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American History Leaflets.



Of Harvard University.

Price, per copy, 10 Cents. These Leaflets are designed to promote the scientific method of studying history from its documents, and furnish in convenient form and at a moderate price copies of original documents that have become famous in our colonial and constitutional history as the outcome of some important crisis, or as exponents of the theories underlying our form of government. Each Leaflet contains a brief historical introduction and bibliography to aid further investigation by the student. 1.—The Letter of Columbus to Luis de Sant Angel announcing his

Discovery, with Extracts from his Journal. 2.—The Ostend Manifesto. 1854. 3.-Extracts from the Sagas describing the Voyages to Vinland. 4.-Extracts from Official Declarations of the United States embodying

the Monroe Doctrine. 1789–1891. 5.-Documents illustrating the Territorial Development of the United

States. 1763–1769. 6.-Extracts from official Papers relating to the Bering Sea Controversy.

1790–1892. 7.—The Articles of Confederation of the United Colonies of New

England. 1643–1684. 8.-Exact Text of the Constitution of the United States. From the

Original Manuscripts. 1787–1870. 9.- Documents describing the Voyage of John Cabot in 1497. 10.-Governor McDuffie's Message on the Slavery Question. 1835. 11.- Jefferson's Proposed Instructions to the Virginia Delegates, 1774,

and the Original Draft of the Declaration of Independence, 1776. 12.-Ordinances of Secession and other Documents. 1860-1861. 13.—Coronado's Journey to New Mexico and the Great Plains. 1540–42. 14.—Plans of Union. 1696–1780. 15.—The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, with the Alien, Sedition

and other Acts. 1798–1799. 16.- Documents illustrating the Territorial Development of the United

States. 1584-1774. 17.-Documents relating to the Kansas-Nebraska Act. 1854. 18.-Lincoln's Inaugural and First Message to Congress. 1861.

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