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Name, for the exceeding riches of thy grace, and for all thy love towards us.

All.—O Lord, how may we magnify thy Name, for the greatness of thy love towards us.

Conductor.—Thy command, O God, which thou hast given to us, is, that we should hear and love, that we should serve and obey, and imitate thy Son Jesus Christ, who is the Brightness of thy Glory, and the Express Image of thy Person, who purged away our sins, and now sits on the Right Hand of the Majesty on high. Lord God, we would indeed listen to thy command, we would, with all our hearts, hear thy Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, and would love him and serve him, and would obey him, and imitate him in all things to the glory of thy Most Holy Name. O Lord, give us grace and strength thus to do, we earnestly beseech thee: O give us grace to glorify thee in our 1 jord Jesus Christ.

All.—O Lord, give us grace and strength abundantly, that we may glorify thee in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Conductor.—O Lord God, we would consider ourselves as not our own, but as bought with a price, as bought with the precious blood of Christ; and we gratefully and humbly acknowledge the blessed obligation we are thus laid under to glorify God, in our body and in our spirit which are thine. Most Gracious Father, grant us grace, thus to glorify thee most sincerely and constantly, in our body and in our spirit, and in our whole soul.

All —Most Gracious Father, grant us grace, that we may sincerely and constantly glorify thee, in our body and in our spirit, which are thine.

Conductor.—Merciful Father, we bless thee for the means of Instruction and of Grace which we enjoy. We adore thee for thy blessed word of revelation ; we adore thee for a throne of grace, to which, through our Great Intercessor, we have access at all times; we adore thee for the ordinances of thy house, and the privilege of assembling with the Great Congregation on thy holy day. May we rejoice in all these spiritual advantages which we enjoy, and may our souls truly grow in grace through these means of thy appointment.

All.—O Lord our Father, we adore thee for all our privileges, and pray that our souls may truly grow in grace by these means of thy appointment.

Conductor.—Blessed Father, we thank and praise thee for giving us the opportunity, and for putting it into our hearts, to meet together in this Social Band. O our Father, may these our meetings prove spirit and life to each one of us. O may they be the means of uniting our hearts unto our Dear Redeemer, and of uniting our hearts to one another for his sake.

All.—O Lord, we thank thee for the privilege of thus meeting together. O let these meetings prove the means of knitting our hearts to our Saviour, and to one another.

Conductor.—O Most Blessed God and our heavenly Father, very graciously, we beseech thee, look down at this time, on this our Little Band. Behold us, in humble posture at thy throne of grace, and hungering and thirsting for thy blessing. O our Father, come unto us, O come now unto us, and bless us, we most earnestly entreat thee. Let thy face shine upon us, and call us thy sons and daughters, O Lord God Almighty; and infuse into our hearts the Spirit of Adoption most richly and abundantly, through our Sacrifice and Intercessor, Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer.

All.—O Lord our heavenly Father, cause to shine upon all of us now here before thee, the blessed light of thy countenance, that we may have life, joy, and salvation.

Conductor.—Merciful Father, look upon each one of us now in thy presence individually. We are all of us sinners, but our cases are various; we are all of us ignorant and weak, and tempted, though in various ways. But all our burdens we bring unto the Lord, and all our sares we would cast upon thee, assured that thou carest for us. Look on us then, O our God, as we individually appear before thee at this time. Bestow on us knowledge, bestow on us humility, bestow upon us grace, bestow upon us strength, according to our individual and respective necessities. What we each of us, and all of us ask of thee, is, that we may ever abide in Christ; that we may rest only and fully upon his atoning blood; and that we may seek to please and glorify our Blessed Redeemer, in every thing, and at all times, and under all circumstances. Thus, O Lord, may we live in Christ, and bring forth fruit, and much fruit in him, to the glory of thy Most Holy Name.

All.—O Lord, look upon each of us individually, and let us each glorify thee, and enjoy thy favour in thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ.

Conductor.—Again, O Lord our God, we bring our individual cases before thee. O look upon us, for we are very sinful and weak; very proud, stubborn, and cold hearted: many and various are our temptations, our trials, and our snares; and we, alas, have no strength to cope with these evils. But, O Lord, we would rejoice that our sufficiency is not in ourselves, and that thine all sufficiency is ours, and given to us through the atonement and mediation of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Behold us then, O our Father, in our varied trials, temptations, and weaknesses, and be not far from us in the time of our need, and our distresses, but dwell in us, O God, by thy Spirit, and thy Almighty Power. To thy throne of grace, O Lord thou knowest, to thy throne of grace we each individually come in our closets and retirements, in all our troubles and afflictions: all our recourse is to thee, and all our hope is in thee. But though we have thus, and often, as thou knowest, come singly and privately before thee, and have also we trust been heard of thee, and been accepted and answered ; yet, O God, our wants are not satisfied; and knowing thy especial promises given in favour of two three or more supplicating thee at one time, and with one voice, and for the same things, we have now come together to help each other, that we may draw down thy blessings largely upon us collectively and individually. And shall we come to thee, O Lord God, in vain, can thy promises fail, those blessed promises which thou hast given us in Christ Jesus, for our encouragement in coming to thy throne of grace? O no, assuredly the word of the Lord cannot fail. O then, our God, our Father, our All, O come to us, and bless us, at this time, and may each one of us have to say, "Of a truth, the Lord has been gracious unto me, and has fulfilled unto me, and also exceeded, all his promised goodness."

All.—O our God, do fulfil unto us, all thy blessed promises given us in Jesus Christ, through waiting on thee at thy throne of grace.

Conductor.—O Lord, remember us in all our distresses, and let us not be tried, or tempted, or troubled above what we are able to bear. O make a way for us to escape from sin, and danger, and every evil, and hold us up continually in thy ways; let us give thee glory upon earth, and may we be glorified with thee in heaven, for ever and ever.

All.—O Lord, hold us up by thy grace continually, and may we glorify thy name, and be glorified with thee.

Conductor.—O God our heavenly Father, very graciously look, we beseech thee, upon our Families. May each of our mansions be a house of God, where thy name is worshipped, honoured, and glorified. Let there be no ungodliness within our dwellings, but may all be holiness unto the Lord. O God of Israel, make our Families thy abode, and may thy presence be ever visible among us.

All.—O God of Israel, make our Families thy abode, and may thy presense be ever visible among us.

Conductor.—God of all grace, we supplicate thee, to look compassionately upon our Dear Children. O take them, and make them thy children in Christ Jesus our Lord. Give us understanding, and grace, and strength, we beseech thee, to train them up in the fear of God, and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and in all godly subjection. O may they glorify thee on earth in their day and generation, and may we all be united together at length on Mount Zion, to sing the song of Moses and the Lamb, for ever and for ever.

All.—O God of all grace, most graciously bestow thy rich blessings on our Dear Children, we earnestly beseech thee.

Conductor.—O Lord God, the Maker of all, be pleased to grant thy blessing abundantly to our Servants. May they be of a truth thy servants in Jesus Christ, and may they glorify their Saviour by diligence and faithfulness in the sphere in which they are placed, and in all the duties, cares, and attentions which devolve on them. And, do thou enable us, O our God, to conduct ourselves towards our servants in all things according to the precepts of thy Holy Word.

All.—O Lord, bless our servants, and may they, and we, glorify thy name according to the precepts of thy Holy Word.

Conductor.—O God of mercy and compassion, graciously behold and pity all and each of those individuals belonging to our families, and others, whose names and whose cases have been mentioned in particular on this occasion, and for whom our prayers are solicited. O Lord our God, do, we beseech thee, very compassionately regard them in all their troubles and distresses, and grant them thy help, for to thee do they cry, and to thee are their eyes directed, for succour and

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