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not put away, he will look upon you as his murderers, and smite you with his judgments ; yea, you may expect that the wrath of God will come upon you whilst the bread is in your mouths, as it did upon Israel for the fame reason, Pfal. Ixxviii. 30. 31. “ They were not eStranged from their lufts; but whilst the meat was in their mouths, the wrath of God came upon them, and lew the fattest of them, and (mote down the chosen men of Israel” Perhaps, O sinner, thou mayest not feel this wrath at the time, but it may be inflicted insensibly on thy soul, and every sacrament thou receive eft in this condition, thou dost heap and treasure up wrath against the day of wrath ; and every time thou bringest a new faggot to the heap, which will make a terrible fire at last, when it is thoroughly kindled against thy soul.'

O, then, you who design to approach to the Lord's table, be persuaded to put a bill of divorce into the hands of all your lusts and idols ; Caft away all your former transgressions, and begin a new life: Resolutely turn your back on fins, fatan, and hell; and come take on with a new master, and engage in God's strength to be good fervants and faithful soldiers of Jesus Christ for the time to come. If you do this, God promiseth you mercy and pardon, and that your former fins shall not so much as be mentioned to you, Ifa. lv. 7. Ezek, xviii. 21. 22. But, if you do not, severe wrath is threatened, Psal. Ixviii. 21.

The facrament doth work and produce effects, accor. ding to the state and disposition of the receivers thereof; as the water of jealousy did to the woman under fufpicion of uncleanness, Numb. v. 27. 28. If the woman was clean, then the water did her no hurt, nay, it did her good, made her conceive and become fruitful : But, if the was defiled and unclean, it did her great milchief; “ Her belly did swell, her thigh did rot, and the became a curse." It is so in receiving the sacrament: If a man be in a gracious ttate, and made clean by faith, repentance, and reformation, then the sacrament brings a blessing, it makes a man spiritually healthful and fruitful : But if he be defiled and impenitent, it


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doth him great mischief ; like the water of jealousy, it
doth poison and rot his soul, and he proves a more rot-
ten and wretched finner than before. O. then, let none
venture to harbour fin, and deal falsly with God, when.
he comes to drink this water of jealousy.

The Pharisees quarrelled with Christ, Matt. XV. 2.
« Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the
elders ? for they wash not their hands when they eat
bread.” But on many better grounds maywe quarrel many
communicants: Why do ye transgress the command-
ment of the Lord ? for ye wash neither hands nor heart,
when ye eat bread at the Lord's table; nay, ye presume
to dip your filthy hands into the dish with a holy Jefus : -
Do you think he will bear with such an affront from

vile worms, when it is more easy for him to crush you, ' than for you to trample a worm under your feet? Re

member; he is a God of purer eyes than that he can bebold iniquity.

Would you have God to draw near to you in this holy ordinance, then cleanse your hands and purify your hearts. W'ash ye, make you clean, put away the evil of your doings from before his eyes, cease to do evil, and learn to do well. And, if ye would be accepted by God, your turning from an must have these properties :

1/1, It must be a cordial turning with all the heart and soul. You must not forfake lin with reluctancy, and by constraint, (as Phaltiel left Michael) but willingly and readily.

adly, You must turn from your fins presently, and without delay. Do not adventure to lie down and fleep with them another night, left your waking next day be in hell, or under a fentence of final hardness or impenitency : You are not sure the day of grace will last, or the door of mercy stand open till to-morrow.

3dly, You muit turn from fin finally and everlast. ingly; your quarrel with sin must be irreconcileable : For, if row ye declare war against your fins, as the trai. tors and murderers of your Lord and Master, ye must draw the sword against them, and throw away the {cabbard, and vow never to be satisfied till you revenge


won them a favou tenife

Christ's death upon them, and get them utterly destroy. ed. O, never entertain a favourable thought of, nor give a kindly look to the bloody knife that killed your dearest friend. Do not, like many, who only part with their fins about the time of a communion, or when con. science is awakened; but when that is over, they return with the dog to the vomit. Many say to their fins, as Abraham: to his servants, Stay at the foot of the mount till I go up and worship, and I will return to you again. You ought to say fo, indeed, to your neceffary wordly afa fairs at this time; but, for your fins, you should pass an act of eternal banishment upon them, and say with Ephraim, what have I to do any more with idols ?

atbly, You must turn from sin universally. You mult, not, like Herod, part with many and referve some, but readily give up with all ; with inward heart fins, as well as outward and grofs fins; with fins of omillion, as well as of commission, with secret fins, as well as oo pen sins. And particularly, turn from your predominant ons whatever they be; and from those fins that are common in the age and place wherein you live: Reserve no sin, nor darling lust, but hew thy beloved Agag in pieces before the Lord; leave no grip of thy heart to the devil, leit he pull thee to hell by it.

Turn from all torgue fins, rotten discourse and corrupt communication. You would reckon it a sad difease to have your excrements come out at your mouth; and yet, alas, this is the disease of many. O fwearer, turn from your swearing : What mean ye to study the language of hell, unless you would have the world believe that you design to travel thither! For those who are to go to a strange country to live, desire to learn something of the language of the country ere they go. What profit or pleasure have you in this lin! Why will rou dare heaven and defy God's law, without any temptation ? What would you say, if men should baffle or abule your name, or your father's name, as you do the Lord's naine!

0.17. “ O, (say some,) it is only the devil's name that we baffle."

Anf. There is nothing pleases the devil more than to have his name so frequently used for thus you make him a god, whom you worship and pray to, by bidding the devil take this or that.

Object. « I do not ban or swear but when I am in pallion and provoked to it.”

Anf. 1. This is an aggravation of your fin, first to be in passion, and then to swear : Do you think that one lin will excuse another? 2. Is it just to flee in the face of your Creator, because you are affronted by your fellow-creature? Will you stab your father, because your enemy strikes you? If a man wrong you, will you put forth your anger on God who never wronged you.

Object. « I swear but little oaths, by faith; con{cience;" &c.

Anf. 1. The devil would have you think these but little fins now : But stay tilt a death-bed or a judgmentfeat, and you will find him alter his note. 2. Do you think it a light matter to make a common baffle of faith, the precious inftrument of your justification; or of conscience, that is the deputy of the great God; or of your precious soul, that cost the blood of Christ to redeém it? 3. These are but creatures, and to swear by them is plain idolatry: For it is a giving worship, and afcribing divine attributes to the creature.

O cursers and swearers, be persuaded to forsake these fins, and turn to God in Chrift for mercy. What will God say to you at the great day, if you do not? You wished for damnation in your ordinary discourse ; you are now holden at your word, and damned shall you be. You swore in your ordinary discourse, therefore God .. will swear in his wrath, you fall not enter into his reft : You could not speak without cursing, therefore you shall be banished out of God's presence with a curse : Their tongues, that were so liberal of oaths and blafphemies, shall fry in endless and ceaseless fames, without one drop of water to cool them.

: Again, Oliar, forsake your lying, and come to Chrift, Though this fin be common, yet consider it is most abominable in the fight of God : The devil is the patron

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of this sin, and the father of liars ; it was with a lie he ruined all mankind. Ye shall be as gods, said he to our first parents. There is never a lie thou makeft, but the devil is at thine ear, and whispers it to thee. Remember what God did to Ananias and Sapphira for lying, Acts v. he struck them dead with a lie in their mouth; and it will be a wonder of his patience, if he do not so to thee. Do you know, O liars, whose children you are ? Not God's children, for they are chile dren that will not lie; and therefore you must be fatan's children, for he is a liar from the beginning, and the father of liars. Knoweft thou, O liar, whither thou art going? Even to thy fathers. Should not children be with their father? You cannot look upward, and say, Our father which art in heaven: but thou mayest look downward and say, Our father which art in bell; and there it is (if thou repent not) that thy tongue shall be tormented in flames for ever. Tremble at this, O liar, and be assured it is no lie that I tell you ; “ Turn ye, turn ye; for why will ye die ?

Moreover, O drunkard, turn from your drunkenness, and come to Christ. While you live in this fin, you lye under many woes and curses, Isa. V. 11. 12. Isa. xxviii. 2. 1 Cor. vi. 10. God's curses are not light, therefore make not light of them : For, if ye do, o drunkard, remember what is abiding you hereafter, even a cup of red vengeance, filled up with the dregs of God's wrath, which shall be poured down your throat for ever; and yet you fhall eternally cry out, I thirft, I thirft ; and for all the drink you have had on earth, you cannot get there a drop of cold water to cool your tongue.

In the next place, O covetous man, cheater and de. frauder, turn from your covetousness, your injustice, and unrighteous gain, and come to Chrift. If you de not, you fhall pay dear for all your unjust gain in another world; “ God is the avenger of all such as you defraud," 1 Theff. iv. 6. You think yourself very cunning, when you can cheat your neighbour of a little mo. ney; bus, know you not, that the devil in the mean. time, is more cunning in cheating you of your precious foul, which is infinitely more valuable ?

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