Where Did You Come From? And Where Are You Going?

Xulon Press, 2004 - 288 páginas
This book is about the love and power of the gospel of Yahshua of Nazareth. This book will help you understand what you will need to hear from heaven, and when you seek Him, with all your heart; I pray that you will be encouraged to seek the King of all Kings, Yahshua

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A serial monogamist and ravening wolf in sheeps clothimg who drains Bank accounts of unwitting women and who uses fear with his followers to keep reaping benefits.. oh wait. I don't think he put that in his book.

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Chapter One Where Did We Come From?
Chapter Three Staying Alive
Chapter Five Fleeing Sin
Chapter Eight StandGive Thanks Receive
Chapter Ten Mans Tradition
Chapter Eleven A Choice A Prayer
Chapter Fourteen Power To Overcome 727
Chapter Fifteen Heaven Or Hell
Chapter Seventeen Dreams and Visions to Consider
Chapter Eighteen Recent Bible Code Findings
Yahweh s Medicine
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The author of this book, Thurston McCutchen, lives with his wife Bonnie on their small ranch near San Antonio, Texas. Thurston is a husband, father, investor and businessman who has traveled the world preaching and teaching, showing the love and power of the gospel of Yahshua of Nazareth. It is his heart's desire that you are blessed with the reading of this book and understand that the gospel without a demonstration of His power and help for all who seek Him is not the real gospel at all. Thurston can be contacted for ministry dates or book orders by email at tbmccut@seedtime2harvest.com or you may visit his website at www.seedtime2harvest.com.

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