. One evening the moon shone so un

ABERNETHYANA. usually bright, the scene from his The following is the last and best window was so lovely, as the beams that we have heard of the above-namplayed upon the rippling water, or ed gentleman. We should premise, gave light and shadow to the magnifi- that the details of it are a little altercent forest-trees near his abode-thated, with the view of adapting it to he was tempted to take a solitary “ ears polite”; for, without some proramble,

cess of this kind, it would not have “ Musing on days long past,

been presentable. A lady went to And pleasures gone forever by :" the Doctor in great distress of mind, the sound of the bagpipe struck upon and stated to him, that, by a strange his ear, and attracted him towards the accident, she had swallowed a live barracks, where the piper was play- spider. At first, his only reply was, ing, in the most touching manner,

“ whew! whew! whew !" a sort of « Lochaber no more !

internal whistling sound, intended to May be, to return to Lochaber no more.” be indicative of supreme contempt. Dr. C. approached the large room un But his anxious patient was not so eaobserved, and, looking in, found all sily repulsed. She became every mobis men assembled, and all in deep ment more and more urgent for some emotion—some recumbent on the floor, means of relief from the dreaded efsome reclined against the wall, many fect of the strange accident she had in tears, and one, burying his face in consulted him about ; when, at last, his hands, sobbed aloud. My friend looking round upon the wall, he put retired to his quarters : on the follow- up his hand, and caught a fly. ing morning he sent for the piper, and, “There, Ma’am,” said he, “ I've got bribing him to secresy, commanded a remedy for you. Open your mouth; him in future to play nothing but live- and as soon as I've put this fly into it, ly airs, reels, strathspeys, and march- shut it close again and the moment es; but never, on pain of his displea- the spider bears the fly buzzing about, sure, to breathe Lochaber again. The up he'll come; and then you can spit piper obeyed : the effect was magical them both out together.” -the invalids revived, and in a very short time not one remained in the hospital.

It appears to me a matter of no This anecdote, which I know to be small surprise that so economical a true, inspired me with a most ardent people as the English should not have desire to see Lochaber-scenes must adopted such a plan as the following



by the lower classes of the Welsh. When a young couple intend offering

May 1. 304.-Dioclesian, a celebrated themselves at the Temple of Hymen, Roman emperor, publicly abdicated the if they are very poor, they generally crown, after a reign of twenty-two years, in send a man, called the bidder, round to vate station at Salona, his native place,

the greatest prosperity, and retired to a pritheir acquaintance and friends, who where he is said to bave found more felicity invites them, sometimes in rhyme, to in cultivating his garden, than he had forthe wedding ; but if they can afford it, merly enjoyed in a palace in the plenitude

of his power. He had risen to the imperial they issue circulars. The following dignity from the rank of a common soldier; is a copy of one :

80 had the means of appreciating the relaJune 27, 1827.

tive value of the opposite extremes in hu" As we intend to enter the matri- den, one of the most eminent English poets

man condition. 1700.- Died, John Dry. monial state on Thursday, the 19th of the 17th century. His works are various; day of July next, we are encouraged he translated Virgil, Juvenal, and Persius, by our friends to make a bidding on

besides writing a great number of poems,

chiefly satirical, and twenty-seven plays.the occasion, the same day, at the Mrs. Montague gave for many years, on Butchers' Arms, Carmarthen, when May-day, an entertainment at her house in and where the favor of your good and Portman-square to all the chimney-sweepagreeable company is humbly solicited; the old English fare of roast beef and plumand whatever donation you may please pudding. A dance succeeded; and, upon to confer on us then, will be thankfully their departure, each joyous guest received received, warmly acknowledged, and the donation of a shilling from the liberal cheerfully repaid whenever called for mistress of the feast. on a similar occasion.

May 3. 1495.-Columbus discovered the

island of Jamaica, in the West Indies. “ By your most obedient servants,

1655.- Jamaica was taken from the SpaJohn Jones, niards by the English, who have remained " Mary Evans." in possession of it ever since; an acquisi

tion which they owe to the enterprising The persons so invited (if they ac

spirit of Cromwell. cept the invitation) generally form

May 4. 1736.—Died, by a voluntary part of the procession to church, and submersion in the Thames, under London are preceded by a harper or fiddler. bridge, Eustace Budgell, who was born in After the nuptial knot is tied, they the year 1685: He was engaged with

Steele and Addison in writing the Tattler, veer their course to the public-house the Spectator, and the Guardian. In the mentioned in the bills, where they Spectator his papers are marked with an X, partake, not of a sumptuous banquet, and in the Guardian with an asterisk. but of the simple, though not the

May 5.

1820. - Napoleon Bonaparte worst, fare of bread and cheese and died at St. Helena. kisses, at the expense of the new mar

May 6.- This is the day chosen by the ried folks. After this, a large plate for his patience, and who dwelt in the land

Greeks for the festival of Job, celebrated is placed on the table in the room, and of Uz. The worship of him is of great anthey proceed to receive the money tiquity, and very extensive among the which each person may be disposed to festival on the 10th of May.

Greeks and Latins. The latter keep his give, whilst one keeps account of the

May 8. 1794.–Lavoisier, the celebrated sum and names. They frequently re- French chemist, and medical writer, guilloceive 501., and sometimes, though sel- tined under the tyranny of Robespierre. dom, 1001. ; and they have the privi- 1814.—Bonaparte, who had been nearly ten lege (hy paying the duty) of selling Elba as an exile.

years emperor of the French, landed at the ale to the persons assembled. It is to be observed, that the money so earl of Chatham, a distinguished statesman

May 11. 1778.-Espired, William Piti, deposited cannot be reclaimed by the and orator. persons who gave it until a similar oc May 12. 1541.–The Earl of Stafford, a casion presents itself in their family. tyrannical minister in the reign of Charles By this means the new married couple the 21st of April in the same year, assured

1., beheaded. The letter by Charles, on are enabled to procure furniture, and lim, on the word of a king, that he should other things requisite for them. not suffer in life, honor, or fortune."

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